How to Fight Cassie Cage – Beginner Guide

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Close Range

In general, all of Cassie Cage’s pokes are slow. Her fastest move is her D1 which is 8 frames, making her weak up close. You can take advantage of this weakness by using your own pokes against her. For example, Johnny Cage’s D1 is 7 frames and -3 on block. Counterpoking here can be quite difficult unless the Cassie player reacts quickly.

Punishing Strings


111 is -8 on block which can be punished by 7 frame attacks. However, if Cassie Cage does a Special Move afterwards, then you will be hit. All of Cassie Cage’s Special Moves are punishable on block, so if you think she will do this then continue blocking after 111 and punish accordingly.


Cassie’s F343 is +3 on block, but there is a gap before the last hit. The gap is large enough to where you can interrupt with a normal. Flawless Blocking the last hit can also work. This is a safer option because Cassie can cancel the F34 into a Special Move to stop you from interrupting with a normal.


After blocking Cassie’s F41, she has the option to complete the string by doing F412, which can hit if you are trying to attack after F41. The last hit of this string is a high, so you can either poke after F41, or duck and punish. Keep in mind that this is a projectile attack, so a D2 Krushing Blow will not work here.

Punishing Gunshots

In Cassie’s Digital Soldier variation, her gunshots are her main combo starter. These can be difficult to punish as she can mix up whether she does the normal or Amplified version. If you try to punish right away, you will get hit by the 2nd hit of the Amplified gunshots. Whereas you wait too long, she will be safe when doing the non-Amplified gunshots.

In order to always punish the gunshots, you must block the first shot low then let go of block and duck underneath the second shot. Immediately use an advancing normal attack, preferably one that hits low to the ground, so that it hits while she is in her roll animation.


One of Cassie Cage’s main weaknesses in her Digital Soldier variation is that she cannot combo in the corner very well. You can take advantage of this by disrespecting her after her restand in the corner. She will have to use B13 to combo in the corner which is unsafe on block, or 34 which you can poke out of because it is a high.

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