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B Back
U Up
D Down
F Forward
J Jump
AMP Amplify
KB Krushing Blow
FB Fatal Blow


PlayStation 4 Xbox One Nintendo Switch
1 Square X Y
2 Triangle Y X
3 X A B
4 Circle B A
Throw L1 LB L
Stance Switch L2 LT ZL
Interact R1 RB R
Block R2 RT ZR

Learning how to do combos in fighting games can be quite difficult, especially if you are trying to learn combos from someone who plays on a different video game console. Using this combo notation, we have a universal way of understanding combos regardless of what console you are on.

Let’s take this combo as an example, assuming you are on PlayStation 4:

Square Triangle X Down Back Circle

Instead, we can simply write this as:

123 DB4

Understanding this notation is important as it will make learning combos much easier.