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Version 1.19
Last Updated: June 12, 2020


D’Vorah is a rushdown character with long-reaching normals and can send out a horde of projectile bugs to control the screen. Her Buzzed variation adds new extensions to several strings that use ovipositors and allows her to launch multiple bugs onto the ground for setups. D’Vorah’s Arachnophobia variation allows her to attack opponents with her wasps and gives her access to a teleport, attacking opponents from above. Her Kreepy Krawler variation gives her deadly mix-ups and the ability to fly across the screen.

Strengths Weaknesses
  • Long-ranged normals
  • Strong jump attacks
  • Great anti-airs
  • Slow normals
  • Slow pokes
  • Weak punishes

Key Moves

Name Input Description
Black Widow 1,2,1 High, hit confirmable, +1 on block, can be Flawless Blocked on 3rd hit
Bot Fly Forward+1,3 High, hit confirmable, great range
Siafu Forward+2,2 Slow 19 frame mid, great range, hit confirmable, -12 on block
Killer Bee Back+3,4 Low, used for mix-ups, -8 on block, can be Flawless Blocked on 2nd hit
Brood Slam Forward+4 Overhead, used for mix-ups, unsafe on block
Fireflies BackForward1 Slow 18 frame high projectile
Ground Swarm DownBack1 Slow 84 frame low, +36 on block, combo starter
Infested DownForward2 Fast 8 frame anti-air, triggers a Krushing Blow if it Kounters a jumping attack
Swarm BackForward4 High, combo ender, +4 on hit restand
Katipo Rush DownBack4 Mid, -15 on block, Amplified version is -4 on block

Combo Starters

D’Vorah’s combos are started by using her Ground Swarm (DownBack1) move and Amplifying it. In her Arachnophobia variation, combos are started with Widow’s Kiss (DownBack3) and Amplifying it. These are normally done after hit confirmable strings such as Forward+1,3 and Forward+2,2.

Combo Enders

There are a couple of ways to end D’Vorah’s combos. Combos can be ended with Swarm (BackForward4) which will restand the opponent, leaving D’Vorah at +4 on hit. Infested (DownForward2) can be used at the end of combos for maximum damage. In her Buzzed and Kreepy Krawler variations, combos can be ended with Strepsiptera (DownForward3) or Bombardier Beetle (DownForward3) for a setup. To keep opponents close in her Kreepy Krawler variation, combos can also be ended with Flipping Out (DownBack4).

Bot Fly

D’Vorah’s main attack is her Bot Fly (Forward+1,3) string. Forward+1,3 is a long-reaching high attack that can be safely hit confirmed into a combo. Since D’Vorah uses her ovipositors while using this string, she is able to somewhat safely attack from a distance. Be careful when using this attack because it is a high and can be avoided if the opponent ducks underneath it.


D’Vorah’s Siafu (Forward+2,2) string is a slow 19 frame mid attack and is her longest-reaching attack. Similar to her Forward+1,3, D’Vorah can attack with Forward+2,2 from a distance without putting herself at risk. This string is best used against opponents ducking underneath D’Vorah’s Forward+1,3. Although this move is -12 on block, it is very difficult to punish and is mostly safe when done at maximum range.

Black Widow

At close-range, D’Vorah is able to use her Black Widow (1,2,1) string. 1 is +1 on block and can be staggered for pressure. 1,2 is -4 on block and can also be staggered. 1,2,1 leaves D’Vorah at +1 on block, however the final hit can be Flawless Blocked and punished. Once 1,2,1 is blocked, it will create a frametrap with D’Vorah’s Down+1. Due to the slow start-up on D’Vorah’s Down+1, it will trade with 7 frame pokes, but will be guaranteed against characters with 8 frame pokes. Poking after this string will beat any attack that has a start-up of 8 frames or greater. Once the opponent is conditioned to block, D’Vorah can then mix this up with a throw. It’s best to mix up each hit of this string to keep opponents guessing while they are under pressure.


D’Vorah’s primary mix-up involves using her Back+3,4 and Forward+4 moves. Back+3,4 is a long-reaching 17 frame low attack. If it hits at maximum range, it can be converted into a combo. If blocked, it will leave D’Vorah at -8 and can be punished by 7 frame attacks. The 2nd hit can also be Flawless Blocked and punished. An alternative and much safer option is to use D’Vorah’s Back+4, which is a long-ranged sweep. Although it is -11 on block, it is generally safe when done from a distance.

Forward+4 is a slow 21 frame overhead. If blocked, D’Vorah will be punishable at -16. It’s worth mentioning that it is possible for the opponent to block the overhead on reaction due to having a slow start-up. This mix-up should only be used sporadically since both moves are punishable on block and do not deal much damage.

Note: Back+3,4 is much safer against characters without a 7 frame attack, but can still be punished via Flawless Block.

Flippin’ Out

D’Vorah gains a plethora of mix-ups in her Kreepy Krawler variation using her Flippin’ Out (DownBack4) move. This is a 15 frame double overhead that can be used as a mix-up with D’Vorah’s low attacks. These include her Back+3,4,4,4 and Back+4. It can also be used with D’Vorah’s Forward+2,2,4. Since the opponent must block low before the final hit to punish, they will be vulnerable to being hit by Flippin’ Out. As a result, Forward+2,2,4 can then be used which will leave D’Vorah at +4 on block.

Flippin’ Out covers a large portion of the screen and can be used while airborne as well, making it a constant threat while forcing opponents to block high. This will in turn allow D’Vorah to harass opponents with low pokes and sweeps. Flippin’ Out will also trigger a Krushing Blow if the opponent is hit by it twice in a row, making D’Vorah’s mix-ups even more deadly. If the opponent has previously been hit by Flippin’ Out, her low attacks will be more likely to hit the opponent out of fear of the Krushing Blow. While this move gives D’Vorah great mix-up potential, it is extremely punishable at -22 on block and should be used with caution.

Jumping Attacks

D’Vorah has one of the strongest jump attacks in the game. Her Deadly Sting (1) is best used when jumping at the opponent as it has a long horizontal hitbox. This allows D’Vorah to jump at her opponents from afar and mount her offense. When using this move, D’Vorah also attacks using her ovipositor making her very difficult to anti-air.


Along with her jump attacks, D’Vorah also has some of the strongest anti-airs. Her Down+2 has a great vertical hitbox, useful for countering opponents high above the ground. Her Infested (DownForward2) can be used to anti-air opponents as well. Infested is a quick 8 frame anti-air grab. This move is slightly faster than D’Vorah’s Down+2, but is a bit more difficult to execute on reaction. It will also trigger a Krushing Blow if it Kounters a jumping attack. After triggering its Krushing Blow, the opponent will be stunned long enough for a combo. When anti-airing with these moves, D’Vorah also attacks using her ovipositors making it hard for her to be hit by jump attacks.


D’Vorah has the ability to restand opponents at the end of combos with her Swarm (BackForward4) move. After restanding, D’Vorah will be at +4 on hit. This can then be followed up with a Down+1 which cannot be escaped. Once the opponent is conditioned to block after the restand, D’Vorah can then apply other forms of offense such as pressuring with 1,2,1 or going for a throw.

Katipo Rush

Katipo Rush (DownBack4) allows D’Vorah to attack opponents with a barrage of ovipositors. Although it is -15 on block, it can be made safe by Amplifying it. When Amplified, Katipo Rush leaves D’Vorah at -4 on block. Amplified Katipo Rush can be used after strings such as Forward+2,2 to stay safe. It can also be used after attacks such as 1,2 and Back+3 to safely counter opponents attempting to Flawless Block her strings. Katipo Rush can be done after D’Vorah’s pokes as well to stop opponents from counterpoking.

Once Katipo Rush is Amplified and blocked, D’Vorah can use a Down+1 afterwards which will beat any attack that is slower than 12 frames. It can also be a good idea to mix up the regular and Amplified Katipo Rush. If the opponent is waiting for the Amplified portion of Katipo Rush, it will allow D’Vorah to safely use the regular Katipo Rush without being punished.


D’Vorah can control the screen using a variety of attacks. Fireflies (BackForward1) allows D’Vorah to send out a bug that flies slowly towards the opponent. Fireflies becomes stronger the farther away it’s used due to its slow travel speed, making it troublesome for opponents to approach. When done at fullscreen, Fireflies becomes +43 on block, or +55 when Amplified. Although it’s a high projectile, D’Vorah will still be at an advantage if it’s ducked under.

Ground Swarm (DownBack1) allows D’Vorah to summon a swarm of bugs from the ground. This is a slow 84 frame low attack that can be directed close, mid, far or very far. When zoning with D’Vorah, it’s best to mix Ground Swarm with Fireflies to keep opponents on their toes. While slow on start-up, Ground Swarm is +36 if blocked. Once blocked, D’Vorah will be at enough advantage to safely throw out any attack. A blocked Ground Swarm can also guarantee an Amplified Ground Swarm, preventing the opponent from moving immediately afterwards.

D’Vorah’s zoning becomes even more versatile in her Buzzed variation. While airborne, D’Vorah can use her (Air) Ticking Time Bug (BackForward1) to launch a bug that flies upward from the ground. This is a slow 95 frame projectile that can be directed close, mid or far. When Amplified, D’Vorah will launch 3 bugs, covering the entire screen. Using (Air) Ticking Time Bug along with D’Vorah’s other zoning tools can make it extremely difficult for opponents to avoid her projectiles.

Ovipositor Extensions

In D’Vorah’s Buzzed variation, she gains new extensions to several strings that use ovipositors. These include:



Parasite (1,2,1+3) is useful for countering opponents attempting to Flawless Block D’Vorah’s 1,2,1 string. It is also great for punishing unsafe moves as it will trigger a Krushing Blow if it hits as a Kounter or Punish. Be careful when using this string because if it’s blocked, D’Vorah will at -9 and can be punished.


Recluse (Forward+2,2,Up+1+3) can be used to stop opponents for trying to punish or attack after Forward+2,2 is blocked. It can also counter opponents attempting to Flawless Block D’Vorah’s Forward+2,2,Down+1+3. Additionally, it will trigger a Krushing Blow if the 3rd hit is the first to hit the opponent. This is however unsafe on block, leaving D’Vorah at -17.


Tsetse (Forward+2,2,Down+1+3) ends in a slow 26 frame overhead. Since this string must be blocked standing at the end, it will allow D’Vorah to use her Forward+2,2,4. Once Forward+2,2,Down+1+3 is blocked, it will leave D’Vorah at merely -2. If a Down+1 is used afterwards, it will beat any attack that is slower than 10 frames, while using 1,2 will beat any attack that is slower than 9 frames unless it is a poke. Despite the fact that the final hit of this string can be Flawless Blocked, it will trigger a Krushing Blow if the opponent blocks late on the last hit. This means that if the opponent mistimes their Flawless Block, they will take huge damage from the Krushing Blow.

Bug Setups

D’Vorah is able to send out bugs to create tricky setups. In her Buzzed variation, Strepsiptera (DownForward3) will create larva that spawns wasps which will attack the opponent. This can be set up by ending combos into Strepsiptera. While knocked down, the opponent must block the incoming wasps, which will leave D’Vorah at enough advantage to continue her offense. This move is even deadlier when it’s Amplified as it will spawn 3 wasps instead of 1. Even if D’Vorah is hit, the wasps will remain on the screen and attack the opponent. After Amplifying, a well-timed throw will trade with the wasps, allowing D’Vorah to get up and combo the opponent. This is incredibly strong as the opponent will have little options to escape.

Similarly in her Kreepy Krawler variation, D’Vorah can use Bombardier Beetle (DownForward3), which will release a bug that scurries on the ground. The Bombardier Beetle hits as a low attack up-close. When farther away, it will hop at the opponent and hit as a mid attack. Amplifying Bombardier Beetle will cause it to crawl fullscreen while hitting as a low attack. This allows D’Vorah to use her overheads, including her Forward+4, jump attacks and Flippin’ Out, while the Bombardier Beetle attacks low. If timed correctly, this will create an unblockable setup due to the overhead and low hitting at the same time. After Amplifying Bombardier Beetle, it can also be a good idea to use D’Vorah’s (Air) Fly By (BackForward3) move to quickly approach the opponent and attack from above.

Deadly Swarm

In D’Vorah’s Arachnophobia variation, her wasps will remain near the opponent after hits from Fireflies and Swarm. Up to 5 wasps can be placed around the opponent. While the opponent is infected, D’Vorah can use Deadly Swarm (DownDown1) at the cost of 1 bar of Offensive Meter to have the wasps attack. Each wasp deals 30.00 damage and will return to D’Vorah afterwards. This is a great move to use while the opponent is low on health as the wasps will deal guaranteed damage, depleting their lifebar.

D’Vorah’s Toward Throw also becomes much deadlier because it will trigger a Krushing Blow if the opponent is infected. Once the opponent is infected, they must always be on guard due to the threat of D’Vorah’s Toward Throw Krushing Blow. This is especially strong after restanding the opponent with Swarm as it creates the perfect opportunity to throw the opponent and trigger the Krushing Blow.

Widow’s Kiss

In D’Vorah’s Arachnophobia variation, Widow’s Kiss (DownBack3) allows her to drop from the sky, grabbing the opponent. When Amplified, D’Vorah will wrap the opponent in a web allowing her to combo afterwards. While this move is unsafe on block, it can be thrown out occasionally as a surprise attack to stop the opponent’s movements. Widow’s Kiss is also great for avoiding projectiles and countering the opponent’s zoning.



D'Vorah - Arachnophobia - Advanced Combos

D’Vorah – Arachnophobia – Advanced Combos

D'Vorah - Arachnophobia - Advanced Combos


D'Vorah - Buzzed - Advanced Combos

D’Vorah – Buzzed – Advanced Combos

D'Vorah - Buzzed - Advanced Combos

Kreepy Krawler

D'Vorah - Kreepy Krawler - Advanced Combos

D’Vorah – Kreepy Krawler – Advanced Combos

D'Vorah - Kreepy Krawler - Advanced Combos



Fighting D'Vorah

★ Fighting D’Vorah

Pokes Take advantage of D’Vorah’s slow pokes and mid attacks by utilizing pokes whenever you are at a slight disadvantage. D’Vorah’s fastest poke is her , which has a start-up of 8 frames. Because of this, D’Vorah has very weak answers to opponents who poke against her. The only thing D’Vorah can do most of the time is to use her own poke, which doesn’t yield much damage. Gaps & Punishes The final hit of this string is ...



Kreepy Krawler