Move List

Cold Punch
Frigid Palm
Arctic Strike
Icy Maul
Blade Lunge
Frosted Uppercut
Hinged Kick
Strong Step
Chest Cold
Chin Breaker
Polar Pound
Frosty Burst
Auger Spin
Chill Toe
Auger Slam
Nano Strike
Cold Burst
Ice Spike
Core Burst
Ice Spike
Toward Throw
Back Throw
Forward Getup Roll
Backward Getup Roll
(Air) Breakaway

Version 1.27
Last Updated: December 18, 2020


Frost is a mid-ranged footsie character with long-reaching normals and decent projectiles for use in zoning. Frost specializes in long-ranged combat with multiple ice attacks that can be used from a distance. She also has great pressure tools to keep opponents locked down. In addition, Frost has some of the strongest anti-airs in the game, with a poke that lowers her hurtbox while countering airborne opponents.

Strengths Weaknesses
  • Fast normals
  • Good pressure
  • Long-ranged normals
  • Great anti-airs
  • Slow projectiles
  • Flawless Blockable gaps

Key Moves

Name Input Description
Blood Sweat and Circuits 1,3,2 High, hit confirmable, +2 on block, can be Flawless Blocked on 3rd hit
Blizzard Back+1,2,1 Fast 11 frame mid, hit confirmable, great pushback on block
Power-Hungry Kunoichi 2,2 High, hit confirmable, +5 on block
Out Cold Back+2,2,1,2 Slow 19 frame mid, hit confirmable, great range, can be Flawless Blocked on 2nd hit, triggers a Krushing Blow if it is a Kounter or Punish
Reborn Back+3,2,Down+1 Low, combo starter, hit confirmable, can be Flawless Blocked on 2nd hit
Blade Spin DownForward2 High, combo ender, great chip damage, -4 on block
Kryo-Stance BackForward3 High projectile

Combo Starters

  • Back+3,2,Down+1
  • Microburst
  • Ice Auger

Frost’s main combo starter is her Back+3,2,Down+1, which is a low attack that launches the opponent slightly above the ground. Since it is unsafe at -16 on block, it’s advised to stop the string short by using Back+3,2 if it’s blocked. Back+3,2 is safe at -5 on block, however it can be punished if the 2nd hit is Flawless Blocked. Using the Microburst (DownBack4) ability, Frost can freeze her opponent, giving her enough amount of time to hit them for a combo. Similarly, the Ice Auger (BackForward1) ability will launch opponents for a combo while also granting pressure on block. These moves are usually done after confirmable attacks such as Back+1,2 and Back+2,2.

Combo Enders

  • Blade Spin
  • Core Discharge
  • Auger Lunge

Frost’s combos can be ended with her Blade Spin (DownForward2) Special Move. Blade Spin will send the opponent fullscreen where Frost can start her zoning game. Blade Spin can also be done in the corner, granting large hit advantage on knockdown. To keep opponents close, midscreen combos can be ended with Core Discharge (DownBack2), causing the opponent to splat onto the ground. Frost also has the option to end combos with the Auger Lunge (BackForward4) ability for maximum damage and when Amplified, will carry the opponent to the corner.

Winter Winds

Frost’s main footsie move is her Winter Winds (Back+2,2) string. Back+2,2 is a slow mid attack with incredible range and can be hit confirmed into a combo. Using Back+2,2 can be quite risky however because it can be Flawless Blocked on the 2nd hit. To stay safe, Frost can opt to stagger with Back+2 instead, which will leave her at -4 on block. With the Ice Auger (BackForward1) ability equipped, Frost can safely combo after Back+2.

Frost also has the option to complete the string by using Back+2,2,1,2, which will trigger a Krushing Blow if it hits as a Kounter or Punish. If Back+2,2 is blocked, it will leave Frost at -5. To put Frost in a slightly better position, it’s best to use Blade Spin (DownForward2) after Back+2,2 is blocked since it will leave her at -4 instead and deal additional chip damage to the opponent. It’s important to be able to hit confirm Back+2,2 into a Special Move or Krushing Blow, and block confirm into Blade Spin.

Note: If Back+2,2 is done at maximum range, it will not combo into Microburst.

Blade Lunge

Blade Lunge (Forward+2) is an advancing high attack with great range. Forward+2 can be used to stop opponents’ movements. Although it is 0 on block, it can be punished if the opponent is crouch blocking. While opponents are crouching in anticipation to Forward+2, Frost can then close the distance and approach with Back+2,2. Due to the unsafe nature of Forward+2, it should only be used sparingly.


Frost’s Blizzard (Back+1,2,1) string is an 11 frame mid attack that can be safely hit confirmed into a combo. Back+1,2,1 is Frost’s fastest mid attack and is best used at close range. If blocked, Back+1,2,1 will leave Frost at -7 with substantial pushback. This string is very good because Frost does not have to go on the defensive if it’s blocked. After Back+1,2,1 is blocked, Frost will be at perfect range for her Back+2,2.


Up-close, Frost is able to pressure by using her 1,3,2 and 2,2 strings. 1,3,2 is a 3-hit string that leaves Frost at +3 on block. Frost can then follow this up with a poke such as Down+1 or Down+3. Be careful when using 1,3,2 as the last hit can be Flawless Blocked. To stay safe, use 1,3,4 instead. Frost’s 1,3,4 leaves her at -2 but ends in an overhead and has no gaps.

Frost’s 2,2 leaves her at +5 on block. Frost can then guarantee a Back+1,2. If the opponent tries to escape, they will be hit by the Back+1,2, which Frost can then hit confirm into a combo. Another option is to complete the string by using 2,2,4. The last hit of 2,2,4 is a low attack. If the opponent attempts to attack after 2,2 then they will be hit by the low. Once the opponent respects Frost’s follow-up attack, she can then mix this up by using a throw after 2,2.


One of Frost’s glaring weaknesses is that her pokes are slow making her weak up-close. Frost’s strongest pokes are her Down+1 and Down+3, both having a start-up of 8 frames. Frost’s Down+3 can low profile enemy attacks. It is also very reliable as an anti-air because it will avoid jump attacks. At farther distances, Frost’s Down+4 is an amazing poke due to its range.

Blade Spin

Frost’s Blade Spin (DownForward2) Special Move is a multi-hitting high attack. Blade Spin is usually used at the end of combos to send the opponent fullscreen where Frost can start zoning. Blade Spin also has a high amount of hit advantage, allowing Frost to get a free Core Discharge, Cryogenic Crown or Core Overload on knockdown. Up-close, Blade Spin can be used after blockstrings for additional chip damage. If Amplified, Frost will deal even more damage which can be great for closing out the round.


Frost has multiple projectiles to keep opponents at bay. Her Kryo-Stance (BackForward3) allows her to shoot multiple high projectiles at the opponent. When Amplified, Frost will shoot additional projectiles that will hit mid. Amplifying Kryo-Stance deals a good amount of chip damage and causes the opponent to be pushed back. Frost’s Core Discharge (DownBack2) is a high projectile that can be directed close, mid or far. Core Discharge can be useful for knocking opponents out of the air.


Ice Auger
Adds Ice Auger Special Move. Launch a frozen drill.
Burrowing Auger
Adds Burrowing Auger Special Move. Fire drill into the ground. It erupts a moment later.
Cryogenic Crown
Replaces Core Discharge. Launch Frost’s head, exploding after a short delay.
Core Trap
Replaces Core Discharge. Create a freezing trap.
Core Overload
Adds Core Overload Special Move. Enhance the damage dealt by chest energy core attacks.
Auger Lunge
Adds Auger Lunge Special Move. Lunge forward, burying drills into the opponent.
Arctic Barrage
Adds Arctic Barrage Special Move. Rush opponent while swinging wildly.
(Air) Icequake
Adds (Air) Icequake Special Move. Dive towards target.
Glacier Calving
Adds Glacier Calving Special Move. Create a projecile-destroying shield.
Adds Microburst Special Move. Point blank area burst.

Ice Auger Pressure

Ice Auger (BackForward1) is a high projectile that has a slow travel speed and can be used for offensive pressure. This is best done after Frost’s Back+2. Despite the fact that Ice Auger is a high projectile, it is relatively safe when spaced out. If Ice Auger is Amplified, the 2nd auger will come out immediately after the 1st. Depending on the distance, Ice Auger can be advantageous on block. When Back+2 is used at maximum range, Ice Auger can be up to +8 on block, or +5 if Amplified. Frost can then follow this up with another Back+2 for pressure, or use Close Core Discharge (DownBack2,Back) to hit opponents out of the air. It’s a good idea to mix up both the regular and Amplified Ice Auger so that opponents must guess on which Frost will use.

Cryogenic Crown

The Cryogenic Crown (DownBack2) ability allows Frost to shoot ice bombs on the floor that will explode after a certain amount of time has passed. Once an ice bomb is placed on the screen, Kryo-Stance can be used to stop opponents from escaping the bomb. If the Kryo-Stance hits a grounded opponent with an ice bomb underneath them, the bomb will freeze the opponent for a full combo.

Cryogenic Crown also gives Frost powerful setups in the corner. By ending combos with Blade Spin, Frost can safely place a Close Cryogenic Crown (DownBack2Back) on the floor. Once the Cryogenic Crown is set up, Frost can then attack the opponent on knockdown. The opponent will then have to block the Cryogenic Crown, which will leave Frost at +77 on block. Another option is to throw the opponent into the Cryogenic Bomb. This will allow Frost to combo off of her throw due to the Cryogenic Crown freezing the opponent in the middle of being thrown. What’s special about this setup is that even if the opponent attempts to Throw Escape, the Cryogenic Crown will still freeze them for a combo. This makes Frost’s throw an untechable combo starter when the Cryogenic Crown is in play.

Core Overload Setup

Core Overload (DownDown3) enhances the damage dealt by chest energy core attacks. When Amplified, Frost will set a timer on herself which upon detonation will freeze nearby opponents. Core Overload can be set up by ending combos with Blade Spin (DownForward2). It’s important to time Frost’s attacks with the Core Overload detonation. The Core Overload timer lasts approximately 7 seconds upon activation. A good way to freeze opponents with Core Overload is to use a well-timed throw. When done correctly, the opponent will be frozen in the middle of being thrown allowing for Frost to combo. When combined with the Microburst ability, Frost can easily set up her Core Overload. This is most useful in the corner as Frost will be able to activate her Core Overload after freezing her opponent, and detonate it at the end of the combo for a setup.


The Icequake (BackForward4) ability is a divebomb Special Move that allows Frost to attack from above. This is a very useful move to throw out while jumping because anytime Frost is in the air, the opponent must be wary of the Icequake. The threat of the Icequake will allow Frost to safely jump backwards and create distance from the opponent. Although Icequake is -22 on block, it can be made safe if it hits the bottom portion of the opponent. It’s important to know what ranges to use Icequake at so that Frost can remain safe upon use.



Frost - Frost-Byte - Beginner Combos

Frost – Frost-Byte – Beginner Combos

Cryogenic Crown
Arctic Barrage

Frost - Ice Machine - Beginner Combos

Frost – Ice Machine – Beginner Combos

Auger Lunge
Glacier Calving

Frost - Arctic Anarchy - Beginner Combos

Frost – Arctic Anarchy – Beginner Combos

Ice Auger
Core Overload
(Air) Icequake


Frost - Frost-Byte - Advanced Combos

Frost – Frost-Byte – Advanced Combos

Cryogenic Crown
Arctic Barrage

Frost - Ice Machine - Advanced Combos

Frost – Ice Machine – Advanced Combos

Auger Lunge
Glacier Calving

Frost - Arctic Anarchy - Advanced Combos

Frost – Arctic Anarchy – Advanced Combos

Ice Auger
Core Overload
(Air) Icequake

Extra Guides

Punishing Icequake

Punishing Icequake

In Frost’s Arctic Anarchy variation, she gains access to Icequake. This is a divebomb Special Move that allows her to attack from the air. Icequake can be difficult to punish, or even safe, depending on the height and distance that it’s used. When spaced out, it can be up to -8 on block. If you block the Icequake standing, it will create pushback which means you won’t be able to punish with a jab. To make ...
Ice Auger Pressure Guide

Ice Auger Pressure Guide

Frost’s Ice Auger is a high projectile that has a slow travel speed. At first glance, this move may not seem like much due to its slow movement and the fact that it disappears after travelling a certain distance. This is because Ice Auger isn’t just meant to be used for zoning, it is a powerful pressure tool as well. The best move to use Ice Auger after is . This gives Frost a near safe ...