Ice Auger Pressure Guide

Frost’s Ice Auger is a high projectile that has a slow travel speed. At first glance, this move may not seem like much due to its slow movement and the fact that it disappears after travelling a certain distance. This is because Ice Auger isn’t just meant to be used for zoning, it is a powerful pressure tool as well.

The best move to use Ice Auger after is Back+2. This gives Frost a near safe hit confirm off of Back+2 without the need to use Back+2,2, which can be Flawless Blocked. Although Ice Auger is a high, it is relatively safe when spaced out. If it’s Amplified, the second auger will come out immediately after the first auger, which cannot be jumped out of. The only way your opponent can interrupt this is with a long-reaching poke. If your opponent is hit by the second auger, you have enough time to convert by dashing up and doing a Back+1,2. If you are too far away, then you can convert with Forward+2 or instant (Air) Icequake.

When Back+2 is used at max range, Ice Auger can be up to +8 on block, or +5 if Amplified. While this doesn’t guarantee a follow-up attack, you will be able to move much earlier than your opponent. This means that Frost’s normally slow attacks will come out earlier. Using a Back+2 after Ice Auger for example is perfect for whiff punishing.

This form of pressure isn’t foolproof though as opponents can jump after blocking the Ice Auger. If you think that your opponent will attempt to jump out, be ready to anti-air with Frost’s Down+3. Another option is to use Close Core Discharge, or DownBack2Back, immediately after Ice Auger. This will knock your opponent right out of the air.

When pressuring with Ice Auger, you will want to mix it up between the regular and Amplified version. If your opponent is expecting the second auger, this will allow you to only use the first auger and follow up with another Back+2.

Add in Back+2 staggers as well for an extra layer of pressure. Since Back+2 is only -4 on block and your opponent will be waiting for the Ice Auger, you can stagger Back+2 and go into more offense.

Ice Auger doesn’t always have to be used after normals. Using it by itself is another valid strategy. This can be useful because if used at max range, Ice Auger can be up to +18 on block while also becoming a Krushing Blow on hit.

There is however one flaw with Ice Auger. Against certain characters with small hurtboxes, it will not connect on crouch. It’s important to know which characters Ice Auger works best on and which characters it doesn’t.

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