Frost B2 Blade Spin Option Select

One of the longest reaching normals in Mortal Kombat 11 is Frost’s B2. Although it has great range, using Frost’s B22 string can be risky because the 2nd hit can be Flawless Blocked.

This can be made completely safe by option selecting the string with a Special Move. Frost’s Blade Spin, or DF2, is a safe on block Special Move that can be used after her B2. Option selecting this will allow Frost to use B22 on hit, and B2 Blade Spin on block.

In order to do this option select, you must first change your Controls and set Input Shortcuts to ON.

What this does is it allows you to input Special Moves with less directional precision. For example, instead of inputting Blade Spin as DF2, you can now input it as 2DF.

Next, you must input the string as:

B2 2DF

Make sure to input the 2DF late so that the Blade Spin will only register on block.

After B22 hits, immediately input DB4 to freeze the opponent for a combo.

The reason why this works is because blockstun lasts longer than hitstun. If Frost’s B2 hits, then the game will register the B22 portion of the input during the hitstun. If B2 is blocked, then the game will register the 2DF portion of the input during the blockstun, when the hitstun would have weared off.

While this option select is rather difficult to do, it can be worth it because it allows you to hit confirm Frost’s B22 safely without having to worry about being Flawless Blocked.

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