Avoiding Jump Kicks

A common strategy for many characters is to abuse their jump kick to gain an advantage and start their offense. Depending on the character and situation, jump kicks can be very difficult to anti-air. Attempting to do so can result in your anti-air being beat out and your opponent potentially converting the jump kick into a combo.

For a jump kick to beat an anti-air, it must be done early in the jump. At a specific angle, there is a way to completely avoid the jump kick and whiff punish your opponent upon landing. This is done by crouching while releasing block at the very last second, then punishing with a quick jab once your opponent becomes grounded.

It is important to release block because it will alter your character’s hurtbox, which will cause the jump kick to whiff. You must also be aware of the spacing that the jump kick is used. If done at a different angle, crouching underneath the jump kick will not work. It also will not work if your opponent does a late jump kick. However, late jump kicks are easier to anti-air, which means there will be somewhat of a meta-game between crouching to avoid an early jump kick and anti-airing to stop a late jump kick. It’s also worth pointing out that some characters will possibly have a tougher time punishing the opponent as their jab attack will whiff. While it is not a complete solution and is entirely situational, if you are able to react quick enough, this can be a very viable tactic for countering those pesky jump kicks.

Source: https://twitter.com/SonicFox5000/status/1207757168746860545
Twitter: https://www.twitter.com/SonicFox5000

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1 year ago

This is really usefull, I always got caught by those “cross ups” they do. Time to practice and muscle-memorize it.