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Hit Confirming Jump Kicks

One of the best ways to start offense is to use jump kicks against your opponent due to them having large hitboxes and being advantageous on block. Jump kicks, while great on block, are very difficult to hit confirm because they are single-hitting attacks. This can usually happen if your opponent attempts to anti-air your jump but reacts too late and is hit at the very last second. Being unable to hit confirm jump attacks means that you will be giving up potential damage.

A solution to this problem is to make use of the game engine and how blockstun works. Whenever a move is blocked, there is a small window where the game will not read in your inputs. Since there are more frames on block than there are on hit, you can quickly buffer in an input so that if the move is blocked, then the follow-up attack will not come out. For example, buffering a ForwardForward input immediately after a jump kick will allow you to perform a forward dash only if the jump kick hits.

This is possible because the game does not read in the ForwardForward input after the jump kick is blocked. By adding another input after the forward dash, you will be able to hit confirm the jump kick. Using Geras as an example, inputting ForwardForward+3 allows him to hit confirm a jump kick into a forward dash followed by a Forward+3. Geras’ Forward+3 can then be confirmed into a combo.

Jump kicks become a much stronger when using this method because if they are blocked then you will be at an advantage, and if they hit then they can be confirmed into a combo. Make sure to take advantage of this so that you do not leave any damage on the table.

Last Updated on January 13, 2020

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