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Low Profiling Getup Attacks

While knocked down, a great defensive option to use is a Getup Attack. This is done by inputting either Up+2 or Up+3 as you are getting up from the ground. When using an Up+3, it will grant armor allowing you to absorb the opponent’s attacks. There are however certain attacks that can completely avoid these Getup Attacks by low profiling underneath them. Attacks with the ability to low profile will cause the character to lower their hurtbox, allowing them to avoid the enemy’s attack while still being able to attack them. These low profiling attacks will usually be a character’s Down+3 or Down+4 poke.

In the above example, Noob Saibot is able to low profile underneath Jade’s Getup Attack Up+3 by using a Down+3 on knockdown. The Down+3 lowers Noob Saibot’s hurtbox so that he can avoid Jade’s Up+3 and punish her for a full combo. This is useful as the Down+3 not only will counter the opponent’s Up+3, but it will also prevent them opponent from getting up normally, so they will have no choice but to block the poke or use another Getup option. Poking is also useful against Roll Escapes and Delayed Getup as you’ll be able to recover in time to still attack after using the poke.

Being able to low profile a Getup Attack will depend on the character you are using, the character your opponent using, and the attack that is used on knockdown. It’s important to know which attacks can be used to low profile, as well as which of the enemy’s attacks can be low profiled under. By doing so, you’ll be able to cover multiple options while the opponent is knocked down and can potentially punish them for waking up.

Last Updated on December 16, 2019

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Is there a way to try this in practice?

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