Low Profiling Getup Attacks

When you are knocked down, a strong defensive option to use is a Getup Attack. This is done by pressing either Up+2 or Up+3 as you are getting up from the ground. If you use Up+3, it will have armor allowing you to take the hit of any attack your opponent does against you.

There are certain attacks that can low profile Getup Attacks. To low profile means that if you use an attack that lowers your hurtbox, you will completely avoid your opponent’s attacks while still being able to attack them. Usually, this will be a character’s poke.

In the above example, Noob Saibot is able to low profile Jade’s Getup Attack by using a Down+3 on knockdown. The Down+3 lowers Noob Saibot’s hurtbox so that he avoids Jade’s Up+3 and punishes for a full combo. This is useful as the Down+3 not only will counter your opponent’s Up+3, but it will stop Up+2s, cover delayed Getups and prevent your opponent from getting up normally. It’s also useful versus Getup Roll Escapes as you’ll be able to recover in time after the poke.

Being able to low profile Getup Attacks depends on three important factors:

1. The Character You’re Using
2. The Character Your Opponent is Using
3. The Attack Used on Knockdown

Make sure to test with different characters and attacks to see whether you can low profile your opponent’s Getup Attack or not.

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