Shaolin Trap Dungeon Corner Restand

On the right side of the Shaolin Trap Dungeon stage lies an interactable that can be used to throw the opponent. This interactable is one of the strongest interactables in the game and acts as a command grab which cannot be teched. After using the interactable, it will leave the opponent standing and you will be at +9. This gives you guaranteed offense and it will be difficult for your opponent to escape.

It’s best used at the end of a combo to eliminate your opponent’s Getup options. The interactable can also be continuously looped as long as you have Defensive Meter.

Outside of a combo, you can use it as a mixup with other attacks because it is a command grab. Additionally, it can be used after a blocked poke.

The interactable can be used on both sides as well. If you are cornered by your opponent then you can use the interactable to switch positions. This is a great way to escape the corner and put yourself at an advantage.

The downside to using the corner interactable is that it is a high command grab, so if your opponent knows that you will use it then they can duck and punish you.

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