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In Mortal Kombat 11, there is a way to cancel out of strings by entering in certain inputs. This is an advanced technique that is done by inputting a button before the final hit of a string, and inputting a button after the final hit of a string. If done correctly, only the first hit of the string will come out.

I will use Searing Rage Scorpion’s F32 as an example. To make only F3 come out, you must input it as:

F3 [insert button here] 2 [insert button here]

Before the 2, you can input any button. For this example, I am going to use 1.

After the 2, you can also input any button. For this example, I am going to use 3.

So the input will now be:

F3 1 2 3

Next, we want to make the F3 come out only on block, and the F32 come out only on hit. In order to do this, first we must understand that blockstun is longer than hitstun. If a move hits, then the amount of time it takes for the game to register an input after that move is shorter than if it were blocked. On the other hand, if a move is blocked, then there is more time for the game to register an input.

We can use this to our advantage by timing the last input of F3 1 2 3 so that the game will only register the cancel on block, but not on hit. This is done by rapidly inputting F312, then slightly delaying the 3 so that it will only cancel during the blockstun of F3 and not the hitstun.

If the F3 hits, then the game will not read the 3 input and F32 will come out. If the F3 is blocked, then the game will read the 3 input which will cancel out the F32 string.

However, since F32 does not lead into a combo, we will want to use a different input than 3. Scorpion’s F32 can combo into Hell Port, or DB3. If we replace the 3 with DB3, then the input would look like:

F3 1 2 DB3

This now lets Scorpion use F3 on block and F32 Hell Port on hit. This is very strong for Scorpion because it allows him to safely hit confirm his F32, and on block he can go into pressure.

The great thing about this option select is that it can make almost any string safe on block. It’s most useful for staggers such as Scorpion’s F3, Sub-Zero’s B3 and Kung Lao’s F1. Here are some more examples on how you can use this option select:

The downside to using this option select is that the timing is very strict, and if mistimed you will be punished. There are however safe ways to use the option select. For example, if you want to safely option select Sub-Zero’s B3, you can input it as:

B3 1 2 1

On block, you will stagger the B3 and on hit you will do Sub-Zero’s B321 string. If you mistime the option select, then you will get B321 which is safe on block.

This option select has many uses so play around with it to see how you can best use it for your character.

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Before MK11’s release on seeing gameplay: [serious voice denoting gravitas] “I-I-I I honestly think that Mortal Kombat 11…will be the best Mortal Kombat game they’ve ever made.” — MK Tom Brady. You guys never learn. Demand better from NRS instead of kissing their asses. The game is broken. But instead of calling it out, most NRS guys make up wack excuses like being “burned out” on “playing it too much”. That was said after one and 1/2 months by MK Reo. Just admit it’s trash. People weren’t “burned out” after a month of MK9 or MKX. NRS won’t change until… Read more »

Darlington Daniel
Darlington Daniel

Thanks for all you do for the community. God bless you!


a lot of people being fake mad about this but it would take hours of practice or more to get it down and even more to apply it in a real match


Absolute madness bro, GG’s for the tech now it’s a new game, bye bye free punishes and FB’s


Free punishes? More like you committed to an unsafe string. Lol