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Tick Throws

A tick throw is a throw that is done immediately after an attack with little blockstun. Usually these consist of fast, single-hitting attacks where the opponent is conditioned to block the follow-up. For many characters, tick throws can be used after staggering a jab attack. Tick throws are essential for opening opponents up because if you are being too predictable with your throws, then your opponent will easily be able to tech them on reaction with a Throw Escape. By sneaking in your throws, you will be able to catch ill-prepared opponents off guard.

Tick throws can also be done after a blocked jump punch. Normally after a jump punch, your opponent will continue blocking because they are expecting an attack. If you perform a throw immediately following the jump punch, then your opponent may not be ready to tech. Although this can be a good way to utilize tick throws, the downside to this is that if the opponent does not block and the jump punch hits, then you will have given up a potential combo.

Another area where you can sneak in a throw is to perform an empty jump then proceed with a throw. Because your opponent will be waiting to block the jump attack, this gives a great opportunity to use a throw. Typically, you will want to do this when you know your jump attack will be blocked, such as after knocking your opponent down.

Between all of these options, there will be 3 different points where you will be able to throw your opponent:

1. Jump -> Throw
2. Jump -> Jump Punch -> Throw
3. Jump -> Jump Punch -> Jab -> Throw

By mixing up all of these options, it can be difficult for your opponent to properly defend against your throws. While throws are an easy way to obtain damage, keep in mind that they are also extremely risky because if your opponent ducks underneath a throw, then you will be heavily punished. For this reason, you must be smart with your throws and only throw your opponent when they least expect it.

Last Updated on September 11, 2020

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yOuR lOcAl iDiOt
yOuR lOcAl iDiOt
1 year ago

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2 years ago

This is a useful stuff for beginners, great job.

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