Wavedashing is an advanced technique that enhances a character’s mobility. It allows character’s to move faster than walking and dashing.

In order to do a wavedash, follow these steps:

1. Perform a forward dash by pressing Forward, Forward
2. Immediately press Block to cancel out of the forward dash
3. Repeatedly press Forward then Block

The input to do a wavedash is:

Forward, Forward, Block, Forward, Block, Forward, Block, Forward, Block, etc.


Wavedashing can be useful at closing the distance on your opponent. In situations where you are have trouble getting in on zoning, or where you are being outspaced in footsies, it’s a very viable tactic.

Keep in mind that wavedashing is different for every character. Some characters have fast wavedashes, such as Sub-Zero and Kotal Kahn, while others will have slower wavedashes.

Although it’s a difficult strategy to execute, it can be very useful if one can master wavedashing.

Wavedashing found by Alioune. For more examples on wavedashing, check out his Twitter below:

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