Escaping Geras’ F212

Geras’ F212 string is a safe hit confirmable mid attack. In his New Era variation, he can mix this up by doing F2 into the Titan Tackle command grab.


If you are near an interactable, you can use it to escape after the first hit of F212. Interactables that you can jump off of will give you invincibility to avoid the rest of the string. This is especially useful in the corner as you’ll be able to get out for free. Interactables that must be thrown will not give invincibility, but can be armored at the cost of 1 bar of Defensive Meter.

You’ll also jump out of the command grab, completely avoiding the mixup.


There are also quite a few characters who can interrupt Geras’ F212. Here are some examples:

Characters that can interrupt Geras’ F212:

  • Cassie Cage — BD3
  • Cetrion — D1 / D3 / D4
  • D’Vorah — 3
  • Frost — D3
  • Jacqui Briggs — Reversal Backdash
  • Jade — D3
  • Jax Briggs — D3
  • Johnny Cage — D3 / Neutral Crouch
  • Kano — B4
  • Kitana — D1 / D2 / D3
  • Noob Saibot — D4
  • Skarlet — 212
  • Sonya — D3
  • Sub-Zero — D3

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