Geras Corner Restand

Geras Corner Restand found by BxKeyz

Geras’s F11+3 string allows him to restand opponents at the end of combos. This is especially useful in the corner as it leaves the opponent right next to you.

The inputs for this restand in Geras’ New Era variation are:

F212 DF3B D1 4 BF1 AMP D2 J3 F11+3

The inputs for this restand in Geras’ Infinite Warden variation are:

F212 D1 4 BF1 AMP D2 J3 F11+3
F212 D1 4 BF2 AMP 4 BF1 AMP D2 J3 F11+3

These combos give up about 2-6% damage compared to his standard corner combos, but will keep your opponent standing and eliminate their wakeup options. The trick is to hit the Temporal Advantage, or BF1, low to the ground so that you can jump over the opponent and use the F11+3 restand to put them back into the corner.

Although the restand has 0 hit advantage, Geras is one of the very few characters who has a 6 frame D1. What this means is that after the restand, you can use Geras’ D1 and it will beat out most characters because their fastest attacks will be 7 frames. Once your opponent respects your D1, you can then go for other forms of offense such as using the Titan Tackle command grab.

Another option is to use Flawless Block. Geras’ U2 Flawless Block Attack is 6 frames, which is the fastest in the game. What this means is that he can punish pokes on block, giving Geras a full combo compared to only dealing 2% damage off of a D1.

This restand can still be effective against characters with 6 frame D1s such as Sub-Zero and Erron Black because their D1s will be out of range so you will be able to walk back and whiff punish them.

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