Geras Sand Pillar Setup by BurritoVoorhees

In Geras’ New Era variation, he gains access to Sand Pillar, or DownForward3. When Amplified, will create an hourglass that makes the Sand Pillar hit at a later time. This makes for some interesting setups in the corner.

The inputs for this setup are:


The best way to set up Amplified Sand Pillar is to end combos with 2,4DownForward3BackAMP. The above combo sacrifices about 6% damage compared to his normal 1 bar combo, but gives you much stronger okizeme and can potentially do an additional 7% damage.

After the setup you have a variety of options. Geras’ Forward+2,1 string normally is -10 on block. The Sand Pillar will not only make this string safe, but it will put you at advantage if blocked.

Slightly delaying Forward+2,1,2 will allow you to use Titan Tackle after it. Usually the Titan Tackle whiffs after this string, but the Sand Pillar allows it to connect. What makes this so strong is that the Titan Tackle cannot be jumped out of.

However, because you are delaying the Forward+2,1,2, then the setup itself can be jumped out of. The opponent can also use a Delayed Getup which will make the Titan Tackle whiff.

To counter Delayed Getup, wait for the delay and use a two-hit string such as Forward+2,1. Titan Tackle can also be used here, as well as any other string as long as it’s timed correctly with the Sand Pillar.

The Titan Tackle can be jumped out of, so instead you can opt to complete the Forward+2,1,2 string to stop jumps.

Another mixup you can do is to use Geras’ 1,1,1 string and 1,1 Close Sand Trap. The overhead in 1,1,1 will launch the opponent for a combo, and the Close Sand Trap will end up being safe because of the Sand Pillar. This also works even if your opponent does a Delayed Getup.

Your opponent will still be able to getup with Roll Escape, Up+2 and Up+3 so be ready to counter those if you think they will do a getup attack.

Geras Sand Pillar Setup submitted by Burrito Voorhees. For more information, check out Burrito Voorhees at:


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1 year ago

These don’t work anymore, or at least aren’t universal