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Punishing Matter of Time

Geras’ Matter of Time (Forward+2,1,2) string is an 11 frame mid attack that can lead into a combo. Although it is -6 on block, there are 2 areas where you can either escape or completely punish Geras for using the string.


If you are near an interactable, you can use it to escape after the 1st and 2nd hits of Forward+2,1,2. Interactables that can be jumped off of will temporarily grant invincibility, allowing you to avoid the rest of the string. This is especially useful in the corner as you will essentially be able to get out of the corner for free. Interactables that must be thrown will not grant invincibility, but can be armored at the cost of 1 bar of Defensive Meter. This tactic will also allow you to escape Geras’ Titan Tackle (BackForward2) command grab when done after his Forward+2, completely avoiding the mix-up. Keep in mind that escaping after the first hit can be a bit difficult as you must be quick to react after blocking Forward+2.

Flawless Block

The 3rd hit of Geras’ Forward+2,1,2 can be Flawless Blocked and punished. Due to its slow start-up, it is very easy to Flawless Block on reaction. Flawless Blocking will make the string completely unsafe and will force Geras to use other methods to keep himself from being punished. Instead of doing Forward+2,1,2, Geras must use Big Fist (DownBack2) after his Forward+2,1 in order to remain safe.


There are quite a few characters who can interrupt Geras’ Forward+2,1 and Forward+2,1,2. Some characters can use specific attacks to low profile underneath the string, while others can even backdash to escape.

Characters that can interrupt Geras’ Forward+2,1:

Cetrion – Down+1 / Down+3 / Down+4
Frost – Down+3
Jacqui Briggs – Reversal Backdash
Jade – Down+3
Johnny Cage – Down+3
Kano – Back+4
Kitana – Down+2 / Down+3
Skarlet – 2,1,2

Characters that can interrupt Geras’ Forward+2,1,2:

Skarlet – 2,1,2
Sonya – Down+3
Sub-Zero – Down+3

Last Updated on March 23, 2020

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Dang, hes bout fly as space!

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