Fuzzy Guarding Jacqui Briggs

Jacqui’s Cancel Pressure

In Jacqui Briggs’ 1st Round KO variation, she is able to cancel out of certain attacks. These are her 112, 22, F31 and B4.

Her most notable cancel is off of her F31. Jacqui’s F31 cancel leaves her at -2, but because of how quick the cancel is, you have to guess whether she will do the cancel or not. She can either do F3141+3 or F31 Grease Kick to punish you for trying to interrupt the cancel.

Fuzzy Guard

There is a way to fuzzy guard Jacqui’s pressure so that you will block her F31 and also interrupt her if she decides to cancel the string. After the F31 cancel, Jacqui will either do another F3 or throw. Since she is -2, you’ll have enough time to interrupt her out of these attacks.

To fuzzy guard this you must first block, then after the 2nd hit of F31 would hit, immediately let go of block and input an attack.

Once you see that the F31 is blocked, you must quickly react and block again.

This will however lose to F31 Grease Kick, or DB4, because it will hit if you try to interrupt her cancel. The Grease Kick is unsafe on block, so you will be able to punish Jacqui if she does this.

How It Works

The 2nd hit of F31 hits on frame 38, and the 2nd F3 in F31 cancel F3 hits on frame 53. If you want to interrupt the F3 after the cancel, you will need to hit her before frame 53.

Let’s take Scorpion’s 1 as an example. This attack has a startup of 7 frames, where the first active frame will hit in 8 frames. If we do this attack on frame 44, then it will hit on frame 52 (44 + 8 = 52). Frame 52 is before frame 53, so it will interrupt Jacqui’s F31 cancel F3.

This means if you want to block the F31 and still interrupt the cancel, you will only have a 7 frame window (frames 38 to 44) to release block and input Scorpion’s 7 frame jab.

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