How to Fight Jacqui Briggs – Beginner Guide

Arm Break & Leg Break

In Jacqui’s 1st Round KO variation, she has the unique ability to Amplify her Throw Escape. Once Amplified, she can choose to either perform an Arm Break or Leg Break. Throwing her becomes extremely risky because of this, and if she successfully techs multiple throws, she gets a Krushing Blow.

Since Jacqui will be actively looking to tech your throws, it’s best to attack normally rather than throw her. It can also be a good idea to use what’s known as a shimmy. Shimmying is the term used to bait your opponent into thinking you are going for a throw, and instead doing an attack to punish them for trying to tech the throw. You can do this by walking forward slightly and doing an attack, or use a multi-hitting jab attack. Essentially, you will want to use less throws and use more standard attacks against Jacqui’s 1st Round KO variation.

Escaping Arm Break & Leg Break

Depending on which one she chooses, it is possible to escape her Arm Break and Leg Break. If you predict that she will use the Arm Break, press either 1 or 2. If you predict that she will use the Leg Break, press either 3 or 4.

Since Jacqui gets a Krushing Blow if she usess the Leg Break after an Arm Break has been done in the match, she will most likely use the Arm Break first. Always be ready to counter Jacqui’s Amplified Throw Escape when going for a throw, and input the appropriate button to which you think she will use.

Interrupting Cancels

In Jacqui’s 1st Round KO variation, she can cancel out of her attacks for pressure. It’s important to know that Jacqui is never at an advantage when she does a cancel, so you will want to make a read on whether she does a cancel or not. If you think that Jacqui will cancel her attack, use a poke or jab to interrupt her. By jabbing, you will interrupt her next attack for a full combo. However, if she does not do a cancel and completes her strings, you will be hit.

Attack Cancel Frame Data

The following lists the block advantage for Jacqui’s Attack Cancels:

1,1,2 = -1
2,2 = 0
Forward+3,1 = -2
Back+4 = -3

Fuzzy Guarding Jacqui

Since Jacqui’s cancels in her 1st Round KO variation leave her at neutral or disadvantage on block, her pressure can be fuzzy guarded. For example, the 2nd hit of Forward+3,1 hits earlier than if she were to do Forward+3,1 Cancel Forward+3,1. In order to fuzzy guard this, continue blocking then immediately jab after the 2nd hit would connect. This will interrupt her next Forward+3,1 if she decides to do a cancel.

Once you see that the Forward+3,1 is blocked, you must quickly react and block again. This will however lose to Forward+3,1 Grease Kick because it will hit if you try to interrupt her cancel. The Grease Kick is unsafe on block, so you will be able to punish Jacqui if she does this.

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