Bionic Bounce Cancel Guide

In Jacqui’s Upgraded variation, she gains access to Bionic Bounce, or DownUp. This allows Jacqui to leap off of the ground and greatly enhances her mobility.


Bionic Bounce can be used after blockstrings for pressure. This can then be cancelled mid-air into (Air) Shrapnel Blast, or DownBack1. If Amplified, (Air) Shrapnel Blast will allow Jacqui to use a jump attack immediately afterwards.

There is a gap between the (Air) Shrapnel Blast and jump attack, so opponents can interrupt and jab you out of the air. In order to counter this, you can use (Air) Shrapnel Blast again.

You can also mix this up by doing Close Bionic Bounce. This will allow you to attack from behind and pressure without having to spend meter on an Amplified (Air) Shrapnel Blast. Using Close Bionic Bounce however will cost 1 bar of Defensive Meter.

While this can be anti-aired, using (Air) Shrapnel Blast can punish your opponent for a full combo.

You will want to mix up when you use Bionic Bounce by using it after different strings to keep yourself unpredictable. This way, it’ll be more difficult for your opponent to anti-air you.


Far Bionic Bounce is a great way to get in from fullscreen. If timed correctly, Jacqui will go right over projectiles and punish your opponent.

Far Bionic Bounce also allows Jacqui to run away after doing a blockstring. Unless your opponent has a long-reaching attack, this can be difficult to punish. This can be good if you want to play it safe and need to keep your distance from your opponent. It’s also useful for switching positions or to get out of the corner.

Jump Attack / Shrapnel Blast Cancel

UPDATE: This has been patched out and no longer works as of 3/10/20.

Shrapnel Blast has a unique property that makes Jacqui’s jump attacks extremely advantageous on block. If Shrapnel Blast is used after a jump attack and right before touching the ground, the Shrapnel Blast will not come out. This causes Jacqui to recover quicker than she normally would after a jump attack.

Jacqui can be up to +15 after a Up + Forward1, up to +24 after a Up + Forward2, and up to +20 after a Up + Forward3.


(Air) Ground Pound, or DownBack3, is a low-hitting Special Move that is used in the air. This can create mixups with Jacqui’s overhead attacks.

For a basic mixup, you can do a Hop Kick for an overhead, or Hop into Ground Pound for a low. This is a very low-damaging and unsafe mixup so it should not be used often. It’s mainly used as a quick way to mix your opponent up without having to jump or use Bionic Bounce.

Jacqui’s Back+3,2 is her main string to use for mixups. Back+3,2 is a safe low starter and can be hit confirmed into Bionic Bounce for a combo. You can opt to finish the string by doing Back+3,2,4 for an overhead, or do Back+3,2 into Bionic Bounce Ground Pound for a low. Although Back+3,2,4 is -12 on block, it has a lot of pushback making it very difficult to punish or safe against most characters.

Once your opponent respects Back+3,2, you can then use Back+3,4 for pressure. There is a gap before the 2nd hit of Back+3,4, so you must condition the opponent to block Back+3,2 before using this string. Back+3,4 is +4 on block, which will allow you to get a guaranteed Forward+3,1 afterwards.

When jumping at your opponent, Ground Pound and Back+3,2 can be used for a variety of mixups. This is because jump attacks are overheads when done low enough to the ground. There are 6 different mixup options to choose from:

1. Up + Forward2 Back+3,2 (Overhead, Low)
2. Up + Forward2 (Air) Shrapnel Blast Up + Forward2 (Overhead, Overhead)
3. Up + Forward2 (Air) Shrapnel Blast Back+3,2 (Overhead, Low)
4. Up + Forward Ground Pound (Low)
5. Up + Forward2 (Air) Ground Pound (Overhead, Low)
6. Up + Forward2 (Air) Shrapnel Blast (Air) Ground Pound (Overhead, Low)

It can be very difficult to defend against all of these options because of the different timings on the overhead and low attacks. Not only can these mixups be done after jump-ins, but they can also be done after Bionic Bounce and Amplified Shrapnel Blast. You will want to mix up all of these options to keep your opponent guessing on how to block.

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Arturo Estrada
Arturo Estrada
3 months ago

amazing guide! i’m starting to get a little more deeper into mk11 and actually trying to UNDERSTAND the game, this upgraded jacqui guide was very understandable and really helpful