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Version 1.27
Last Updated: December 18, 2020


Jade is a space-control zoning character with long-ranged normals and multiple projectiles that can be used for controlling the screen. Jade has some of the longest-reaching attacks in the game, a great anti-air, and projectiles that track the opponent’s movement making it extremely difficult to approach her. She can also nullify the enemy’s zoning, forcing the opponent to come to her instead.

Strengths Weaknesses
  • Long-ranged normals
  • Great pressure
  • Strong anti-airs
  • Good counterzoning
  • Low damage

Key Moves

Name Input Description
Baited 1,2,4 High into low, triggers a Krushing Blow if 2nd hit is the first to connect
Teaser Back+1,2 Mid into overhead, used for mix-ups, unsafe on block, can be Flawless Blocked on 2nd hit
Tiny Dancer 2,1,2 High, hit confirmable, staggerable, -4 on block, combo ender (corner)
IP Girl Forward+2,1 Slow 28 frame overhead, used for mix-ups, unsafe on block
Fatal Attraction Back+3,4,3,4 Fast 11 frame mid, hit confirmable, +5 on block, can be Flawless Blocked on 4th hit
Royal Guard Forward+3,4 Low, hit confirmable, used for mix-ups, can be Flawless Blocked on 2nd hit
Razor-Rang BackForward1 Slow 20 frame high projectile, Amplified version is +7 on block
Deadly Butterfly BackForward2 Mid, combo starter (corner)
Dodging Shadows DownBack2 Projectile invulnerable
Blazing Nitro Kick DownForward4 Fast 12 frame advancing high, triggers a Krushing Blow if it hits the opponent twice in a row or breaks armor

Combo Starters

  • Deadly Butterfly

Jade’s overall combo potential is rather low as her gameplan primarily relies on controlling space and zoning her opponent out. If midscreen, it’s usually best to combo into Razor-Rang (BackForward1) and Amplify it to keep opponents standing while gaining hit advantage. After Amplifying Razor-Rang, Jade will be at +10 on hit, allowing her to guarantee almost any attack. Jade can also launch opponents with her Forward+2,1 which is a 28 frame overhead that is used for mix-ups. Despite being slow on start-up, it has amazing range and can easily hit if the opponent isn’t prepared. In the corner, Jade is able to combo off of her Deadly Butterfly (BackForward2) move. This is mainly done after hit confirmable strings such as Forward+3,4 and Back+3,4,3,4.

Combo Enders

  • Blazing Nitro Kick
  • Pole Vault
  • Down+2
  • 2,1,2
  • 3,2,2,Down+1

Jade’s combos are ended with either Blazing Nitro Kick (DownForward4) or Down+2 depending on the combo performed. In the corner, combos are ended with 2,1,2, granting high hit advantage on knockdown. Combos can also be ended with the Pole Vault (BackForward3) ability, or 3,2,2,Down+1 using the Deadly Assassin ability to keep opponents nearby.

Fatal Attraction

Jade’s main attack is her Fatal Attraction (Back+3,4,3,4) string. Back+3,4,3,4 is an 11 frame multi-hitting mid attack, best used for pressuring opponents up-close. The 1st hit is only -2 and can be staggered on block. After staggering, Jade will have the opportunity to throw the opponent or repeat the Back+3,4,3,4 string. The final hit is +5 on block, allowing Jade to continue her pressure. Be mindful as the last hit can be Flawless Blocked and punished. To counter opponents attempting to Flawless Block, use a Special Move such as Deadly Butterfly. Additionally if the opponent is attempting to Flawless Block the string, it will allow Jade to stagger Back+3,4,3 on block.

Back+3,4,3,4 is strongest in the corner as the opponent will have little room to escape. In the corner, it will create a frametrap on block which can be followed up with a Back+2, beating out a majority of the opponent’s attacks and stopping any attempt at jumping out. Since Back+2 is a high, it can be avoided if the opponent crouches. To counter ducking opponents, use a Down+4 instead. Once the opponent is conditioned to block after Back+3,4,3,4, Jade can then dash forward and repeat the string.


Baited (1,2,4) is a high into low attack. 1,2,4 will trigger a Krushing Blow if the 2nd hit is the first to connect. By whiffing the 1st hit of the string and hitting with the 2nd, Jade will trigger its Krushing Blow, launching the opponent up for a combo. This is a decent string to throw out in the neutral to catch opponents who are walking back off guard or for whiff punishing a poke. Opponents must react quickly and block low, otherwise they will lose a large portion of their health.

This can also be useful up-close by mixing it up with throws. Since opponents much release block in order to tech a throw, they’ll be vulnerable to Jade’s 1,2,4. Once the opponent is conditioned to block low, Jade can stop the string short by whiffing or staggering the 1st hit. This is especially useful at close-range because 1 is +2 on block.

Tiny Dancer

Tiny Dancer (2,1,2) is a high attack that is mainly used up-close for pressure. Each hit of this string can be staggered, with 2 being -2, 2,1 being -3 and 2,1,2 being -4 on block. After staggering, Jade will be able to continue her pressure by attacking again with either a throw or string. 2,1,2 also has a good amount of pushback on block, making it a decent string to use at close-range.

Wiggle Stick

Jade’s Wiggle Stick (Back+2) is a long-reaching high attack that is best used at mid-range. Jade’s Back+2 hits multiple times and has very long active frames, making it easy to hit opponents in front. Back+2 is also a weapon attack, allowing Jade to attack opponents from a distance without putting herself at risk. Although Back+2 is -13 on block, it is mostly safe when properly spaced out. Another important note is that because Back+2 hits multiple times, it is possible to hit confirm it into a Special Move. Once you see the Back+2 hit, quickly input a Special Move such as Blazing Nitro Kick (DownForward4) to combo off of it. Be careful when using this move as it can be avoided if the opponent ducks underneath it. In order to counter ducking opponents, use attacks such as Back+1,2,Forward+2,1 and Down+4.


Anti-airing opponents is normally done by using a Down+2 on reaction to the opponent’s jump. Jade’s Down+2 is one of the strongest anti-airs in the game as it is a weapon attack with an incredibly large hurtbox. Due to it’s massive range, Jade’s Down+2 can also be thrown out up-close. Additionally, it will trigger a Krushing Blow if it Kounters or punishes a high attack. Despite being -9 on block, it is completely safe due to pushback.


Jade’s mix-ups involve using her Forward+2,1 along with her many low attacks. Forward+2,1 consists of two overhead attacks, with the 1st having a start-up of 28 frames and the 2nd having a start-up of 25 frames. While slow, this string has amazing range and will launch upwards for a combo. If blocked, Forward+2,1 leaves Jade at -13, but is more difficult to punish when done at maximum distance. It should be noted that the 2nd hit can also be punished if it’s Flawless Blocked regardless of how far it’s done.

Jade’s low attacks consist of her 1,2,4,Forward+3,4,Down+3 and Down+4. By conditioning opponents to block low with these moves, Jade will be able to mix them up with her Forward+2,1. Jade’s 1,2,4 is especially strong when mixed with Forward+2,1 because the low hit will hit near the same time as the overhead, on top of triggering a Krushing Blow. Forward+3,4 is a low attack which is safe at -5 on block. Similar to the overhead, the 2nd hit can be punished if it’s Flawless Blocked.


Both Jade’s Toward Throw and Back Throw will send the opponent away, allowing her to start her zoning. Jade’s Toward Throw will trigger a Krushing Blow if the opponent failed Throw Escape during the previous throw. Unlike most throws, Jade’s Toward Throw is one of the very few that launch for a combo after trigger its Krushing Blow. This makes being thrown by Jade very dangerous once she has met its Krushing Blow requirement. Once the opponent has failed to tech Jade’s throw, be sure to use her Toward Throw to trigger its Krushing Blow.

Fatal Blow

Once Jade is low on health, she becomes a major threat as her Fatal Blow is one of the very few that hit as an overhead. Jade’s Fatal Blow can be done an any moment, and if the opponent’s not prepared to block standing, they’ll be taking a large amount of unbreakable damage. It can also be used for mix-ups with Jade’s low attacks, including her 1,2,4,Forward+3,4,Down+3 and Down+4. This is much stronger than Jade’s Forward+2,1 because it can be used at any point within Jade’s strings.


Jade’s Razor-Rang (BackForward1) is a slow 20 frame high projectile used for zoning opponents out. Due to its slow travel speed, Jade will recover and be able to move again by the time the Razor-Rang reaches the opponent. Razor-Rang can also be Amplified, sending out an additional Razor-Rang. The Amplified Razor-Rang is a homing projectile and hits as a mid. By tracking the opponent’s movement, the opponent will not be able to jump over the Razor-Rang. The Amplified Razor-Rang is also +7 on block, and even more depending on the distance it’s thrown. This means that after a blocked Amplified Razor-Rang, Jade will be able to freely throw out another Razor-Rang to continue her zoning.


Combined with strong zoning, Jade also has one of the best anti-zoning tools in the game. Dodging Shadows (DownBack2) will cause Jade to temporarily glow purple, granting her immunity to all projectile attacks. When used, Jade will negate the opponent’s zoning and can freely close the distance. Dodging Shadows also compliments Jade’s zoning as opponents will not be able to throw projectiles at her and instead must approach Jade. It’s important to know the timing on when Jade’s Dodging Shadows wears off. Dodging Shadows lasts approximately 5 seconds before Jade returns to normal. Once Jade stops glowing, immediately use Dodging Shadows again to regain projectile invulnerability.

Blazing Nitro Kick

Jade’s Blazing Nitro Kick (BackForward4) is a fast 12 frame advancing high attack, allowing Jade to quickly strike the opponent from across the screen. Blazing Nitro Kick can be useful to throw out on occasion to stop the opponent’s movement. It will also trigger a Krushing Blow if it hits the opponent twice in a row or breaks armor. To easily meet these requirements, it’s advised to end Jade’s combos with Blazing Nitro Kick. Afterwards, Blazing Nitro Kick becomes much more threatening and will cause opponents to stop all of their movements. Blazing Nitro Kick can also be done during combos to counter the opponent’s Breakaway. If timed correctly, it will break the opponent’s armor and trigger its Krushing Blow.

Note: Blazing Nitro Kick does not switch positions if using the Amplify Blazing Nitro Kick ability.

Be very careful when throwing out Blazing Nitro Kick in the neutral because it is unsafe at -22 on block and can be ducked due to being a high. However, Blazing Nitro Kick can be Amplified, causing Jade to perform an additional kick from behind. If the opponent tries to punish the regular Blazing Nitro Kick, then they will be hit by the Amplified version. It’s recommended to mix up the regular and Amplified Blazing Nitro Kick to prevent from being punished. In addition, Amplifying Blazing Nitro Kick can be useful for switching positions with the opponent when done during a combo.


(Air) Razor-Rang
Adds (Air) Razor-Rang Special Move. Throw a glaive downward while in the air.
Upward Razor-Rang
Adds Upward Razor-Rang Special Move. Throw a glaive upward in an arc.
Delia’s Dance
Replaces Deadly Butterfly. Strike multiple times with the Bo Staff.
Divine Forces
Replaces Dodging Shadows. Reflect projectiles.
Pole Vault
Adds Pole Vault Special Move. Run forward and perform a flip kick.
Pole Vault Cancel
Modifies Pole Vault. Gain the ability to cancel Pole Vault run.
Edenian Spark
Adds Edenian Spark Special Move. Send a spark across the ground.
Amplify Blazing Nitro Kick
Modifies Blazing Nitro Kick. Change the direction Amplified Blazing Nitro Kick strikes from.
Vanishing Winds
Adds Vanishing Winds Special Move. Slam staff into the ground.
Deadly Assassin
Modifies Basic Attacks and Kombo Attacks. Gain the ability to extend 3 of her Kombo Attacks and gain a new Sweep Attack.

Upward & Downward Razor-Rang

Using the (Air) Razor-Rang (DownBack1) and Upward Razor Rang (DownBack1) abilities, Jade’s zoning is enhanced as she’s able to throw her Razor-Rang upward in an arc or downward while in the air. Upward Razor-Rang will allow Jade to throw her Razor-Rang diagonally into the air, stopping any of the opponent’s jumps. This is especially useful against characters with aerial Special Moves.

Jade can also throw her Razor-Rang downwards while airborne. Jumping back and throwing downward Razor-Rangs is an incredibly strong tactic for stopping the enemy’s approach. Razor-Rang is also useful when jumping at the opponent as it will counter the opponent’s anti-air attempts. Once the opponent is conditioned to block the downward Razor-Rang, Jade will freely be able jump forward or away. Much like the grounded Razor-Rang, both the upward and downward Razor-Rangs can be Amplified, tracking the opponent’s movements and hitting as mid projectiles. Additionally, they are advantageous on block depending on the distance thrown.

Pole Vault

With the Pole Vault (BackForward3) ability equipped, Jade is able to run towards her opponent and perform a flip kick. Pole Vault can be a great way to quickly close the distance on the opponent, especially after activating Dodging Shadows to nullify projectiles. Pole Vault is also safe, leaving Jade at -3 on block. This move is useful when done after attacks such as Back+2 and Forward+2 as these moves are normally unsafe on block. Because of the low block disadvantage on this move, Jade can stop any attack that is slower than 10 frames by immediately using a Down+1 afterwards. When Amplified, the Pole Vault will hit as an overhead and will trigger a Krushing Blow if the opponent is hit after running a great distance. Amplifying Pole Vault is usually not advised because the overhead is slow and unsafe at -14 on block.

Pole Vault Pressure

During the Pole Vault run, Jade can perform several attacks:

Blazing Nitro Kick (AMP) – Allows Jade to use her Blazing Nitro Kick during the Pole Vault run at the cost of 1 bar of Offensive Meter.
Edenian Knight (Stance+Block) – Allows Jade to use her Fatal Blow during the Pole Vault run.
Cancel Pole Vault (DownDown) – Allows Jade to cancel out of the Pole Vault run at the cost of 1 bar of Defensive Meter.

Blazing Nitro Kick has different properties when used during Jade’s Pole Vault run. Rather than being punishable on block, Blazing Nitro Kick is +3, giving Jade offensive pressure. This is a very powerful move to throw out in the neutral due to its speed, range and safety. In addition, it can be done after blockstrings such as Back+3,4,3, which cannot be interrupted. Once blocked, it will create a frametrap. Jade can then follow this up with an attack depending on how it’s blocked. If the Blazing Nitro Kick is blocked standing, it will create more pushback. In such cases, use a long-reaching move such as Back+2. If the Blazing Nitro Kick is blocked crouching, Jade will be able to guarantee a Down+1 poke.

Once the opponent starts to respect the Pole Vault or Blazing Nitro Kick, Jade can then cancel out of the Pole Vault as an alternative for applying pressure. Although the Pole Vault cancel is punishable, the cancel is so fast that the opponent won’t be able to react in time to interrupt. After cancelling, Jade can then attack with Back+3,4,3,4 or go for a throw. It’s important to pay attention to both Jade’s Offensive Meter and Defensive Meter when pressuring so that you know when to use her Blazing Nitro Kick and when to cancel out of Pole Vault.

Note: Cancelling out of Pole Vault also allows Jade to hit confirm single-hitting attacks such as Forward+2. In order to hit confirm, cancel out of Pole Vault immediately upon seeing that the initial attack was blocked.

Edenian Spark

Jade’s Edenian Spark (DownBack3) ability is a low projectile that can be used in zoning, sweeping opponents off their feet. Opponents must always be prepared to block low because the Edenian Spark travels very quickly. Although it is -23 on block, it’s much safer when used at longer distances.

Edenian Spark Mix-ups

Edenian Spark also gives Jade a couple new mix-up options. Edenian Spark can be mixed with Jade’s Back+1,2 and Forward+2,1. Since the 2nd hit of Back+1,2 is an overhead hitting in 21 frames and Edenian Spark hitting in 20 frames, both the overhead and low hit near the same time making this mix-up is very difficult to defend against.

Forward+2,1 consists of 2 overheads, meaning Edenian Spark can be mixed with both the 1st and 2nd hits. This allows Jade to mix the opponent up multiple times from her Forward+2,1 string. It’s worth mentioning that these mix-ups are unsafe if the opponent blocks correctly or jumps over the Edenian Spark, and thus should only be used sporadically.

Vanishing Winds

Vanishing Winds (DownBack3) allows Jade to slam her staff into the ground. Vanishing Winds is a 23 frame low attack and is safe at -4 on block. This is a good move to use after blockstrings as it will create pushback on block, moving Jade back a safe distance. Vanishing Winds also gives Jade additional mix-up options as well due to being a low. Vanishing Winds can be mixed with Jade’s Back+1,2,Forward+2,1 and Back+2,1,2,4 strings. These mix-ups are very effective because Vanishing Winds is safe on block. When Amplified, Vanishing Winds will allow Jade to teleport and sweep the enemy from behind. Amplifying Vanishing Winds can be useful for countering the opponent’s projectiles. If blocked, Jade will remain safe at -3, however the teleport can still be punished if the opponent reacts quick enough.

Deadly Assassin

The Deadly Assassin ability gives Jade several new strings:


These strings slightly improve Jade’s combos. For instance, Back+2,1,2,4 increases Jade’s combo damage off of her Back+2. This string consists of multiple attacks, including a low, followed by a double overhead. However, it can be interrupted on block and should only be used after hitting with Back+2. With Back+2 being multiple hits, it is possible to hit confirm into the string. Once you see the Back+2 hit, quickly dial in 1,2,4 to confirm into the rest of the string.

3,2,2,Down+1 is a multi-hitting string that ends in a low. Although this string is -10 on block, it’s safe due to pushback. While this string is safe, it’s mainly used as a combo ender. This will deal maximum damage while leaving the opponent close enough for Jade to apply her okizeme.

4,3,2 allows Jade to stay safe at -7 on block after her low. Despite this, there’s very little reason to use this string over her others.

Back+4 is a long-ranged double low attack. This is -8 on block but safe due to pushback. This can be a decent move to throw out from afar to stop the opponent’s movement and as a mix-up with Forward+2,1.



Jade - Emerald Defender - Beginner Combos

Jade – Emerald Defender – Beginner Combos

(Air) Razor-Rang
Upward Razor-Rang
Edenian Spark

Jade - Jaded - Beginner Combos

Jade – Jaded – Beginner Combos

Pole Vault
Pole Vault Cancel
Amplify Blazing Nitro Kick

Jade - Untamable - Beginner Combos

Jade – Untamable – Beginner Combos



Jade - Emerald Defender - Advanced Combos

Jade – Emerald Defender – Advanced Combos

(Air) Razor-Rang
Upward Razor-Rang
Edenian Spark

Jade - Jaded - Advanced Combos

Jade – Jaded – Advanced Combos

Pole Vault
Pole Vault Cancel
Amplify Blazing Nitro Kick

Jade - Untamable - Advanced Combos

Jade – Untamable – Advanced Combos

Divine Forces
Vanishing Winds
Deadly Assassin

Extra Guides

Fighting Jade

Fighting Jade

Gaps & Punishes The 2nd hit of this string is an overhead which can be Flawless Blocked, however due to being -19 on block, there is no reason to Flawless Block the overhead. After blocking this attack, use an advancing move to punish. This is a slow 28 frame overhead and can be easily blocked on reaction. The 2nd hit is a 25 frame overhead that when blocked, will leave Jade punishable at -13. After blocking, use ...