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Fighting Jade

Gaps & Punishes


The 2nd hit of this string is an overhead which can be Flawless Blocked, however due to being -19 on block, there is no reason to Flawless Block the overhead. After blocking this attack, use an advancing move to punish.


This is a slow 28 frame overhead and can be easily blocked on reaction. The 2nd hit is a 25 frame overhead that when blocked, will leave Jade punishable at -13. After blocking, use any move that is 12 frames or faster to punish. At farther ranges, make sure to dash forward before punishing due to pushback. The 2nd hit can also be Flawless Blocked, leaving Jade at -18. It is however much safer to block normally and punish because a mistimed Flawless Block will cause you to be hit and launched for a combo.


The final hit of this string can be Flawless Blocked and punished. After Flawless Blocking, Jade will be at -10 and punishable by any attack that is 9 frames or faster. For a more consistent punish, use an Up+2 after Flawless Blocking the last hit.


This is a low attack that Jade may use up-close. Although it is safe on block, the 2nd hit can be Flawless Blocked and punished with an Up+2.


Jade’s Baited (1,2,4) string consists of a high into low attack. If the 2nd hit is the first to connect, it will trigger a Krushing Blow and launch for a combo. Jade will normally use throw this string out in the neutral to stop you from walking backwards. It’s incredibly important to not get hit by this move as it is one of Jade’s only ways to trigger a Krushing Blow. Since the Krushing Blow will only trigger from the 2nd hit, you will have ample time to block low before the 2nd hit can connect.

Punishing Wiggle Stick

One of Jade’s best moves is her Wiggle Stick (Back+2). This is a long-reaching high attack that can be punished by ducking underneath it. If you predict that she will use her Back+2, duck and quickly go for a punish. Keep in mind that a Down+2KB will not work because it is a weapon attack.

Defending Against Mix-ups

Jade has few ways to mix you up. It’s best to always block low against her, and only block high on reaction to her overhead. Jade’s low attacks consist of:


Jade’s Forward+2,1 is a slow 28 frame overhead attack which can be blocked high on reaction. When in range, you should always be ready to react to the overhead. The 2nd hit of this string is also an overhead, hitting in 25 frames. Once blocked, Jade will be punishable at -13. It’s important to not get hit by Jade’s overhead because it will launch upwards for a combo.

If Jade has the Edenian Spark ability equipped, she gains an additional low attack. Jade can mix this up with her Forward+2,1 string by using Edenian Spark before and after the 1st hit. After blocking Jade’s Forward+2, make sure to block low again in case she uses Edenian Spark. Once you see Jade go for the 2nd overhead, immediately block high on reaction.

If you wish to punish Edenian Spark, jump forward on a read after blocking Jade’s Forward+2. Jumping forward will allow you to avoid the Edenian Spark and punish Jade on the way down. If Jade uses her Forward+2,1, you’ll be hit out of the air, but will be sent away preventing Jade from gaining a combo. It should be noted that jumping forward is much riskier if you are cornered because Jade will be able to convert into a combo from the overhead.

Interrupting Pressure

Jade’s main form of pressure comes from her Back+3,4,3,4 string. The first hit of this string can be staggered because it is only -2 on block. If you predict that she will stagger the Back+3, use a jab attack to interrupt her next attack. It is worth interrupting Jade’s staggers because she cannot combo off of this string unless you are in the corner. Be wary as she can also complete the Back+3,4,3,4 string, leaving her at +5 on block.

Jade can also mix her Razor-Rang within her strings for an additional form of pressure. When Amplified, Razor-Rang will leave her at +7 on block. Razor-Rang is very slow however and is a high, meaning it can be avoided or interrupted. After blocking the initial hit of the Razor-Rang, quickly interrupt with an attack that is 14 frames or faster. If too far to punish the Razor-Rang, simply crouch and release block to avoid the 2nd hit.

Deadly Butterfly

As mentioned earlier, Jade’s Back+3,4,3,4 will leave her at +5 on block. The last hit of this string can be Flawless Blocked, punishing Jade. However, Jade can counter this by using her Deadly Butterfly (BackForward2) move instead. Since you must release block and in order to Flawless Block, you will be vulnerable to her Deadly Butterfly. Because Deadly Butterfly hits much earlier than the last hit of Back+3,4,3,4, it is possible to defend against both moves. In order to do so, do not immediately release block after Jade’s Back+3,4,3, and instead continue blocking for a split second longer. Then, time a Flawless Block right before the last hit of Jade’s string connects. This way, you will be able to block the Deadly Butterfly and still Flawless Block Jade’s Back+3,4,3,4.

Fatal Attraction

When blocking Jade’s Fatal Attraction (Back+3,4,3,4), make sure to block the last hit standing. This will create more pushback and allow you to avoid all of Jade’s follow-up attacks. If you are in the corner, Jade will be able to follow up with a Down+4 or Back+2. If Jade uses her Down+4, block low. To counter Jade’s Back+2, crouch or throw out a Down+4 poke. In doing so, you’ll avoid her Back+2 due to being a high.


Jade’s Toward Throw triggers a Krushing Blow if you failed to Throw Escape during the previous throw. It’s important to make sure Jade does not land her throw Krushing Blow because she is one of the few characters who can combo off of her throw. If you noticed that you failed to tech Jade’s throw, make sure to tech for her Toward Throw in order to avoid her Krushing Blow.

Fatal Blow

Once Jade is low on health, she becomes a much deadlier character to fight against because she will have access to her Fatal Blow. Unlike most Fatal Blows, Jade’s is an overhead, hitting in 27 frames. This gives Jade incredibly dangerous mix-ups because she can use it at any point within her blockstrings, many of which consists of low hits. Jade’s low attacks include her:


Other low attacks include the Edenian Spark ability, Back+2,1,2,4 and 3,2,2,Down+1 with the Deadly Assassin ability equipped, and the Vanishing Winds ability. Always be prepared to block high while Jade has access to her Fatal Blow. Since it is somewhat slow on start-up, with proper defense it can usually be blocked on reaction.

Interrupting Pole Vault

If Jade has the Pole Vault ability equipped, she is able to run towards her opponent and use her Pole Vault for pressure. If used mid-to-fullscreen, you will want to interrupt her by reacting quickly with an attack. During the Pole Vault run, Jade can also use her Blazing Nitro Kick. To punish this, duck underneath it and use a Down+2KB. Watch out for when Jade is low on health as she can use her Fatal Blow during the Pole Vault run to stop you from punishing her.

Jade can also use her Pole Vault within her strings such as after Back+3,4,3. If Jade uses her Blazing Nitro Kick, it will leave her at +3 on block. Although this is a high attack, you will not be able to duck underneath it when used after her strings. Make sure to block the Blazing Nitro Kick standing as it will create more pushback, giving you more room to escape Jade’s follow-up attacks. Jade can also cancel out of her Pole Vault at the cost of 1 bar of Defensive Meter. All of Jade’s Pole Vault cancels can be interrupted and punished, so if you predict she will cancel out of the Pole Vault, use a jab attack to punish her for a full combo.

After blocking Jade’s Pole Vault, she will be at -4. Due to having low block disadvantage, Jade will likely use a Down+1 afterwards, beating out any move slower than 11 frames. To stop Jade from poking, use an attack that is faster than 11 frames such as a poke or a throw. Once Jade starts to block after Pole Vault, you can then use other attacks for offense.

Deadly Assassin

If Jade has the Deadly Assassin ability equipped, she acquires many new attacks:


Jade’s Back+2,1,2,4 string gives her additional attacks after her Back+2. The final hits of this string end with a low into a double overhead, so be sure to block accordingly. This string has 2 large gaps that can be taken advantage of. After blocking Jade’s Back+2, you can easily interrupt the rest of the string with any attack. If you fail to interrupt the first gap, there is another gap just before the low connects.

Note: Be careful when trying to interrupt because Jade also has the option to use her Temptation move, which will parry your attack.

Jade’s 3,2,2,Down+1 string starts with a high, then advances forward ending in a low. Normally, Jade will only use 3,2,2 which will leave her safe at -5 on block. If you try to attack after 3,2,2, she may then finish the string with 3,2,2,Down+1 to counter your attack. Although 3,2,2,Down+1 is -10, it is safe due to pushback.

Adds an additional attack after Jade’s 4,3 string. This makes the string completely safe at -7.

Adds a 2nd low after her initial sweep. This new sweep has great range and causes a considerable amount of pushback on block. Jade will usually use this sweep as a mix-up with her Forward+2. Its main weakness is that it recovers quite slow, so a well-timed jump will beat it out and punish for a combo.

Vanishing Winds

The Vanishing Winds ability is a low-hitting Special Move, is safe on block at -4 and can be used for mix-ups at close range. Vanishing Winds can be mixed up with:


Back+1,2 / Back+1 Vanishing Winds
All of these mix-ups can be defended against by either reacting, interrupting or Flawless Blocking. If Jade uses Vanishing Winds with her Back+1,2 string, the low can be Flawless Blocked, leaving Jade punishable at -14. It can also be completely avoided if you stand block the Back+1 and use a Short Hop.

Forward+2,1 / Forward+2 Vanishing Winds
If used with her Forward+2,1, you will not be able to interrupt. However, the 2nd hit of Forward+2,1 has a slow start-up of 25 frames, which can be blocked high on reaction. Be careful because if Jade Amplifies the Vanishing Winds, she will teleport behind you and delay the low, which will make reacting a bit more difficult.

Back+2,1,2,4 / Back+2,1,2 Vanishing Winds
Vanishing Winds is much stronger when used with her Back+2,1,2,4 string. This mix-up however is quite weak due to its low damage. If you predict that she will use Vanishing Winds, interrupt with any attack that is 8 frames or faster. Otherwise, it’s best to interrupt the Back+2,1,2,4 string before the mix-up can be applied.


Jade has the ability to completely avoid projectiles with her Dodging Shadows move. This means you will not be able to zone Jade out and must approach her instead. This can be especially daunting as Jade can use her own projectiles to keep you out. When approaching Jade, be ready to react to her Razor-Rang. Razor-Rang is a very slow projectile which can be easily avoided on reaction. Both the normal and Amplified versions of Razor-Rang are high projectiles, so be sure to duck underneath them.

If Jade has the (Air) Razor-Rang ability equipped, she gains much stronger zoning as she’s able to use her Razor-Rang in the air. This is typically done while Jade is jumping backwards. If Jade is airborne, be ready to block in case she throws her Razor-Rang. If Jade has the Edenian Spark ability equipped, you will also want to block low during your approach. After blocking an Edenian Spark, you’ll be able to freely dash forward before Jade’s next projectile can make contact. Zoning Jade can be even more troublesome if she has the Divine Forces ability equipped. Divine Forces allows Jade to reflect any projectile thrown at her. She can also teleport past your projectiles by Amplifying her Vanishing Winds attack. It’s best to keep zoning to a minimum because she has multiple ways to counter your zoning attempts.

Last Updated on October 20, 2020

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6 months ago

BUFF JADE on single player ONLY!

1 year ago

You can flawless block her f2 and doesn’t matter what she inputted, the string will stop and she will be unsafe.
You can also flawless block her 2nd overhead and she will be -18 instead of -13 so you can punish her better.