How to Fight Jade – Beginner Guide

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Punishing B2

One of Jade’s best moves to use in footsies is her B2. This is a high attack that can be punished by crouching without blocking. If you think she will use B2, duck and quickly punish it. At farther ranges you will want to use a long-reaching attack to punish.

Defending Against Mixups

Jade has few ways to mix you up. You always want to block low against Jade. Her low attacks consist of her B1, F3, D4 and Edenian Spark in her Emerald Defender variation. Jade can mix these up with her F21 string.

F2 is a slow 28 frame overhead attack which you can block high on reaction. After F2, you will want to block low again in case of Edenian Spark. The 2nd hit of F21 is a 25 frame overhead attack which can also be blocked on reaction.

Throw Krushing Blow

Jade’s forward throw becomes a Krushing Blow if you failed to Throw Escape during the previous throw. If you notice that you failed to tech Jade’s throw, then you will want to tech for her forward throw to avoid her Krushing Blow.

Punishing Pole Vault

When Pole Vault is used in the neutral, you will want to interrupt her by reacting immediately with an attack. Another way to punish Jade is by neutral crouching underneath Blazing Nitro Kick. Watch out for when Jade has Fatal Blow as she can use Fatal Blow during the Pole Vault to stop you from punishing her.


Jade has the ability to completely avoid projectiles with her Dodging Shadows move. This means you will not be able to zone Jade out and must approach her instead. When being zoned by Jade, you must be ready to react to her Razor-Rang as it’s a very slow projectile. Both the normal and Amplified versions of Razor-Rang are high projectiles, so be sure to duck underneath them.

In Jade’s Emerald Defender variation, she has much stronger zoning. When jumping backwards, Jade can use (Air) Razor-Rang to throw projectiles from the air. If she is in the air, be ready to block in case she uses (Air) Razor-Rang. Jade also has access to Edenian Spark in this variation, which is a low projectile, so you will want to block low during your approach.

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