How to Fight Johnny Cage – Beginner Guide


Counterpoking against Johnny Cage can be quite difficult because he can cancel his Down+1 into Nut Punch in his Shock Jock variation. This will beat your attempt at counterpoking his Down+1 and give him a full combo. To counter this, keep blocking after his Down+1 and punish the Nut Punch.

Punishing Mime Time

In Johnny Cage’s Shock Jock variation, he gains access to Mime Time, which is a parry with very long duration. He can can also Amplify the Mime Time to increase its duration. Because of its long duration, this gives you enough time to use a jump attack to punish the parry. You can also use a low attack as Mime Time cannot parry lows.

Dealing with Shadow Kick

Shadow Kick is a quick advancing Special Move that’s usually used to stop your movement. Although it’s a high, it’s also -23 and very punishable on block. If you predict that he will throw out a Shadow Kick, simply block and punish. You should only duck underneath the Shadow Kick if you want to punish it with a Down+2Krushing Blow.

Interrupting Caged Rage

In Johnny Cage’s Shock Jock variation, he gains access to Caged Rage. Each time this move is blocked, its move type changes. First, it starts off as a high. If blocked, it will then become a mid the next time it’s used. If blocked again, it will become an unblockable

Caged Rage has a very slow start-up of 29 frames. If used up-close, this can be easily reacted to and interrupted with a poke. If used the first time, you can also duck and punish with a Down+2Krushing Blow because it will be a high.

Fatal Blow Cancels

Johnny Cage has the unique ability to cancel out of his Fatal Blow for pressure. When he cancels his Fatal Blow, he will be at an advantage. Depending on which move he uses it off of, if you think that he will cancel his Fatal Blow, you can challenge him by interrupting with a jab or poke. Unless Johnny Cage is on point with his cancel and follow-up attack, he will be beaten out. This will force Johnny Cage to either poke after the cancel or have to time both his cancel and follow-up perfectly.

The following lists the block advantage for Johnny Cage’s Fatal Blow Cancel:

1 = +2
1,2 = +10
Down+1 = -4
2 = -2
2,4,4 = +9
Forward+2 = +9
Forward+2,1 = 0
3 = +10
3,4 = +10
Back+3 = +10
Back+3,4 = +9
Forward+3 = 0
Forward+3,4,4 = +9
Down+3 = -7
Forward+4 = +9
Down+4 = -4

He also has the option to not cancel out of the Fatal Blow which will stop you from interrupting, however his Fatal Blow is extremely punishable on block.

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