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Jailing Nut Punch Restand

Johnny Cage’s Nut Punch is a +5 on hit restand, but there is a way to make this restand +17 on hit. In order to do this, you must land the Nut Punch at maximum distance and Amplify it. This will cause the 2nd part of the Amplified Nut Punch to whiff, allowing Johnny Cage to recover in time and pressure his opponent.

This restand leaves Johnny Cage at +17 at the cost of 1 bar of Offensive Meter. Most of the time though, you will already have used a bar of Offensive Meter to launch the opponent for a combo, so restanding the opponent this way is very resource-heavy. This restand is much better when done off of other combo starters such as an anti-air or a Down+2KB.

After the restand, Johnny Cage can jail any normal that is faster than 17 frames. If done when you have no Offensive Meter remaining, then it’s best to use either 1,2,4 or 3,4,Up+3. On block, these strings leave Johnny Cage at +6.

Once the opponent knows to block after the restand, you can then mix this up by going for a throw.

If done when you do have Offensive Meter, then you can use 2,4,4 or Forward+3,4,4. These strings are great to use when mixed with throw and can be easily hit confirmed into Amplified Nut Punch for a combo.

On block, you can cancel these strings into Amplified Straight Forceball for pressure.

This is even stronger when you have Fatal Blow because you are able to hit confirm any of his strings into the Fatal Blow or cancel out of the Fatal Blow for pressure.

Last Updated on December 17, 2019

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Johnny cage is good at punching balls

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Can you do a how to fight Johnny Cage?

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