Mean Streak Zoning Guide

In Kabal’s Mean Streak variation, he has a variety of zoning options to keep opponents out.


Kabal’s Buzzsaw, or BackForward1, is a high projectile. This can be mixed up with Rolling Buzzsaw, or DownBack1, which is a low projectile. Your opponent will want to jump the Rolling Buzzsaws, and because they are in the air, they will become vulnerable to being hit by Buzzsaw.

You can also Amplify the Rolling Buzzsaw, which will send out another low projectile. At some distances if your opponent tries to jump the first projectile, they will be hit by the second one.

If you think your opponent will be hit by a Buzzsaw, you can immediately do a Nomad Dash which will combo from the Buzzsaw. This is a hard read due to Nomad Dash being unsafe on block.

(Air) Straight Buzzin’, or BackForward1, allows Kabal to use Buzzsaw in the air. You’ll want to use this while jumping backwards to create space between you and your opponent. Make sure to use this just before landing so that it hits your opponent on the ground.

Instant Air Buzzsaws

Jumping back and immediately using (Air) Straight Buzzin’ is also important when zoning with Kabal. This lets you quickly move backwards while throwing projectiles at your opponent. Being able to do instant air Buzzsaws can be very difficult, but greatly enhances Kabal’s zoning.

Hit Confirming Buzzsaw

Amplifying (Air) Straight Buzzin’ makes Kabal drop to the ground. Not only does this allow you to quickly throw another projectile, but you’ll be able to hit confirm the Buzzsaw with Nomad Dash.

At 3/4th screen, grounded Buzzsaws can be hit confirmed into Nomad Dash. To do this, you must react immediately to the Buzzsaw being blocked, then do a Nomad Dash Cancel. This does require practice, but can be useful when zoning with Kabal.

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