Nomad Dash Cancel Pressure Guide

In Kabal’s Mean Streak variation, he gains access to Nomad Dash Cancel. This allows him to cancel out of his Nomad Dash, which he can use to pressure opponents up close. In this guide, we will be referring to Nomad Dash Cancel as NDC for short.

Frame Data

The following lists the block advantage for Kabal’s Nomad Dash Cancel:

1 = -8
1,1 = -8
1,1,1 = 0
Back+1 = +1
Back+1,2 = 0
Down+1 = -15
2 = -2
2,2 = -8
2,3 = +1
Forward+2 = +3
Forward+2,2 = +1
3 = +2
Forward+3 = +8
Down+3 = -12
4 = +3
Forward+4 = +1
Down+4 = -8


Back+1 NDC, Forward+2,2 NDC, and Forward+4 NDC are +1 on block. This allows you to check opponents with a Down+1 after the NDC unless they have a 6 frame poke. Once your opponent is conditioned to block, you can then go for more pressure or throws.

2,3 NDC and 3 NDC can also be used in a similar manner, but they are highs so they won’t be as effective.

Forward+2 NDC is +3 on block. Kabal’s Forward+4 also has a start-up of 9 frames. Because you are +3 after the NDC, Kabal’s Forward+4 will come out in 6 frames instead of 9 frames. This allows you to check opponents with Forward+4 unless they have a 6 frame poke. As mentioned earlier, Forward+4 NDC is +1 on block, so you’ll be able to do a sequence of Forward+2 NDC Forward+4 NDC for pressure.

From farther away, after doing Back+1 NDC, Forward+2 NDC, or Forward+2,2 NDC you’ll be able to walk back and whiff punish your opponent’s poke. This is a very strong option as you’ll punish for a full combo.

Forward+3 NDC can also be good to use as it is +8 on block, but has a start-up of 25 frames which is rather slow.

When going for throws, most of the time you will want to use back throws because they leave your opponent close. Kabal also gets a Krushing Blow off of his Back Throw.


Kabal’s Rolling Buzzsaw, or DownBack1, is a low projectile. You’ll be able to mix this up with Back+1,2, Forward+2,2,4, and Forward+4,1+3 because they are overheads.

This mixup however can be fuzzied or reacted to because Rolling Buzzsaw has a start-up of 27 frames. Because your opponent is focused on trying to fuzzy or react to the low, this will allow you to NDC freely without worrying about being interrupted. While not a strong mixup, especially since the low is punishable, it can be good to throw in every once in a while if your opponent isn’t ready.

Hit Confirming Nomad Dash

Kabal’s Nomad Dash can be hit confirmed off of single-hit moves. To do this, you must react immediately to the move being blocked, then input the cancel. This does require practice, but can be useful when doing it off of Back+1, Forward+2, and Forward+4. This is easiest off of Forward+4 since you don’t have to hit confirm the Nomad Dash and can just input the cancel late.

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PAULO Brazil
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Awesome tutorial thanks for taking the time to do this with such detail !