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Version 1.28
Last Updated: January 27, 2021


Kano is a rushdown character with great advancing normals and pressure. Kano has incredibly strong normals that can be staggered on block or leave himself at an advantage. He also has powerful mix-ups with multiple lows, an overhead and a command grab, making him one of the scariest characters to fight against at close-range.

Strengths Weaknesses
  • Good pressure
  • Good mix-ups
  • Slow normals
  • Unsafe

Key Moves

Name Input Description
Fair Suck of the Sav Forward+1,2,Back+2 13 frame advancing mid, +2 on block
Dirty Hit Forward+2 13 frame low, used for mix-ups, unsafe on block
Enzuigiri Back+3 Advancing mid, triggers a Krushing Blow if it is a Kounter or Punish
Under Kick Forward+3 Advancing mid, unsafe on block
Wheel Kick Forward+4 Slow 25 frame overhead, used for mix-ups
Knee Cutter Down+1 7 frame mid, great range
Blade Toss BackForward1 High projectile
Black Dragon Ball BackForward3 Fast 10 frame advancing mid, unsafe on block

Combo Starters

  • Back+2
  • 2,4,1+3
  • Snake Bite

Kano is able to launch the opponent up for a combo using his Back+2. Though this move has amazing range, it is unsafe on block at -13 and should not be used often. With the Manhandled ability equipped, Kano gains a new string, 2,4,1+3 which can be Amplified and allow him to launch for a combo. The Snake Bite (DownBack3) ability allows Kano to launch off of almost any attack. Snake Bite is normally done after strings such as 1,1 and Forward+1,2.

Combo Enders

  • Back+1
  • Black Dragon Ball
  • Lumbar Check
  • Snake Bite

There are several ways to end Kano’s combos. Combos can usually be ended with Black Dragon Ball (BackForward3) for maximum damage. If the Lumbar Check (DownBackForward2) ability is equipped, Kano gains slightly higher damage at the end of his combos. Ending combos with the Snake Bite ability will deal good damage while granting higher knockdown advantage. Kano also has the ability to restand opponents by using his Back+1 attack, which will simultaneously Armor Break the opponent if they decide to use a Breakaway. Restanding opponents is mainly done in the corner to keep opponents close. After restanding, Kano will be left at +5 on hit. To gain more hit advantage, Blade Toss (BackForward1) can be used after Back+1, leaving Kano at +14 on hit. Back+1 can also be linked into Vege-Mighty (DownDown3) followed by Up Black Dragon Ball (BackForward3,Up) for maximum damage. Alternatively, Chemical Burn (DownBack4) can be done after restanding and Amplifying it for a setup.

Fair Suck of the Sav

Kano’s strongest move to use in footsies is his Fair Suck of the Sav (Forward+1,2,Back+2) string. Forward+1,2,Back+2 is a 13 frame advancing mid attack and is a great move for starting Kano’s offense. Each hit of this string can be staggered on block, with Forward+1 leaving Kano at +1 and Forward+1,2 leaving him at -2. After staggering, Kano will have the opportunity to go for a throw. The last hit of this string ends in an overhead and will leave Kano at +2 on block. Both Forward+1 and Forward+1,2 create a frametrap, allowing Kano to guarantee a Down+1 afterwards. Once the opponent is conditioned to block the Down+1, Kano will then be able to continue his pressure.

Note: Forward+1,2 can be avoided by certain characters due to the 2nd hit of the string being a high.

Although Forward+1,2 is unsafe against certain characters, Kano can still condition opponents to block after the 1st hit by staggering into Down+1 or cancelling it into a Special Move such as Blade Toss. Most characters cannot avoid Kano’s Blade Toss after Forward+1. If Blade Toss is blocked, it is -8 and can be punished by characters with a 7 frame attack. However, Blade Toss can also be Amplified which will counter opponents attempting to punish it.

See the chart below for which characters Forward+1,2 and Forward+1 Blade Toss can or cannot be used safely against.

* This chart needs to be updated for the November patch.

Kano Forward+1,2 Safety Chart

✅ Safe – Forward+1,2 or Forward+1 Blade Toss cannot be avoided.
❗ Semi-safe – Forward+1,2 can be avoided by ducking and releasing block. Forward+1 Blade Toss can be punished by a 7 frame jab.
❌ Unsafe – Forward+1,2 or Forward+1 Blade Toss can be avoided by crouch blocking.

Forward+1,2 Forward+1 Blade Toss
Baraka ✅ Safe ❌ Unsafe
Cassie Cage ❌ Unsafe ❌ Unsafe
Cetrion ❗ Semi-safe (Duck) ✅ Safe
D’Vorah ❗ Semi-safe (Duck) ❗ Semi-safe (Jab)
Erron Black ❗ Semi-safe (Duck) ✅ Safe
Frost ❗ Semi-safe (Duck) ❗ Semi-safe (Jab)
Fujin ❗ Semi-safe (Duck) ❗ Semi-safe (Jab)
Geras ❗ Semi-safe (Duck) ❗ Semi-safe (Jab)
Jacqui Briggs ❌ Unsafe ❗ Semi-safe (Jab)
Jade ❗ Semi-safe (Duck) ❗ Semi-safe (Jab)
Jax Briggs ✅ Safe ✅ Safe
Johnny Cage ❌ Unsafe ❗ Semi-safe (Jab)
The Joker ❗ Semi-safe (Duck) ✅ Safe
Kabal ❗ Semi-safe (Duck) ❗ Semi-safe (Duck)
Kano ❗ Semi-safe (Duck) ✅ Safe
Kitana ❌ Unsafe ✅ Safe
Kollector ❗ Semi-safe (Duck) ✅ Safe
Kotal Kahn ✅ Safe ✅ Safe
Kung Lao ❗ Semi-safe (Duck) ✅ Safe
Liu Kang ❗ Semi-safe (Duck) ❗ Semi-safe (Jab)
Nightwolf ❗ Semi-safe (Duck) ❗ Semi-safe (Jab)
Noob Saibot ❗ Semi-safe (Duck) ❌ Unsafe
Raiden ✅ Safe ❌ Unsafe
RoboCop ✅ Safe ✅ Safe
Scorpion ✅ Safe ❗ Semi-safe (Jab)
Shang Tsung ✅ Safe ❌ Unsafe
Shao Kahn ✅ Safe ✅ Safe
Sheeva ❗ Semi-safe (Duck) ✅ Safe
Sindel ✅ Safe ❗ Semi-safe (Jab)
Skarlet ✅ Safe ❌ Unsafe
Sonya ❌ Unsafe ❌ Unsafe
Spawn ✅ Safe ❌ Unsafe
Sub-Zero ✅ Safe ✅ Safe
The Terminator ✅ Safe ❗ Semi-safe (Jab)

When using Kano’s Forward+1,2, it’s important to know which characters it can safely be used against, which characters can avoid Blade Toss after Forward+1, and which characters have a 7 frame attack. For example, even though the 2nd hit of Forward+1,2 can be ducked under by Cetrion, she cannot duck under Forward+1 Blade Toss. Cetrion also does not have a 7 frame attack, meaning Blade Toss is completely safe against her. Once conditioned to block the Blade Toss, Kano will be able to use his Forward+1,2.

Blood Worth Bottling

Kano’s Blood Worth Bottling (1,1,2) is a high attack mainly used up-close. Each hit of this string can be staggered on block for pressure. Both 1 and 1,1 leave Kano at -1 on block. If finishing the string, 1,1,2 leaves Kano at +2 on block while creating pushback. Despite Kano being too far to guarantee an attack, he will still be in range to follow up with a Forward+1. Be careful when using this string as the final hit can be Flawless Blocked and punished.


Kano’s primary mix-up involves using his Forward+2 and Forward+4. Kano’s Forward+2 is a 13 frame low, while his Forward+4 is a 25 frame overhead. Since the low is -14 on block and the overhead is -7 on block, it’s advised to mainly use Forward+4 to stay safe. For safer mix-ups, use low pokes such as Down+3 and Down+4 mixed with Forward+4. Additionally, Kano’s 2,4,1 string can be used due to the 2nd hit being a low and hitting near the same time as the overhead. If the Manhandled ability is equipped, use Forward+4,3 for increased damage from the overhead, as well as having the ability to trigger a Krushing Blow if the opponent blocks late. This mix-up is much stronger when equipping the Snake Bite (DownBack3) ability because Kano is able to combo off of the low with Snake Bite.

Keep in mind that Forward+4 is slow on start-up and can be blocked on reaction. If the opponent is focused on blocking the overhead, this will allow Kano to apply other forms of offense such as going for a throw. Forward+4 also hits much later than Forward+2, meaning opponents can also fuzzy guard this mix-up by blocking low and then high. To prevent opponents from fuzzy guarding, slightly delay Kano’s Forward+2 so that it hits near the same time as his Forward+4.

Blade Evade Restand

Kano has the ability to restand opponents at the end of his combos with Blade Evade (Back+1). After the restand, Kano will be at +5 on hit. It’s best to use Blade Toss directly after restanding as it will deal more damage and leave Kano at +14 on hit. Restanding is usually done in the corner because it will keep the opponent close enough for Kano to follow up with an attack. Although the restand sacrifices damage, it will prevent opponents from waking up and give Kano guaranteed pressure. After restanding the opponent, Kano will be able to guarantee almost any attack, including 1,1,Forward+1,2,2,2,4 and Forward+2. Once the opponent is conditioned to block after the restand, Kano can then mix this up with a throw.


Enzuigiri (Back+3) is a 16 frame advancing mid attack. While a bit slow on start-up, Kano’s Back+3 has very good range and can be safely thrown out due to being -4 on block. In addition, it will trigger a Krushing Blow if it hits as a Kounter or Punish. Using this move in the neutral can be an easy way for Kano to obtain damage and can stop opponents from attacking because of its Krushing Blow.

Under Kick

Under Kick (Forward+3) is a 16 frame advancing mid and is Kano’s longest-reaching attack. Forward+3 can occasionally be thrown out from afar to stop opponents from moving. When using this move, Kano will lower his hurtbox allowing him to roll underneath high projectiles. This can be a great way to counter the enemy’s zoning while also closing the distance. Against projectiles with slow start-up, Forward+3 can be done on reaction to punish the projectile. Since Forward+3 is -13 on block, it can be punished if the opponent is expecting it and thus should not be used often.


Throwing with Kano is usually done after staggering his attacks or a blocked Forward+1,2,Back+2. Neither of Kano’s throws leave his opponent very close, however his Back Throw grants enough advantage allowing Kano to use his Forward+1,2. After using a Back Throw, quickly dash towards the opponent and use a Forward+1,2. Furthermore, both of Kano’s throws trigger a Krushing Blow if the opponent failed to Throw Escape the previous throw.

Black Dragon Ball

Kano’s Black Dragon Ball (BackForward3) allows him to launch himself towards his opponent from anywhere on the screen. Due to its quick 10 frame start-up and distance it covers, this move can be thrown out as a surprise attack and to stop the opponent’s movements. Be careful when using this move because if it’s blocked, Kano will be punishable at -18. Kano also has the ability to Amplify the Black Dragon Ball, allowing him to perform an extra attack after the initial hit. Amplifying Black Dragon Ball can be useful for countering attempts at punishing the regular Black Dragon Ball, however if blocked Kano will be punishable at -12. When using Black Dragon Ball, it’s a good idea to mix up the regular and Amplified versions to keep opponents guessing on how to punish. Due to the risky nature of this move, it should not be used often.

Black Dragon Ball can be done in the air as well. If used while airborne, Kano will strike downwards at the opponent. This is a great move to use while jumping over a projectile as it will allow Kano to punish the opponent. This can also be useful when jumping at the opponent to counter anti-air attempts, or when jumping away to stop opponents from advancing.


Optic Blast
Replaces Blade Toss. Perform an optic blast towards opponent.
Bio-Magnetic Pull
Adds Bio-Magnetic Pull Special Move. Pull the opponent closer.
Bio-Magnetic Trap
Adds Bio-Magnetic Trap Special Move. Throw a trap that prevents jumping.
Lumbar Check
Adds Lumbar Check Special Move. Perform a brutal takedown.
Adds Vege-Mighty Special Move. Activate to improve Black Dragon Ball.
Snake Bite
Adds Snake Bite Special Move. Leap towards the opponent and drive blades into their chest.
Rack Off
Adds Rack Off Special Move. Kounter the opponent’s basic attacks.
Molotov Cocktail
Adds Molotov Cocktail Special Move. Throw an explosive that leaves lingering flames.
Chemical Burn
Adds Chemical Burn Special Move. Throw deadly chemicals at the opponent.
Modifies Basic Attacks and Kombo Attacks. Gain the ability to Amplify the Figjam Kombo and cancel Wheel Kick into Snake Bite as well as adding 2 additional strings.

Lumbar Check

Lumbar Check (DownBackForward2) is a command grab that can be used for mix-ups at close-range. While the opponent is focused on blocking Kano’s attacks, use Lumbar Check to grab them instead. This can usually be done after staggering Kano’s attacks or in situations where Kano is at an advantage, such as after a blocked Forward+1,2,Back+2. Using Lumbar Check can be much more effective than throwing because it cannot be avoided with a Throw Escape.

Lumbar Check can also be done after certain attacks on block. These attacks include:


Using Lumbar Check after these moves is very useful for countering opponents attempting to block or Flawless Block the final hit of Kano’s 1,1,2 and 2,4,1+3. Lumbar Check can also be used after pokes such as Down+1 to stop opponents from counterpoking.

Note: Lumbar Check can be fuzzy guarded after 1,1 and 2,4. For a more reliable mix-up, use Black Dragon Ball to counter opponents trying to escape the command grab.

Lumbar Check also has the ability to trigger a Krushing Blow if the opponent is hit during a Getup Roll. If you think that the opponent will use a Roll Escape while knocked down, use Lumbar Check to grab them and trigger its Krushing Blow.

Chemical Burn

Chemical Burn (DownBack4) is an incredibly powerful move as it will move Kano backwards, keeping himself safe. This can be done after any attack on block and allows Kano to retreat safely to a distance. Chemical Burn is best be done after attacks such as 1,1,Forward+1,Forward+1,2 and 2,4,. It can also be done after pokes such as Down+1, which will stop opponents from counterpoking. Once the opponent is conditioned to block the Chemical Burn, Kano can stagger these moves on block and go on the offensive.

If the opponent is hit by Chemical Burn, they will take damage over time. Afterwards, use Molotov Cocktail (BackForward4) to throw an explosive at the opponent. Molotov Cocktail is a slow projectile that can be directed close, mid or far. If the opponent is affected by Chemical Burn, it will hit as an unblockable. While this move is slow on start-up, it will leave lingering flames on the ground if it misses. By throwing out Molotov Cocktails, Kano will be able to control the screen as the opponent must avoid making contact with the flames.

Fire Bomb Setups

What’s more is that Kano’s Chemical Burn can be Amplified, allowing him to throw a fire bomb at the opponent. The fire bomb can be directed either close or mid. This gives Kano dangerous setups when done in the corner. The best way to set up the Amplified Chemical Burn is to end combos in Kano’s Back+1 restand. After restanding, immediately cancel the Back+1 into Chemical Burn and Amplify it. When Amplifying, be sure to direct the fire bomb close. If done correctly, the fire bomb will become inescapable and hit as an unblockable. Not only is this setup guaranteed, but the opponent will also be taking damage over time from both the Chemical Burn and fire bomb. This setup will also create a frametrap, granting enough advantage to guarantee a Forward+1 or forward dash into 1,1.



Kano - Ripper - Beginner Combos

Kano – Ripper – Beginner Combos


Kano - Dirtbag - Beginner Combos

Kano – Dirtbag – Beginner Combos


Kano - Ratbag - Beginner Combos

Kano – Ratbag – Beginner Combos

Snake Bite
Optic Blast


Kano - Ripper - Advanced Combos

Kano – Ripper – Advanced Combos

Lumbar Check
Rack Off

Kano - Dirtbag - Advanced Combos

Kano – Dirtbag – Advanced Combos

Molotov Cocktail
Chemical Burn

Kano - Ratbag - Advanced Combos

Kano – Ratbag – Advanced Combos

Snake Bite
Optic Blast

Extra Guides

Fighting Kano

★ Fighting Kano

Gaps & Punishes High attack that is mainly used up-close. The final hit of this string can be Flawless Blocked, leaving Kano at -8 and punishable by 7 frame attacks. If using a character without a 7 frame attack, use an to punish. This is Kano’s main attack which he will use for his offense. The 2nd hit of this string is a high attack and can be avoided by certain characters. If using a character ...
Punishing Chemical Burn

Punishing Chemical Burn

Kano’s Chemical Burn is a Special Move exclusive to his Dirtbag variation. Chemical Burn deals damage over time on hit, and if Amplified allows Kano to throw a Molotov Cocktail for additional damage or a setup. It is most commonly used after Kano’s pokes to beat counterpokes. If you attempt an attack after blocking Kano’s , you will be hit by the Chemical Burn. What’s even more aggravating about this attack is that despite it ...