Punishing Chemical Burn

Kano’s Chemical Burn is a Special Move exclusive to his Dirtbag variation. Chemical Burn deals damage over time on hit, and if Amplified allows Kano to throw a Molotov Cocktail for additional damage or a setup. It is most commonly used after Kano’s pokes to beat counterpokes. If you attempt an attack after blocking Kano’s Down+1, you will be hit by the Chemical Burn. What’s even more aggravating about this attack is that despite it being -16 on block, it has an immense amount of pushback making it safe against a majority of the cast.

If used after a poke, Kano’s Chemical Burn can actually be punished. In order to punish Chemical Burn, you must walk back after blocking the poke. This will essentially cause the Chemical Burn to miss, which you can then whiff punish for a full combo. After walking back, quickly walk forward and use any advancing attack to punish. Make sure to not walk forward too early, otherwise you will be hit by the active frames of the Chemical Burn.

Additionally, this will stop Kano from mashing pokes on block. If he chooses to not use Chemical Burn and instead does a Down+1 into Down+1, you will interrupt the 2nd Down+1.

It should be noted that this does not work in the corner due to there not having enough room to walk back. In such cases, you must turn to an alternate method of punishing Chemical Burn. If Chemical Burn is Flawless Blocked, it becomes -21 instead of -16. After blocking Kano’s poke, there is a large enough gap to Flawless Block the Chemical Burn. However, due to the amount of pushback on the Chemical Burn, many characters’ Up+2 will whiff. To circumvent this, you must Flawless Block without using Up+2, and instead do a quick micro dash and punish with a jab.

Flawless Blocking also works if you are hit by the Down+1. This is a bit more difficult to pull off as you must react immediately after being hit, but can be rewarding if you are fast enough.

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I could not get this to work in a kano mirror. Is it Character Specific?


All of the characters


All of the characters mkx11 Nintendo switch