Move List

Blade Jab
Back Swipe
Low Poke
Neck Slice
Royal Hand
Fan Out
Rising Power
Pretty Kick
Quick Flick
Heel Poke
Spinning Heel
Low Slice
Fan Stab
Punishing Poke
Edenian Strike
Bloody Heel
Full Slice
Flick Kick
Fanning Out
Step Back
Fanning Out
Step Back
Toward Throw
Back Throw
Forward Roll Escape
Forward+Stance Switch
Away Roll Escape
Back+Stance Switch
(Air) Breakaway

Version 1.19
Last Updated: June 12, 2020


Kitana is a zoning character with great mobility and long-reaching attacks. Kitana’s Fan-Fare variation gives her amazing mobility with the ability to float in the air. Her Highborn variation allows Kitana to pressure opponents up-close and deal large amounts of chip damage. In Kitana’s Fearless variation, she gains additional projectiles to keep opponents out and multiple mix-up options for her offense.

Strengths Weaknesses
  • Long-ranged normals
  • Great mobility
  • Good zoning
  • Low damage
  • Slow normals

Key Moves

Name Input Description
No Mercy Back+1,3,1 Mid, hit confirmable, can be Flawless Blocked on 3rd hit
Dark Deception Back+1,4,2 Mid, hit confirmable, triggers a Krushing Blow if it is a Kounter or Punish
Dark Empress Back+2,3,1,Down+2 Advancing mid, hit confirmable, great range, staggerable, triggers a Krushing Blow if only the last hit connects with the opponent
Fan Toss DownForward1 High projectile
Fan Lift DownBack2 Mid, combo starter
Quick Execution DownForward2 High, combo ender, triggers a Krushing Blow in a Kombo of 8 or more
(Air) Square Wave BackForward3 Advancing aerial attack, Armor Break, triggers a Krushing Blow if it is a Kounter or Punish from maximum range or breaks armor

Combo Starters

Kitana’s combos are started by using any move and linking it into Fan Lift (DownBack2). Fan Lift is especially strong because it does not require meter to combo. In the corner, Kitana can launch opponents with her Back+3,4 and using a Special Move afterwards.

Combo Enders

There are several ways Kitana can end her combos. In her Fan-Fare variation, Kitana’s combos are ended with Square Wave (BackForward3), which can be Amplified for additional damage and more advantage on knockdown. In her Highborn variation, Kitana can use Half Blood Stance (DownBack4) into Gutted (1) at the end of combos. All of Kitana’s combos can be ended with Quick Execution (DownForward2) for maximum damage and to switch positions with the opponent. In a combo of 8 or more hits, Quick Execution will trigger a Krushing Blow and deal even greater damage.

A Royal Welcome

Kitana’s primary attack to use in footsies is her A Royal Welcome (Back+2,3,1) string. Back+2,3,1 is a long-reaching mid attack that can be hit confirmed into a combo. The 1st hit of this string can be staggered as it is 0 on block. Kitana also has the option of completing the string by using Back+2,3,1,Down+2. The final hit of Back+2,3,1,Down+2 is an overhead that can trigger a Krushing Blow if it is the only hit to connect with the opponent. This can be useful for hitting opponents trying to attack after Back+2,3,1, however it is also risky as the last hit can be Flawless Blocked.

While Back+2,3,1 has amazing range, there are a few drawbacks to using it. This string is a quite slow, having a start-up of 17 frames. Additionally, Back+2,3,1 must be dialed in fully in order for the string to come out. This means that Kitana must commit to using this string. If the string happens to whiffs or hits an airborne opponent, Kitana will be vulnerable to being punished.

Dark Deception

Kitana’s Dark Deception (Back+1,4,2) string is a mid attack that is best used at close range. Back+1,4,2 is one of Kitana’s fastest strings and is completely safe on block. It also triggers a Krushing Blow if it hits as a Kounter or Punish.


When zoning with Kitana, use Fan Toss (DownForward1) to keep opponents at bay. Fan Toss is a quick high projectile that can be difficult for opponents to avoid. By repeatedly throwing out fans, Kitana can control the pace of the match. If Amplified, Kitana will throw out an additional fan which will hit as a mid. Amplifying Fan Toss will hit opponents trying to advance after ducking the initial fan. Mixing up both the regular and Amplified Fan Toss will prevent opponents from easily making their way in on Kitana.

It’s also important to jump backwards while zoning to keep distance from opponents. While jumping back, use (Air) Fan Toss (DownForward1) to throw fans while airborne. Make sure to throw the fan right before landing so that it is low enough to hit the opponent. Albeit unsafe, (Air) Square Wave (BackForward3) can be used in a similar manner while jumping back, which can yield more damage and can trigger a Krushing Blow if it hits as a Kounter or Punish from maximum range.

Square Wave

Kitana acquires Square Wave (BackForward3) in her Fan-Fare variation. Square Wave is a fast advancing Special Move that allows Kitana to thrust herself at her opponent. Because of its fast start-up, Square Wave can be used to punish unsafe moves from a distance. It can also trigger a Krushing Blow if it hits as a Kounter or Punish from maximum range. Additionally, Square Wave can be used to hit opponents trying to move forward. While unsafe, this is an alternative way for Kitana to stop advancing movement when she does not have meter to Amplify her Fan Toss.

Fan Flutter

In Kitana’s Fan-Fare variation, (Air) Fan Flutter (DownBack2) gives her substantial air control. Fan Flutter allows Kitana to temporarily float mid-air. Kitana can use this move as a way to avoid being hit on the way down. When jumping towards opponents, use Fan Flutter to prevent being anti-aired. If the opponent attempts to anti-air with a move such as a Down+2, it will completely miss and Kitana can punish on the way down with a jump attack. Once the opponent is conditioned to not anti-air, Kitana can then freely jump at opponents without fear of being hit out of the air.

Royal Protection

Kitana’s Fan-Fare variation has the ability to counterzone as well with Royal Protection (DownForward4). Royal Protection allows Kitana to absorb enemy projectiles. If successful, it will temporarily boost Kitana’s damage output. Royal Protection is best used at far range and against slower moving projectiles. Kitana will be able to absorb any projectile thrown at her on reaction.

Edenian Razors

Kitana’s Highborn variation is given Edenian Razors (DownBack2). Edenian Razors will surround Kitana with multiple fans and will stop opponents from attacking. This allows Kitana to stop all approaches from the opponent. Whether the opponent tries to attack from the ground or in the air, they will be hit by the Edenian Razors.

As well as providing Kitana with a solid defense, Edenian Razors can be used for offense as well. Edenian Razors are typically used after strings such as Back+1,4 and Back+2,3,1. Although the Edenian Razors are -9 on block, they can be up to 0 or +1 on block depending on how long they are held. Kitana can then use her Down+3 to stop opponents from attacking after the Edenian Razors.

Note: The amount of advantage Edenian Razors give can also depend on whether the opponent is blocking high or low, which side Kitana is on, as well as the opponent’s character.

Half Blood Stance

In Kitana’s Highborn variation, she gains Half Blood Stance (DownBack4). In this stance, Kitana can use 1 of 4 different attacks:

1 – Gutted
2 – Seeking Sai
3 – Dive Kick
4 – Cancel Half Blood Stance

Gutted is a mid attack Kitana can use to hit opponents attempting to interrupt Kitana out of the stance. Gutted also triggers a Krushing Blow if the opponent was hit with 3 Seeking Sais previously. This Krushing Blow is very strong as it will launch the opponent up for a combo.

Note: Gutted cannot be interrupted after 1,2,Back+1 and Back+2,3,1.

Seeking Sai is a slow projectile that is thrown into the air and tracks the opponent’s movement on the way down. Seeking Sai can be directed close, mid or far. On block, Seeking Sai will leave Kitana at +22 which allows her to approach opponents and set up her offense.

Dive Kick allows Kitana to teleport towards the opponent with a downwards kick. This can be a great surprise attack against ill-prepared opponents and is useful for countering enemy projectiles. Dive Kick should be used with caution because if it’s blocked, Kitana will be left airborne at -25 and can be punished.

Cancel allows Kitana to cancel out of the Half Blood Stance at the cost of 1 bar of Defensive Meter. By using Half Blood Stance within her blockstrings and cancelling out of it, Kitana is able to pressure opponents. Although the cancels are disadvantageous on block, Kitana can mix this up by using Gutted instead to stop opponents from interrupting her cancels. It’s best to mix up which attacks Half Blood Stance Cancel is used after, as well as mix up Half Blood Stance Cancel with Gutted and Edenian Razors to keep opponents guessing during Kitana’s pressure.

Low Fan Toss Mix-ups

Kitana’s Fearless variation gives her Low Fan Toss (DownBack1). This is a low projectile that gives Kitana multiple mix-up options up-close. Low Fan Toss can be used as a mix-up with Kitana’s Forward+2,3,4 and Back+2,3,1,Down+2 strings. Both of these strings end in overheads that will hit any opponent who is blocking low. While these strings are safe and leave Kitana at -7 on block, the last hit of these strings can be Flawless Blocked. If Low Fan Toss is blocked, Kitana will be left at -19 on block. However if Amplified, Kitana will be safe at -3 on block. Similar to Kitana’s overheads, the last hit of Amplified Low Fan Toss can be Flawless Blocked. To keep opponents guessing on how to punish, mix up the regular and Amplified Low Fan Toss. When Amplifying Low Fan Toss, make sure to always press Forward. This will allow Kitana to step forward and reach opponents who are far away after being hit by the Low Fan Toss.

Note: Due to Low Fan Toss hitting much earlier than Kitana’s overhead attacks, these mix-ups can be fuzzy guarded or blocked on reaction. Therefore, these mix-ups are not as strong against opponents with strong defense.

(Air) Edenian Twist

In Kitana’s Fearless variation, she gains (Air) Edenian Twist (BackForward3). This is an aerial Special Move that allows Kitana to attack from above. On the way down, Kitana will attack with a double-hitting overhead. This can be used as a mix-up with Kitana’s low attacks such as her Back+3,4 and Low Fan Toss. To do so, Kitana must use (Air) Edenian Twist immediately after jumping off the ground. If done correctly, Kitana will attack the opponent instantly with an overhead. This is what’s known as an instant (Air) Edenian Twist. (Air) Edenian Twist is much stronger when Kitana is low on health and has used her Fatal Blow. While Kitana’s Fatal Blow is on cooldown, (Air) Edenian Twist will trigger a Krushing Blow. This makes Kitana’s mix-ups much deadlier as she can mix the opponent up anytime with the threat of a Krushing Blow.

(Air) Edenian Twist can also be used while jumping backwards to hit opponents trying to advance. Be deliberate when using (Air) Edenian Twist because if it is blocked, Kitana will be at -19 and can be punished.



Kitana - Fan-Fare - Beginner Combos

Kitana – Fan-Fare – Beginner Combos

Kitana - Fan-Fare - Beginner Combos
Kitana - Fan-Fare - Advanced Combos

Kitana – Fan-Fare – Advanced Combos

Kitana - Fan-Fare - Advanced Combos


Kitana - Fearless - Advanced Combos

Kitana – Fearless – Advanced Combos

Kitana - Fearless - Advanced Combos


Kitana - Highborn - Beginner Combos

Kitana – Highborn – Beginner Combos

Kitana - Highborn - Beginner Combos
Kitana - Highborn - Advanced Combos

Kitana – Highborn – Advanced Combos

Kitana - Highborn - Advanced Combos






Countering Seeking Sais

Countering Seeking Sais

In Kitana’s Highborn variation, she gains access to Seeking Sai. This is a tracking projectile that that will strike from above. This move can be quite difficult to escape and if blocked, it will leave Kitana at +22 on block. Kitana will mainly use Seeking Sais as a way to approach and start her offense. There are however a few ways to avoid or directly counter her Seeking Sais. Interrupting Seeking Sais If you are close to ...
Highborn Pressure Guide

Highborn Pressure Guide

Edenian Razors Kitana’s Edenian Razors, or , leave her at -9 on block. By holding Forward, Edenian Razors will remain in place. Depending on how long the Edenian Razors are held, they can be up to 0 or +1 on block. You can then use Kitana’s or throw the opponent for pressure. Note: The amount of advantage Edenian Razors give can also depend on whether the opponent is blocking high or low, which side Kitana is ...
Punishing Edenian Razors

Punishing Edenian Razors

Kitana’s Edenian Razors are a staple for her pressure. If blocked, Kitana can be up to 0 or +1 on block. Trying to poke after Edenian Razors can be difficult, especially since Kitana’s lowers her hurtbox. The most common string to use Edenian Razors after is Kitana’s . In order to punish this, block low, high, low when Kitana uses her . This will create enough pushback to avoid the 2nd fan. After blocking the ...