Countering Seeking Sais

In Kitana’s Highborn variation, she gains access to Seeking Sai. This is a tracking projectile that that will strike from above. This move can be quite difficult to escape and if blocked, it will leave Kitana at +22 on block. Kitana will mainly use Seeking Sais as a way to approach and start her offense. There are however a few ways to avoid or directly counter her Seeking Sais.

Interrupting Seeking Sais

If you are close to Kitana or have a quick, long-reaching attack, you can interrupt her Seeking Sais before they can make contact. Due to the slow start-up on the Seeking Sais, you can easily punish Kitana on reaction when used up-close. From farther away, Kitana can be punished by fast ranged attacks. If Kitana is hit out of the animation when throwing her Seeking Sai, it will disappear and not fall from above.


To stop Kitana from starting her pressure, walk backward to create more distance. You will have ample amount of time to start walking before the Seeking Sai connects. After blocking the Seeking Sai, you may also walk backward if Kitana is too far to start her offense. Kitana will only be able to guarantee her follow-up attack if you block the Seeking Sai closer up. Since Kitana’s strings have long duration, this will allow for an easy whiff punish.


If farther away, you can completely avoid the Seeking Sai by jumping backward on reaction. Kitana’s Seeking Sai does not track backward jumps very well, so you will be able to easily dodge them by jumping. In addition, jumping backward will also avoid the Far Seeking Sai if she decides to change its trajectory. Make sure to not jump straight upwards or forward as you will be hit by the Seeking Sai in the air. Only a backward jump will work.

Flawless Block

To counter Kitana’s Seeking Sai and potentially punish her, you may also attempt to Flawless Block it. If timed correctly, you will Flawless Block the Seeking Sai and can use an Up+3 to interrupt Kitana out of her follow-up attack. If using a character with a fast Up+2, it can also be used to punish Kitana for a full combo. It can be very worth it to Flawless Block because if you mistime your Flawless Block, the Seeking Sais do not deal much damage. Flawless Blocking can be a bit tricky however because it is difficult to react to the Seeking Sai as it comes down, so you must know the exact timing to perform a Flawless Block. It’s also worth noting that if Kitana reads that you will try to Flawless Block the Seeking Sai, she can wait and whiff punish your Flawless Block Attack, which makes Flawless Blocking quite risky. If you choose to not Flawless Block though, she will give up her chance to start her offense.

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