Highborn Pressure Guide

Edenian Razors

Kitana’s Edenian Razors, or DownBack2, leave her at -9 on block. By holding Forward, Edenian Razors will remain in place. Depending on how long the Edenian Razors are held, they can be up to 0 or +1 on block. You can then use Kitana’s Down+3 or throw the opponent for pressure.

Note: The amount of advantage Edenian Razors give can also depend on whether the opponent is blocking high or low, which side Kitana is on, as well as the character your opponent using.

Half-Blood Stance Cancel Pressure

Half-Blood Stance gives another way for Kitana to pressure opponents. By using Half-Blood Stance within her strings and cancelling out of it, Kitana can pressure opponents at the cost of 1 bar of Defensive Meter.

The following lists the block advantage for Kitana’s Half-Blood Stance Cancel:

1,2 -5
Back+1 -3
Back+2,3,1 -5

Although the cancels are disadvantageous, you can mix this up by not cancelling out of the Half-Blood Stance and using Gutted. This is a safe mid attack that will hit opponents trying to interrupt Kitana’s Half-Blood Stance cancels. This is even more deadly as it becomes a Krushing Blow that launches the opponent for a combo if the opponent was hit with 3 Seeking Sais previously.

Half-Blood Stance cancels are best used after Kitana’s 1,2,Back+1 and Back+2,3,1 because there is no gap between these attacks and Gutted.

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