Punishing Edenian Razors

Kitana’s Edenian Razors are a staple for her pressure. If blocked, Kitana can be up to 0 or +1 on block. Trying to poke after Edenian Razors can be difficult, especially since Kitana’s Down+3 lowers her hurtbox.

The most common string to use Edenian Razors after is Kitana’s Back+1,4. In order to punish this, block low, high, low when Kitana uses her Back+1,4. This will create enough pushback to avoid the 2nd fan. After blocking the 1st fan, quickly stand up and punish as the 2nd fan misses.

Kitana has a way to stop your attempt at punishing, which is by altering the timing of Edenian Razors. By delaying Edenian Razors, the 3rd fan will stop you from punishing her. If you suspect that she will delay the Edenian Razors, use a Reversal Backdash after blocking the 1st fan. Backdashing will allow you to escape the 3rd fan and punish Kitana with an advancing attack.

Characters with fast Up+2s can also Flawless Block the 3rd fan.

Punishing Kitana’s Edenian Razors can be tricky depending on which move it’s used after, the distance it’s blocked and the character you are using. Certain characters such as Baraka cannot punish Edenian Razors this way. You’ll want to make sure to look at what all of your character’s options are to effectively defend against Kitana’s pressure.

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11 months ago

What if they use b231 into edenian razors?