Kotal Kahn

Move List

Bloody Knuckles
Royal Backhand
Low Swipe
Temple Punch
Macuahuitl Swipe
Blade Push
Rising Kahn
Flick Kick
Knee Shatter
Side Strike
Heavy Blade
Mace Sweep
Brutal Boot
Warrior Spin
Reaching Fist
Hammer Slam
Straight Kick
Coatl Slam
Kritical Kick
Rising Mehtizquia
Tonatiuh Blast
Rising Mehtizquia
Tonatiuh Blast
Toward Throw
Back Throw
Forward Getup Roll
Backward Getup Roll
(Air) Breakaway

Version 1.27
Last Updated: December 18, 2020


Kotal Kahn is a large body footsie character with long-reaching normals. Kotal Kahn has some of the strongest footsies in the game with attacks that reach half-screen. He can summon various totems to boost his offense or defense, as well as increase his damage output making any hit by Kotal Kahn a huge threat. Kotal Kahn also has great mix-ups with his command grab and is almost impossible to keep out due to his quick movement and long range on his normals.

Strengths Weaknesses
  • High damage
  • Long-ranged normals
  • Fast movement
  • Slow normals
  • Weak Krushing Blows

Key Moves

Name Input Description
Soleil 1,2,2 High, hit confirmable, +1 on block, can be Flawless Blocked on 3rd hit
Cuazquia Forward+1,2,2 Advancing high, hit confirmable, triggers a Krushing Blow if it is a Kounter or Punish
Tlaneltocaz Forward+2,4 Slow 19 frame advancing mid, great range, hit confirmable
Mehtizquia Back+2,2,3 Slow 17 frame advancing high, great range, can be interrupted on 3rd hit
Brutal Boot Forward+4 Advancing mid, great pushback, -3 on block
Coatal Parry DownBack1 Parry, damage buff
Mehtizquia Cut DownForward2 Mid, combo ender, Amplified version triggers into a Krushing Blow if it Kounters or Punishes an airborne opponent
Yeyecame Disk BackForward3 Slow high projectile, triggers a Krushing Blow if it is a Kounter or Punish from maximum range
Xolal Quake DownBack4 Slow 41 frame unblockable
Tonatiuh Beam DownForward4 Summons a ray of light dealing damage over time while healing Kotal Kahn

Combo Starters

  • Back+2,2
  • 2,2,1
  • Kahn-Cut

Kotal Kahn’s main combo starter is his Back+2,2 string. This is a long-reaching high attack that launches the opponent upwards for a combo. Although it is -16 on block, Kotal Kahn can cancel it into a Special Move such as Coatal Parry (DownBack1) to prevent from being punished. Due to being a high, it can also be avoided if the opponent is ducking. It’s advised to mix this string up with Kotal Kahn’s Forward+2,4 which is an advancing mid attack and will hit ducking opponents.

Another way for Kotal Kahn to start his combos is to use his 2,2,1 string. This is a high into low attack which will launch the opponent on the final hit of the string. Since the last hit is unsafe at -13 on block, it’s best to stop the string short after the first 2 hits. While 2,2 is still punishable at -9 on block, it is slightly safer than finishing the full string. Kotal Kahn can stop opponents from punishing by either completing the string or cancelling it into a Special Move. With the Kahn-Cut (DownForward2) ability equipped, Kotal Kahn can launch off of any hit. This is mainly used after strings such as 1,2 and Forward+2,4.

Combo Enders

  • 1,2,2
  • Mehtizquia Cut
  • Huehhueyi
  • Tecuani Maul

Kotal Kahn’s combos are ended with Mehtizquia Cut (DownForward2), dealing a good amount of damage while simultaneously Armor Breaking the opponent’s Breakaway. Combos can also be ended with 1,2,2 to send the opponent away and allow Kotal Kahn to safely use his Tonatiuh Beam (DownForward4) or summon his totems. With the Huehhueyi (DownBack2) ability equipped, combos can be ended with it for maximum damage while switching positions with the opponent. Amplifying Huehhueyi will deal even greater damage and can keep the opponent on the same side. Using the Tecuani Maul (BackForward4) ability, end combos with it will carry the opponent across the screen and closer to the corner.


Kotal Kahn’s strongest move is his Tlaneltocaz (Forward+2,4) string. Forward+2,4 is an advancing mid attack and can be safely hit confirmed. Despite being slow at 19 frames of start-up, this string has impeccable range, covering a large portion of the screen. Because of the hitbox on Kotal Kahn’s sword, it can be incredibly difficult to avoid. Kotal Kahn can also complete the string with Forward+2,4,3, which ends in a low. This is useful for stopping opponents from immediately attacking after blocking the first 2 hits, but is unsafe at -14 on block.


Soleil (1,2,2) is high attack best used at close-range for pressure. The 1st hit of this string can be staggered on block as it is only -2. The final hit leaves Kotal Kahn at +1 on block, however it can be punished if the opponent Flawless Blocks. If the opponent is anticipating to Flawless Block the last hit, it will in turn allow Kotal Kahn to stagger his 1,2 for pressure. Once 1,2,2 is blocked, Kotal Kahn will be able to follow up with an advancing attack such as Forward+2,4 to continue his offense.


Cuazquia (Forward+1,2,2) is a quick 10 frame advancing high attack. Both the 1st and 2nd hits of this string are -3 on block and can be staggered for pressure. The final hit of this string is an overhead and will trigger a Krushing Blow if it is a Kounter or Punish. Since the last hit of this string is punishable at -16 on block, it’s normally best used as a punish while triggering its Krushing Blow. However, it may also be done on block to counter opponents attempting to attack after Forward+1,2. Alternatively, Kotal Kahn can use his Forward+1,4 string which ends in a low and is safe on block at -5.

Brutal Boot

Kotal Kahn’s Brutal Boot (Forward+4) is a 15 frame advancing mid attack. This is one of Kotal Kahn’s longest-reaching attacks and is faster than both his Back+2,2 and Forward+2,4. On block, it leaves Kotal Kahn at -3, but can be up to -1 when done at maximum range. It will also create tremendous pushback on block, making it a great move to throw out while allowing Kotal Kahn to keep his distance from the opponent. This move is especially strong in the corner as it can be repeatedly used on block.

Coatl Parry

Coatl Parry (DownForward1) is a defensive parry used for countering enemy attacks. It can be delayed by holding 1. Unlike other parries, this will parry all grounded attacks, including lows. This is best done against slower moves that can be easily parried on reaction, such as projectiles. After a successful parry, Kotal Kahn will gain a damage buff and will be able to punish the opponent depending on the move that was parried. Coatl Parry also has similar properties to Flawless Block in that certain moves once parried will not be able to be cancelled into a string or Special Move.

Coatl Parry can be used after blockstrings such as Back+2,2 as well. This can be useful to prevent opponents from punishing the string as Kotal Kahn will be able to parry the opponent’s attack and block in time before the next hit can connect. Be careful when using Coatl Parry up-close because if the opponent uses a fast multi-hitting attack or waits until after the parry is used, Kotal can be punished. However since Coatl Parry can be delayed, the opponent must guess on when Kotal Kahn will stop his parry in order to punish. For this reason, it can be a good idea to delay the parry for random durations to prevent from being punished.

Xolal Quake

Xolal Quake (DownBack4) is a slow 41 frame unblockable attack. When Amplified, Kotal Kahn will follow up with an overhead attack. While slow, Xolal Quake can be thrown out on occasion to catch ill-prepared opponents off-guard. This can be done after blockstrings such as 1,2 and Forward+2,4, especially if the opponent is expecting to block or Flawless Block the next hit of these strings. Xolal Quake however can be easily avoided on reaction and thus should not be used often.

Tonatiuh Beam

Tonatiuh Beam (DownForward4) allows Kotal Kahn to summon a damaging and healing beam of sunlight above him. While the opponent is underneath the light, they will take damage over time. Conversely if Kotal Kahn is underneath the light, he will heal himself. Tonatiuh Beam is a very useful move while either Kotal Kahn or the opponent is low on health. Under the right conditions, it can quickly turn the tide of the match. It’s especially strong while Kotal Kahn is cornered because it’ll be difficult for the opponent to push him out of the sunlight and avoid taking damage.

Amplifying Tonatiuh Beam will allow Kotal Kahn to send the beam towards the opponent. If the opponent is low on health, this can be a guaranteed way of finishing the opponent off as the beam will be near impossible to escape.

Tonatiuh Beam can be replaced with the God Ray (DownForward4) ability. God Ray has similar properties to Tonatiuh Beam, but instead can be directed mid or far. This will allow Kotal Kahn to summon the beam directly above the opponent instead of having to Amplify the move. However, he won’t be able to summon it above himself to quickly replenish his health.


Both Kotal Kahn’s Toward and Back Throws will leave the opponent close enough for him to continue his offense. Though his Back Throw sends the opponent slightly farther, Kotal Kahn can easily regain his momentum due to the range on his attacks. After using his Back Throw, quickly use a Forward+2,4 to attack the opponent again. Additionally, both throws will trigger a Krushing Blow if the opponent failed Throw Escape during the previous throw. Make sure to throw in the opposite direction you think the opponent will try to tech in order to trigger the Krushing Blow.


Grand Discus
Modifies Yeyecame Disk. Gains Amplify that delays the toss.
Directed Rays
Modifies Yeyecame Disk. Gains Amplify that launches a beam of light.
Tonatiuh Burst
Adds Tonatiuh Burst Special Move. Attacks with a burst of light.
Amocualli Totem
Adds Amocualli Totem Special Move. Summon a totem that increases the damage he deals.
Teoyohtica Totem
Adds Teoyohtica Totem Special Move. Summon a totem that reduces the damage he takes.
Chicahtoc Totem
Adds Chicahtoc Totem Special Move. Summon a totem that increases gauge regeneration.
Eztli Totem
Adds Eztli Totem Special Move. Summon a totem that absorbs the opponent’s blood and heals Kotal.
Adds Huehhueyi Special Move. Grabs and slices the opponent.
God Ray
Replaces Tonatiuh Beam Special Move. Summon a damaging and healing beam of sunlight at a distance.
Tecuani Maul
Adds Tecuani Maul Special Move. Become a jaguar and leap at the opponent.
(Air) Tecuani Pounce
Adds (Air) Tecuani Pounce Special Move. Dive while morphing into a jaguar.
Replaces Mehtizquia Cut. Rush forward and knock the opponent into the air.

Grand Discus

The Grand Discus ability allows Kotal Kahn to Amplify his Yeyecame Disk (BackForward3). When Amplified, Kotal Kahn will delay the toss, causing the disk to hit as a mid. Grand Discus is useful when done after blockstrings such as Forward+2,4 as it is only -1 on block while creating pushback. While Grand Discus doesn’t grant any advantage, many of the opponent’s attacks will not be able to reach Kotal Kahn once it’s blocked. On the flip side, Amplified Grand Discus will leave Kotal Kahn at perfect distance to follow up again with Forward+2,4. Be careful when using this move as it can be punished via Flawless Block or interrupted if used outside of Forward+2,4.


Kotal Kahn can summon totems from the ground. Each totem has special properties once summoned:

Eztli Totem (Red) – Once disappeared, will heal Kotal Kahn for every hit landed
Amocualli Totem (Blue) – Increases Kotal Kahn’s damage
Teoyohtica Totem (Black) – Reduces the damage Kotal Kahn takes
Chicahtoc Totem (Green) – Increases Kotal Kahn’s gauge regeneration

In order to summon totems safely, you must summon them while far away from the opponent. If closer up, Kotal Kahn can be hit out of his totem summons and punished. Totems can also be safely summoned after knocking the opponent down with 1,2,2. Kotal Kahn can stack up to 3 totems, with each making him more powerful.

The Eztli Totem can be useful for gaining the lifelead, especially when combined with Tonatiuh Beam (DownForward4). The Amocualli Totem will boost Kotal Kahn’s damage. With 3 totems, Kotal Kahn becomes one of the highest-damaging character in the game, gaining up to 40-45% damage off any touch. The Teoyohtica Totem will decrease the amount of damage Kotal Kahn takes, which can make it extremely hard for opponents to deplete Kotal Kahn’s health. Using Teoyohtica Totem along with Tonatiuh Beam is a very strong tactic to run out the clock while having a lifelead. If there are less than 10 seconds remaining on the timer and Kotal Kahn has summoned both his Teoyohica Totem and Tonatiuh Beam, there’s very little the opponent can do to win the round.


Huehhueyi (DownBack2) is a command grab that can be used for offensive mix-ups at close-range. Kotal Kahn’s command grab is normally done in advantageous situations, such as after landing a poke on hit or knocking the opponent down. While the opponent is blocking, use Huehhueyi to grab them for huge damage. After successfully grabbing the opponent, Kotal Kahn will gain a damage buff, which can be stacked up to 3 times. This can be a much more effective option than going for a throw because command grabs cannot be teched via Throw Escape. Kotal Kahn’s command grab also cannot be avoided by ducking, and instead must be jumped out of. If you think that the opponent will try to escape the command grab, use attacks such as 1,2,2,Back+2,2 or Forward+2,4 to hit them out of the air.

Kotal Kahn’s command grab can also be done after certain attacks on block. These attacks include:


Using the command grab after 1 and 1,2 is especially strong if the opponent is anticipating the next hit of the string. Mix this up with 1,2,2 or 1,2 into Kahn-Cut (DownForward2) to stop opponents from jumping out of the command grab. Though Kahn-Cut is unsafe on block, it will grant a full combo. If you predict that the opponent will try to Flawless Block the final hit of 1,2,2, use 1,2 and cancel it into the command grab instead. Staggering 1 on block into 1,2 can also be a great way to stop opponents from escaping the command grab because the follow-up 1,2 will hit them out of the air. Command grabbing after pokes such as Down+1 and Down+3 can be useful as well to stop opponents from counterpoking.

Tecuani Maul & Pounce

Kotal Kahn can transform into a jaguar and leap at the opponent with the Tecuani Maul (BackForward4) ability. This is an advancing mid attack that travels a long distance. While this move is punishable at -12, it can be made safe by Amplifying it which will leave Kotal Kahn at -7. Tecuani Maul is a very powerful move because it can be thrown out at any point, covering a large amount of space while allowing Kotal Kahn to remain safe. It can also be done after blockstrings such as Back+2,2 and Forward+2,4 which will not only keep himself safe on block, but will push the opponent across the screen and closer to the corner.

Kotal Kahn is able to transform in the air as well using Tecuani Pounce (BackForward4). Once used, Kotal Kahn will dive towards the enemy. Despite being -17 on block, it can be up to -9 on block and more difficult to punish when done lower to the ground. When Amplified, Tecuani Pounce will allow Kotal Kahn to remain safe at -6 on block. It can also be up to +2 on block depending on the angle it’s blocked. Tecuani Pounce can be very useful while jumping backwards to stop enemy approaches.

When Amplified, both Tecuani Maul and Tecuani Pounce will become invulnerable to projectiles allowing Kotal Kahn to charge right through the opponent’s zoning. These make for strong anti-zoning tools as Kotal Kahn can use either move at any moment to freely close the distance. Against slower projectiles, Tecuani Maul or Tecuani Pounce can be done on reaction to punish the opponent.



Kotal Kahn - Ascension - Beginner Combos

Kotal Kahn – Ascension – Beginner Combos

God Ray

Kotal Kahn - Totemic - Beginner Combos

Kotal Kahn – Totemic – Beginner Combos

Eztli Totem
Tecuani Maul
(Air) Tecuani Pounce

Kotal Kahn - Buluc - Beginner Combos

Kotal Kahn – Buluc – Beginner Combos

Grand Discus
Amocualli Totem
Teoyohtica Totem


Kotal Kahn - Ascension - Advanced Combos

Kotal Kahn – Ascension – Advanced Combos

God Ray

Kotal Kahn - Totemic - Advanced Combos

Kotal Kahn – Totemic – Advanced Combos

Eztli Totem
Tecuani Maul
(Air) Tecuani Pounce

Kotal Kahn - Buluc - Advanced Combos

Kotal Kahn – Buluc – Advanced Combos

Grand Discus
Amocualli Totem
Teoyohtica Totem

Extra Guides

Fighting Kotal Kahn

★ Fighting Kotal Kahn

Gaps & Punishes High attack that is mainly used up-close for pressure. The final hit of this string is +1 on block, but can be Flawless Blocked and punished with an . High into low attack that launches meterlessly for a combo. The 2nd hit is -9 and can be punished with any attack that is 8 frames or faster. Punishing the 2nd hit can be risky because if Kotal completes the string, you will be launched. ...