Liu Kang

Move List

Power Punch
Silent Chop
Low Backhand
Chosen Strike
Nunchaku Strike
Kontei Slam
Rising Chaku
Dragon Kick
Quick Step
Double Dragon Kick
Crouching Kick
Shaolin Spin
Chaku Sweep
Lotus Strikes
Dragon's Tail
Fist Of The Lotus
Dragon Claw
Heavy Heel
One Inch Punch
Flame Stomp
Rising Dragon
Game Of Death
Rising Dragon
Game Of Death
Toward Throw
Back Throw
Forward Roll Escape
Forward+Stance Switch
Away Roll Escape
Back+Stance Switch
(Air) Breakaway

Version 1.19
Last Updated: June 12, 2020



Liu Kang has a multitude of strings that either leave him at an advantage or can be staggered for pressure. 1,2,3 is a multi-hitting high attack that is mainly used up-close. 1 and 1,2 are both -2 on block, which can be used for staggers when mixed with 1,2,3. Be careful when using 1,2 as both hits are high attacks.

Liu Kang’s main pressure string is his Forward+4,3,Up+3. You have a multiple ways to pressure your opponent off of this string. Forward+4 is -7 on block which is reactable, but can be a decent stagger when used on occasion. After Forward+4,3 you will want to either finish the string by doing Forward+4,3,Up+3 or cancel Forward+4,3 into Fireball, or BackForward1. Since Forward+4,3,Up+3 has a gap before the last hit, cancelling Forward+4,3 into Fireball will hit opponents for trying to interrupt the gap.

While Fireball is unsafe on block, you can mix this up by Amplifying it. If the opponent tries to punish the Fireball, they will be hit by the Amplified part. Similarly, if they are looking to punish the Amplified Fireball and you don’t Amplify it, then the Fireball will go unpunished.

In Liu Kang’s Luohan Quan variation, you can also cancel Forward+4,3 into Low Fireball, or DownBack1. The Low Fireball can be difficult to punish depending on whether you Amplify it or not. Another option is to cancel the Forward+4,3 into Dragon Parry. This will give you a full combo if you Amplify the Dragon Parry.

Forward+4,3 is -7 on block, but since opponents will be looking for Forward+4,3,Up+3 and Forward+4,3 Fireball, this can be staggered. After staggering Forward+4,3, you can then go for a throw or another Forward+4,3.

Post Shaolin Warrior Meta

Forward+4,3,Up+3 is +4 on block. This will frametrap into Back+1 as it will it come out in 5 frames instead of 9 frames. Depending on how your opponent blocks, there will be pushback allowing for some characters to avoid the Back+1 by walking back. To stop them from walking back, do a dash into Forward+4. If in the corner, your opponent will not be able to escape the next Back+1.


Liu Kang’s strike/throw game is very strong due to his pressure and multi-hitting strings. There are many ways to set up a strike/throw. For example, you can stagger with Liu Kang’s 1,Back+1,2,1,2,Forward+4 or Forward+4,3 then go for a strike/throw. You can also set up a strike/throw after Liu Kang’s 1,2 and Forward+4,3,Up+3 because they are advantageous on block.

Many of Liu Kang’s strings also hit multiple times making it easy to shimmy opponents. These strings include:


Using these strings will make it difficult for your opponent to tech your throws. Once you’ve conditioned your opponent to block these strings, you can then start throwing the opponent.

Liu Kang also gets a Krushing Blow off of both of his throws if the opponent has failed a Throw Escape on the previous throw. This makes Liu Kang one of the best strike/throw characters in the game.

Shaolin Stance Mixups & Pressure

In Liu Kang’s Luohan Quan variation, he gains access to Shaolin Stance, or DownDown1. From this stance, he can go into an overhead or low. Using this stance within blockstrings will allow you to go for an overhead/low mixup. While this mixup is reactable, it can be more difficult when used in a string and if your opponent isn’t ready for it.

Another option is to cancel out of the Shaolin Stance and go for a throw. Although the cancel is punishable, your opponent will be looking for the the overhead/low mixup and it can be difficult to react to when used in a string. This is a great way to sneak in a throw.

Using the Shaolin Stance is risky because all of its options are punishable, but it can be used occasionally for mixups.

Block Confirming Dragon’s Breath

Liu Kang’s Dragon’s Breath, or Forward+3,3,3,3, is -12 on block making it punishable, however this string can be made safe by block confirming it. In Liu Kang’s Luohan Quan variation, you can cancel the 3rd hit of Forward+3,3,3,3 into Shaolin Stance Sneaky Monk, or DownDown13. There is no gap when used after this string. It is also safe on block due to pushback.

Bicycle Kick Krushing Blow

You will want to Amplify Bicycle Kick any chance you get. After Amplifying Bicycle Kick 3 times, it will become a Krushing Blow and deal huge damage. Since Bicycle Kick can be Amplified twice, this makes it even easier to complete its Krushing Blow requirements.

Bicycle Kick Restand

Bicycle Kick is a +3 on hit restand. This is best used in the corner as it will leave you close enough to frametrap into Forward+4. Once you’ve conditioned the opponent to block the Forward+4 after the restand, you can then mix this up with throw.

Dragon Parry

In Liu Kang’s Luohan Quan variation, he gains access to Dragon Parry, or DownBack3. This is best used after knocking the opponent down to counter Getup Attacks. If your opponent does a Getup Attack and is parried, the Dragon Parry will become a Krushing Blow. The Dragon Parry will make your opponent afraid to use a Getup Attack, which allows you to freely pressure your opponent on knockdown.

Dragon Parry can also counter Flawless Block Attacks. This is a hard read though due to the rarity of Flawless Block Attacks and how difficult they are to perform. For example, if your opponent has a quick Flawless Block Attack such as Johnny Cage’s, they will be able to punish Liu Kang’s Forward+4. You can counter this by cancelling the Forward+4 into Dragon Parry, which will then become a Krushing Blow.

Flying Dragon Kick

At a distance, Flying Dragon Kick can be used to check movement. Because of how quick Flying Dragon Kick and the distance it covers, it can stop opponents from walking or jumping. This however is very risky and should only be used on a read.


Use Fireballs and Low Fireballs to keep opponents out. Fireball is a high projectile that can be used to check opponents’ movement because of how quick it is. Low Fireball should be used for chip damage because it hits low and can be difficult to avoid. To hit opponents trying to move after blocking the Low Fireball, you can Amplify it to send out an additional projectile.


Dragon's Breath

Luohan Quan

Liu Kang - Luohan Quan - Beginner Combos

Liu Kang – Luohan Quan – Beginner Combos

Liu Kang - Luohan Quan - Beginner Combos
Liu Kang - Luohan Quan - Advanced Combos

Liu Kang – Luohan Quan – Advanced Combos

Liu Kang - Luohan Quan - Advanced Combos

Wu Shi Legend



How to Fight Liu Kang - Beginner Guide

How to Fight Liu Kang – Beginner Guide

Flying Dragon Kick Occasionally, Liu Kang may throw out Flying Dragon Kick as a way to stop your movement. This is very punishable so if you predict that he will use this move, then block and punish. Since Flying Dragon Kick is a high, you can also quickly dash up and punish with a . Breakaway Although he does not get much damage in his combos, it’s important to use a Breakaway after Liu Kang’s combos so that ...
Safe Jump Setup

Safe Jump Setup

Knocking an opponent down with Liu Kang’s Amplified Bicycle Kick, or , gives a high amount of hit advantage. This gives Liu Kang a safe jump. In order to perform the safe jump, you must slightly walk forward then do a forward jump kick. What’ll happen is if your opponent does a Getup Attack, Liu Kang will jump over and completely avoid it. If the opponent does not do a Getup Attack, they must block ...
Air Fireball Option Select

Air Fireball Option Select

When using an (Air) Fireball, Liu Kang can combo off of it with Flying Dragon Kick, or . This also becomes a Krushing Blow when done from maximum range. However, this can be difficult to hit confirm and if the Flying Dragon Kick is blocked then you will be punished. There is way to option select this so that the Flying Dragon Kick will only come out if the (Air) Fireball hits. To do this, immediately ...
Block Confirming Shaolin Warrior (Character Specific)

Block Confirming Shaolin Warrior (Character Specific)

By blocking the first hit standing and then blocking the rest of the string crouching, certain characters can make Liu Kang’s Shaolin Warrior, or , completely whiff and punish him. This can hurt Liu Kang’s offense since his main pressure comes from using . Note: no longer whiffs on Johnny Cage due to patch changes. In order to prevent from being punished, you must block confirm the . Due to being two hits, you have ...
How to Fight Liu Kang

★ How to Fight Liu Kang

Total Destruction Liu Kang’s Total Destruction () string is mainly used up-close for pressure. Since both hits of this string are highs, you are able to duck underneath them and punish. If you predict that Liu Kang will use this string, crouch without blocking and then punish with a . After blocking Liu Kang’s , he will be at -2. Liu Kang will be able to stagger this string by mixing it up with his string. ...
Punishing Shaolin Warrior (Character Specific)

Punishing Shaolin Warrior (Character Specific)

Liu Kang’s main pressure comes from his Shaolin Warrior string, or . He has many options off of this string, including staggering , cancelling into Low Fireball and doing . Depending on the character, you can completely eliminate all of these options and punish Liu Kang for using his . When blocking , make sure to block the first hit standing. Then you must immediately block low. If done correctly, the last hit of will whiff ...

Dragon's Breath

Punishing Nunchaku Stance

Punishing Nunchaku Stance

In Liu Kang’s Dragon’s Breath variation, he gains access to Nunchaku Stance. This gives him several new moves: 1. Nunchaku Flurry (Overhead) 2. Kusari Slam (Command Grab) 3. Nunchaku Dance (Low) 4. Cancel Nunchaku Stance (Cancel) 1. Nunchaku Flurry Nunchaku Stance is best used after the 2nd hit of Liu Kang’s string. The reason is because Nunchaku Stance leaves him at the least amount of disadvantage when used after it. If the overhead is used after the 2nd hit of ...

Luohan Quan

Wu Shi Legend

Punishing Dragon Fire

Punishing Dragon Fire

In Liu Kang’s Wu Shi Legend variation, he gains access to Dragon Fire, or . This is a teleport that can lead into 4 different attacks. Once Dragon Fire is activated, Liu Kang can use it again to attack from above, below, behind or in front. In order to defend against the teleport, you must fuzzy guard the overhead and low mixup. The overhead teleport hits in 35 frames, while the low teleport hits in 39 ...