Block Confirming Shaolin Warrior (Character Specific)

By blocking the first hit standing and then blocking the rest of the string crouching, certain characters can make Liu Kang’s Shaolin Warrior, or Forward+4,3, completely whiff and punish him. This can hurt Liu Kang’s offense since his main pressure comes from using Forward+4,3.

Note: Forward+4,3 no longer whiffs on Johnny Cage due to patch changes.

In order to prevent from being punished, you must block confirm the Forward+4,3. Due to Forward+4 being two hits, you have enough time to confirm it. If you see that the Forward+4 is blocked standing, do not input the rest of the string. Forward+4 by itself is -7 so you will be safe. If you see that the Forward+4 is blocked crouching, then you are free to input Forward+4,3 without fear of it being punished.

While it does require practice, it will allow you to play it safe whenever using Forward+4,3. It’s also important to know that if your opponent is stand blocking the Forward+4, it will open them up to being hit by Liu Kang’s Back+3,4 or low pokes.

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