How to Fight Liu Kang – Beginner Guide

Flying Dragon Kick

Occasionally, Liu Kang may throw out Flying Dragon Kick as a way to stop your movement. This is very punishable so if you predict that he will use this move, then block and punish. Since Flying Dragon Kick is a high, you can also quickly dash up and punish with a Down+2KB.


Although he does not get much damage in his combos, it’s important to use a Breakaway after Liu Kang’s combos so that you prevent him from using Amplified Bicycle Kick. Liu Kang’s Amplified Bicycle Kick allows him to carry you to the corner while also giving him huge advantage on knockdown. If he manages to land 3 Amplified Bicycle Kicks, any Bicycle Kick done afterwards can become a Krushing Blow. Liu Kang doesn’t have many ways to combo you, so the rare times that he does is when you want to break out of his combos.

The most common combo starter is Liu Kang’s 1,2,3 string. There is a small window where you can use a Breakaway before he can connect a Bicycle Kick. After the 1,2,3 launches you, immediately use a Breakaway to escape and prevent him from landing a Bicycle Kick.

Punishing Shaolin Stance

In Liu Kang’s Luohan Quan variation, he can use Shaolin Stance as an additional way to pressure. From this stance, he has multiple options with each option being punishable.

1. Monk Fury

This is a mid to overhead attack that is very slow and can be blocked on reaction. Once blocked, Liu Kang will be at -16 and very punishable. This can also be interrupted by 8 frame or faster attacks.

Note: There is no gap when done after Back+1,2,Back+2,3 and Forward+3,3,3.

2. Sneaky Monk

This is a quick low attack that leaves Liu Kang at -8. If your character has a 7 frame jab, you will be able to punish this for a full combo. This can also be interrupted by 10 frame or faster attacks that either hit mid or low.

Note: There is no gap when done after Back+1,2,Back+2,3 and Forward+3,3,3.

3. Shaolin Stance Cancel

This allows Liu Kang to cancel out of Shaolin Stance in case you are looking for the overhead or low. Anytime Liu Kang cancels out of the stance, he is punishable.

Punishing Dragon Fire

In Liu Kang’s Wu Shi Legend variation, he gains access to Dragon Fire. This is a teleport that can lead into 4 different attacks. Once Dragon Fire is activated, Liu Kang can use it again to attack from above, below, behind or in front.

1. Overhead/Low

In order to defend against the teleport, you must fuzzy guard the overhead and low mixup. The overhead teleport hits in 35 frames, while the low teleport hits in 39 frames. This means that the overhead hits 4 frames earlier than the low. You must block high first, then quickly block low to defend against both options. Once blocked, both the overhead and low can be punished.

Note: Punishing the overhead can be tricky because Liu Kang can appear on either the left or right side after it is blocked.

2. In Front/Behind

The next option is to duck. If Liu Kang uses the in front or behind teleport, he will be safe on block. These are high attacks so you will be able to duck underneath them and punish him. You will want to use a Down+2KB for an optimal punish.

Ducking will lose to the overhead and low teleports though, so you must choose between blocking high, low and ducking.

3. Jumping

Another way to punish Liu Kang’s teleport is to jump straight upwards. Jumping or doing a Short Hop will avoid both the overhead and low teleports. Some characters will also be able to avoid the in front and behind teleports. You can then punish Liu Kang on the way down.

This is rather difficult to do on reaction and must be done on a read. It will also depend on the character you are using, whether you are stand blocking or crouch blocking, and which strings Liu Kang uses the teleport after. For example, some characters will not be able to jump out of Dragon Fire if it’s done after Liu Kang’s Back+1,2 string.

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