Punishing Shaolin Warrior (Character Specific)

Liu Kang’s main pressure comes from his Shaolin Warrior string, or Forward+4,3. He has many options off of this string, including staggering Forward+4,3, cancelling into Low Fireball and doing Forward+4,3,Up+3.

Depending on the character, you can completely eliminate all of these options and punish Liu Kang for using his Forward+4,3.

When blocking Forward+4,3, make sure to block the first hit standing. Then you must immediately block low. If done correctly, the last hit of Forward+4,3 will whiff and you will be able to punish.

Similarly, this can make Liu Kang’s other strings such as Forward+3,3,3,3 whiff as well.

Since you must block high, this will open you up to being hit by Liu Kang’s Back+3,4 which hits low.

Between blocking high and blocking low, you will want to mix up both options when facing Liu Kang.

Characters that can punish Liu Kang’s Forward+4,3:

  • Erron Black
  • Kitana
  • Liu Kang
  • Sonya
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1 year ago

Does this still work?