Punishing Dragon Fire

In Liu Kang’s Wu Shi Legend variation, he gains access to Dragon Fire, or DownBack4. This is a teleport that can lead into 4 different attacks. Once Dragon Fire is activated, Liu Kang can use it again to attack from above, below, behind or in front.

In order to defend against the teleport, you must fuzzy guard the overhead and low mixup. The overhead teleport hits in 35 frames, while the low teleport hits in 39 frames. This means that the overhead hits 4 frames earlier than the low. You must block high first, then quickly block low to defend against both options. Once blocked, both the overhead and low can be punished.

Note: Punishing the overhead can be tricky because Liu Kang can appear on either the left or right side after it is blocked.

The next option is to duck. If Liu Kang uses the in front or behind teleport, he will be safe on block. These are high attacks so you will be able to duck underneath them and punish him. You will want to use a Down+2KB for an optimal punish.

Ducking will lose to the overhead and low teleports though, so you must choose between blocking high, low and ducking.

Another way to punish Liu Kang’s teleport is to jump straight upwards. Jumping or doing a Short Hop will avoid both the overhead and low teleports. Some characters will also be able to avoid the in front and behind teleports. You can then punish Liu Kang on the way down.

This is rather difficult to do on reaction and must be done on a read. It will also depend on the character you are using, whether you are stand blocking or crouch blocking, and which strings Liu Kang uses the teleport after. For example, some characters will not be able to jump out of Dragon Fire if it’s done after Liu Kang’s Back+1,2 string.

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