How to Fight Nightwolf – Beginner Guide

This is a small preview of the Premium How to Fight Nightwolf Advanced guide.

Punishing Gaps

Nightwolf has a few gaps that can be punished. The main string with a gap that Nightwolf will use is his 312. The last hit of this string can be Flawless Blocked. If mistimed however, Nightwolf will get a Krushing Blow so it’s usually safer to block this string. You should only attempt to Flawless Block if you are able to do it consistently.

Nightwolf’s 112 also has a gap before the last hit. This can be interrupted by 9 frame or faster attacks. Most of the time Nightwolf will use 111 as a mixup which will hit you if you try to interrupt 112, so you should only attempt to interrupt on a read.

Another string that has a gap is Nightwolf’s B132. The last hit of this string can be interrupted by 7 frame attacks or Flawless Blocked. B132 does not leave Nightwolf at advantage, so punishing this string is not necessary.

Defending Against Mixups

When playing against Nightwolf you should mainly block low due to his low pokes and B34 string. Nightwolf can mix this up by using his F2 which is a an overhead combo starter. F2 has a start-up of 25 frames, which means this can be blocked on reaction. Once you see the start-up of F2, quickly block high to defend against his mixup.

Punishing Command Grab

In Nightwolf’s Ancestral Gift variation, he gains access to a command grab. This is usually used in the middle of his strings for mixups.

Nightwolf’s command grab can be used after:

In order to punish the command grab, let go of block and immediately use a jab.

Jabbing does not work after Nightwolf’s F212 and pokes. To punish the command grab after these attacks, you must duck before jabbing.


Nightwolf’s zoning comes from using his arrows. These are slow high projectiles that can be ducked on reaction. If Nightwolf Amplifies the Spirit Arrow, he will fire additional arrows that can stop your movement after ducking the initial arrow. If you think he will Amplify the Spirit Arrow, then stay in place and block.

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