Damage Buff Setup

In Nightwolf’s Matoka Warrior variation, he gains access to Spirit of Kiba, or DownBack3. This move temporarily increases Nightwolf’s damage output. When Amplified, Spirit of Kiba gains armor. This can be used at the end of combos to absorb Getup Attacks.

Once opponents are afraid to get up, Nightwolf can attack freely on knockdown. Although he will be at a slight disadvantage, Nightwolf will still be safe from attacks.

Opponents can use a Forward Roll to escape, however this can be punished by not Amplifying Spirit of Kiba.

If Spirit of Kiba is not Amplified, it will not have armor and will lose to Getup Attacks. Your opponent will have to guess whether you will Amplify Spirit of Kiba or not. When used correctly, this makes Nightwolf’s corner potential much stronger.

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