Punishing Shadow Slide (Character Specific)

In Noob Saibot’s Seeing Double variation, he gains access to Shadow Slide which is a low-hitting Special Move that can be made safe on block against most characters in the game when Amplified. This can be used in the corner after strings such as Forward+2,2,1 and if you are hit, it will launch for a combo.

Certain characters can punish the Shadow Slide after Forward+2,2,1 by blocking a specific way because there will be less pushback on block. Since Amplified Shadow Slide is -8 on block, these characters will only have 1 frame to punish with a 7 frame attack.

Scorpion can punish the Shadow Slide by blocking low during Noob Saibot’s Forward+2,2,1 then using his 7 frame jab.

Geras can punish the Shadow Slide as long as he blocks high during the 2nd and 3rd hits of Forward+2,2,1. This however opens Geras up to being hit by Shadow Slide if done after Forward+2 or Forward+2,2.

Skarlet must block high during the entirety of Forward+2,2,1. This can be very risky though because this will leave you vulnerable to Noob Saibot’s many low-hitting attacks.

While there are only a few characters that can punish Shadow Slide in this way, it can still be very useful for these characters when going up against Noob Saibot. This will force the Noob Saibot player to use other methods in order to prevent himself from being punished when using Shadow Slide after Forward+2,2,1.

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3 months ago

Is there any chance you will create a Fighting Noob Saibot guide? Im having particular problems with him.

Arnaldo Albá
Arnaldo Albá
8 months ago

Thanks! It is very very useful although the advanced Kombos are almost impossible and I’ve never seen them on kombat league or kasual. I guess no one think they worth the effort.I hope to improve after practicing what I’ve learn here.