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Heavy Palm
God Fist
High Poke
Side Strike
Straight Shock
Hammer Fists
Heavy Storm
Rising Lightning
Chop Kick
Crawling Storm
Flick Kick
Low Boot
High Strike
Spinning Heel
Thunder Knee
Sweeping Storm
God Strike
Light Shock
Lightning Kick
Lightning Hammer
Heavy Thunder
Electric Current
Electric Current
Toward Throw
Back Throw
Forward Roll Escape
Forward+Stance Switch
Away Roll Escape
Back+Stance Switch
(Air) Breakaway

Version 1.19
Last Updated: June 12, 2020


Raiden is a well-rounded character with decent normals and mix-up options at close-range while also being able to zone enemies from afar with lightning-based attacks. Raiden’s Thunder Wave variation gives him great combo potential and the ability to teleport across the screen. His Raijin variation grants him solid mix-ups and the unique option to punish moves that are normally safe on block. In Raiden’s Truth and Light variation, he gains the ability to launch opponents for combos and the option to place his staff into the ground, attacking his opponents and stopping them from closing the distance.

Strengths Weaknesses
  • Fast normals
  • Decent zoning
  • Great counterzoning
  • Good mix-ups
  • Unsafe
  • Weak Krushing Blows

Key Moves

Name Input Description
Downpour 1,2,1 High, hit confirmable, can be Flawless Blocked on 3rd hit, triggers a Krushing Blow on Punish
Power Discharge Back+1,2,1+3 Fast 11 frame mid, command grab
Might of Mordulus Back+3,1,2+4 Low, hit confirmable, great pushback, can be Flawless Blocked on 2nd hit
Massive Destruction Forward+3,2 Fast 11 frame mid
Lightning Bolt BackForward1 High projectile, fast travel speed
Lightning Strike DownForward2 Mid projectile
Electric Fly BackForward3 Advancing mid, combo ender, great corner carry, triggers a Krushing Blow if it hits at maximum range

Combo Starters

Raiden’s combos are started by using Storm Cell (DownBack2) in his Thunder Wave variation or Jo Push (BackForward3) in his Truth and Light variation and Amplifying them. These moves are generally used after attacks such as Back+1,2 and Back+3,1. In the Raijin variation, Raiden must activate the Quick Charge (DownBack3) move before being able to combo. Once activated, using Electric Current (DownBack3) and Amplifying it will launch the opponent upwards for a combo.

Combo Enders

All of Raiden’s combos are ended with Electric Fly (BackForward3) which will carry the opponent directly to the corner. Combos can also be ended with Summon Lightning (DownBack2) for maximum damage while simultaneously Armor Breaking the opponent’s Breakaway. In his Raijin variation, if Raiden has activated Quick Charge and previously blocked 3 hits, he can restand opponents in the corner by using Discharge (DownBack3). Discharge will leave Raiden at +5 on hit, allowing him to guarantee his next attack.

Power Discharge

Raiden’s main attack is his Power Discharge (Back+1,2,1+3) string. With a start-up of 11 frames, this is one of Raiden’s fastest mid attacks and can be hit confirmed into a combo. The first 2 hits leave Raiden at -8 on block. The final hit is a command grab, which will throw the opponent out of blocking. Raiden can mix this up by using a Special Move after the first 2 hits. It’s best to mix this up with moves that either grant a combo, such as Storm Cell (DownBack2) in Raiden’s Thunder Wave variation, or are safe on block, such as Electric Burst (DownForward2) in his Raijin variation. Since the opponent must release block to avoid the command grab, they’ll be prone to being hit by Raiden’s Special Moves.

It’s important to note that because Back+1,2 is -8 on block, it is completely safe against characters without a 7 frame attack. If playing against characters that can punish this string, Raiden can opt to finish the Back+1,2,1+3 string or use a Special Move instead, which will counter opponents for attempting to punish. When using this string, it’s best to mix up Back+1,2,Back+1,2,1+3 and Back+1,2 into a Special Move to keep opponents guessing on how to punish Raiden.

Massive Destruction

The next strongest move in Raiden’s arsenal is his Massive Destruction (Forward+3,2) string. Forward+3,2 has a start-up of 11 frames and is also one of Raiden’s fastest mid attacks. Unlike his Back+1,2, Raiden’s Forward+3,2 is completely safe on block, leaving him at -6. However, it does not lead into a combo on hit. The 1st hit of this string can be staggered on block for pressure. The 2nd hit is a quick overhead which can catch low-blocking opponents off guard. This is especially useful when mixed with Raiden’s low attacks such as Back+3,1,2+4 and Forward+1,1.


Downpour (1,2,1) is a high attack. Raiden’s 1,2,1 will trigger a Krushing Blow if it hits as a Kounter or Punish. Due to this string having poor block advantage, it’s mainly used for punishing unsafe moves.

Divine Power

Raiden can attack his opponents with his staff using his Divine Power (Forward+1,1) string. This is a high into low attack and is one of Raiden’s longest-reaching attacks. This can be a great move to throw out against jumping opponents as Raiden will strike diagonally upwards, hitting them out of the air. The 2nd hit of this string is a low attack and can be useful when mixed with Raiden’s Forward+3,2. What’s great about this string is that it is a weapon attack, which allows Raiden to attack his opponents safely from a distance. If blocked, Raiden will be safe at -5.


Raiden has multiple overhead and low attacks to mix his opponents up. As previously mentioned, Raiden’s Forward+3,2 ends in an overhead attack and is a great mix-up option due to being completely safe on block. This can be used as a mix-up with Raiden’s Forward+1,1 or Back+3,1,2+4 since opponents will be looking for the overhead and block high.

A stronger mix-up is to use Raiden’s Back+2 and Back+3,1,2+4 attacks. Back+2 is a 19 frame double-hitting overhead, while Back+3,1,2+4 is a 16 frame low combo starter. Since the overhead is unsafe on block and only knocks the opponent down on hit, most times it’s best to use Back+3,1,2+4. This mix-up is usually done in advantageous situations such as after landing a poke on hit. It’s worth mentioning that Raiden’s Back+2 triggers a Krushing Blow if it hits twice in a row. If the opponent was hit previously by the overhead, Raiden’s mix-up becomes much deadlier as both his overhead and low will cause significant damage.

Electric Fly Cancel

Although Raiden’s Electric Fly (BackForward3) is generally an unsafe move, it can be cancelled out of by inputting DownDown at the cost of 1 bar of Defensive Meter. Cancelling Electric Fly can be done after any attack on block and will move Raiden back to a safer distance on the screen. While Electric Fly Cancels are unsafe, the opponent must predict that it’ll be cancelled and attack immediately using an advancing move. If they try to attack and it is not cancelled, they’ll be hit by the Electric Fly and be taken to the corner. It’s a good idea to mix up whether to cancel out of Electric Fly or not to make it difficult to punish. Electric Fly Cancels should only be used on occasion due to costing resources and being unsafe.


To keep opponents away, Raiden must use a mixture of Lightning Bolt (BackForward1) and Lightning Strike (DownForward2) attacks. Lightning Bolt is a high projectile, useful for stopping the opponent’s movements. While slow on start-up, it has an incredibly fast travel speed, coming out near instantaneously. When Amplified, Raiden will fire an additional Lightning Bolt which will hit as a mid. Amplifying Lightning Bolt will knock the enemy down on hit and is mainly useful for preventing the opponent from advancing after ducking underneath the initial Lightning Bolt. On the other hand, Lightning Strike is a mid projectile which can be directed close, mid or far. Lightning Strike is mostly used for hitting crouching opponents and dealing chip damage.


In Raiden’s Thunder Wave variation, he gains the ability to teleport across the screen with Sparkport (DownUp). When Amplified, Raiden will teleport twice and back to his original position on the screen. Sparkport consists of 4 different versions:

DownUp – Behind Sparkport
DownUpBack – In Front Sparkport
DownUpDown – In Place Sparkport
DownUpForward – Far Sparkport

In Front / Behind

Sparkport is a great counterzoning tool and can be used to quickly approaching opponents from behind. If you anticipate that the opponent will throw a projectile, teleport behind and whiff punish them as they recover. Be careful when using Sparkport because Raiden can also be punished after he teleports.

In Place

The In Place Sparkport is useful while zoning to bait opponents into throwing out an attack. After using the In Place Sparkport, immediately follow it up with a Lightning Bolt. If an opponent tries to react to the Sparkport with a jab attack, they’ll be susceptible to being hit by Raiden’s projectile.


To counter opponents punishing the Sparkport, use the Far version instead. After teleporting, use an advancing attack such as Forward+4 to whiff punish the opponent’s attempt at punishing.

The Far Sparkport is also amazing for running away from the opponent. This is incredibly strong while zoning because if Raiden is near the corner, he can safely teleport away and continue his zoning. In addition, Far Sparkport can be done after blockstrings such as Back+1,2 to keep Raiden safe. Using Far Sparkport after blockstrings is a great way to attack opponents while at the same time retreating to a safe distance.

Amplified Sparkport

Amplifying Sparkport can be done after blockstrings as a decent form of pressure. If an opponent is expecting Raiden to teleport away or use the regular version of Sparkport, Raiden can instead Amplify his Sparkport and continue his offense.

Sparkport is an extremely versatile move as it allows Raiden to play both offensively and defensively. It’s advised to mix up which version of Sparkport to use in order to stay unpredictable and prevent from being punished.

Electric Burst

In Raiden’s Raijin variation, he gains the Electric Burst (DownForward2) move. Once used, it will create an outward electric blast. Despite being -10 on block, it will push Raiden backwards leaving him safe. Electric Burst is an amazing move to use after blockstrings as it will allow Raiden to keep his distance from the opponent. This is best done after Back+1,2 to prevent from being punished and Forward+3. It’s also a completely safe option for countering opponents trying to escape his command grab from Back+1,2,1+3.

Quick Charge

Raiden’s Raijin variation gives him access to one of the most powerful defensive moves in the game: Quick Charge (DownBack3). Once activated, Raiden will take reduced damage while blocking. After blocking 3 attacks, Raiden can use Discharge (DownBack3) which is the fastest Special Move in the game, having a start-up of 6 frames. Discharge gives Raiden the unique ability to punish moves that are normally safe on block. Using Discharge as a Reversal will allow Raiden to punish any move that is -6 or greater on block, as well as interrupt any gap that is at least 6 frames. It’s crucial to know which specific moves Raiden can punish with his Discharge.

For example, Liu Kang’s Back+1,2,4 string is -6 on block. This is usually safe, however Raiden can punish it with a Reversal Discharge. If Liu Kang cancels the Back+1,2,4 into his Low Fireball, there is a 7 frame gap before the fireball connects. A Reversal Discharge will interrupt this gap as well.

Electric Current Mix-ups

Exclusive to his Raijin variation, Electric Current (DownBack4) allows Raiden to strike the ground with his staff. Electric Current is a 21 frame long-reaching low attack, giving Raiden much stronger mix-up potential. With Quick Charge activated, Amplifying Electric Current will launch the opponent upwards for a combo. Electric Current can be used as a mix-up with Raiden’s overhead attacks, including his Back+1,4 and Forward+3,2. These mix-ups should be used with caution as Electric Current is punishable, leaving Raiden at -23 on block.

Lightning Rod

In Raiden’s Truth and Light variation, he’s able to teleport his staff to the fightline using Lightning Rod (DownBack4). Once placed into the ground, Raiden can redirect his lightning attacks at any nearby opponent. To redirect his Lightning Bolt (BackForward1), hold 1. To redirect his Lightning Strike (DownForward2), hold 2. Raiden can also recall the staff at any moment with DownDown4.

Amplifying Lightning Rod will cause Raiden’s staff to conduct lightning attacks without having to use Lightning Bolt or Lightning Strike. If the opponent is near the staff, it will automatically strike the opponent. This is especially useful for keeping opponents away while zoning as it will prevent opponents from approaching and force them into blocking.

Note: While Raiden’s staff is placed into the ground, he will not be able to use any moves involving his staff. These include Raiden’s Forward+1,3,2 and Jo Push (BackForward3).



Raiden - Raijin - Beginner Combos

Raiden – Raijin – Beginner Combos

Raiden - Raijin - Beginner Combos
Raiden - Raijin - Advanced Combos

Raiden – Raijin – Advanced Combos

Raiden - Raijin - Advanced Combos

Thunder Wave

Raiden - Thunder Wave - Beginner Combos

Raiden – Thunder Wave – Beginner Combos

Raiden - Thunder Wave - Beginner Combos
Raiden - Thunder Wave - Advanced Combos

Raiden – Thunder Wave – Advanced Combos

Raiden - Thunder Wave - Advanced Combos

Truth and Light



Fighting Raiden

★ Fighting Raiden

Gaps & Punishes The final hit of this string can be Flawless Blocked, leaving Raiden at -9. Punish Raiden with a 7 or 8 frame jab, or use an . This is Raiden’s main attack. The final hit is a command grab which will connect if you are blocking. To punish, release block and duck before the last hit which will cause the command grab to whiff. Raiden can then be punished with a . Note: Punishing ...


Thunder Wave

Truth and Light