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Grenade Setups

RoboCop’s Shoulder Crowd Control Cannon (DownBack4) allows him to shoot projectile grenades at the opponent. This can be done at the end of combos for a setup. If the opponent is low enough to the ground, the grenade will hit as the opponent is getting up. Depending on the height, Close Shoulder Crowd Control Cannon (DownBack4Back) will leave RoboCop up to +3 on block. If the mid version is used, it will leave RoboCop up to +6 on block. This is especially useful in the corner because RoboCop will be close enough to guarantee an attack or throw.

If the opponent tries to use a Forward Roll Escape, it can be punished with 1,2,1. In RoboCop’s Prime Detective, Getup Attacks can be punished by ending the combo with Riot Shield (DownBack2), which will trigger a Krushing Blow. Punishing Getup Attacks this way however is only partially viable because the opponent is able to react and only use a Getup Attack if they see the setup being done. The opponent also will be able to escape the setup by using a Short Delayed Getup, or Backward Roll Escape if midscreen. Using a Getup Attack or Roll Escape isn’t entirely beneficial for the opponent though since these require resources for little reward.

Once the opponent is conditioned to use a Short Delayed Getup to avoid the grenade setup, RoboCop can then end the combo by not using Shoulder Crowd Control Cannon and attacking the opponent on knockdown. Since the opponent cannot use a Getup Attack or Roll Escape after a Delayed Getup, RoboCop will be free to attack. Additionally, RoboCop can Amplify the Shoulder Crowd Control Cannon. This will place a mine on the field that will detonate after a short period of time. If the opponent blocks, RoboCop will be at a large advantage allowing for pressure.

Last Updated on July 13, 2020

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