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Rocket Pressure

RoboCop’s Arm Crowd Control Cannon (BackForward2) shoots a rocket at the opponent. When Amplified, this leaves RoboCop at +7 on block.

Using this move at close-range though can be extremely risky because it is a high projectile, meaning the opponent can avoid it by blocking low. To alleviate this, use Arm Crowd Control Cannon after RoboCop’s Forward+2,1. Since the final hit of Forward+2,1,2 is an overhead, the opponent must block high at the end, which will allow the Arm Crowd Control Cannon to connect on block.

Keep in mind that the last hit of Forward+2,1,2 can be Flawless Blocked, making this a risky option. Using Arm Crowd Control Cannon after Forward+2,1 will however counter the opponent for trying to Flawless Block. Additionally, Forward+2,1 can be used as a stagger because the opponent will be looking for the rocket or to Flawless Block the string.

If the opponent ducks underneath the Arm Crowd Control Cannon, it is possible to make it more difficult to punish. Arm Crowd Control Cannon can be delayed by either holding 2 or AMP after Amplifying it. This will cause the rocket to momentarily travel at a slow velocity before firing into the distance. If the opponent attempts to punish RoboCop while the rocket is above their head, they will be hit. To make punishing even more tricky, vary the length of delay of the rocket. This forces the opponent to have to guess on when the rocket will be released in order to punish.

Once the rocket is blocked, Low Auto-9 (BackForward1) can be used against certain characters to check their movement. If a character does not have a strong jump, they will not be able to avoid the Low Auto-9. Regardless, RoboCop will be able to continue his offense from the rocket due to the amount of block advantage it gives.

Last Updated on May 31, 2020

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