Move List

Straight Punch
Gut Slice
Low Jab
Specter Strike
Rising Cut
Rising Spear
Hinge Kick
Flip Kick
Flick Kick
Side Strike
Step Kick
Scorpion Sting
Shin Strike
Quick Kick
Hell Hook
Straight Stab
Devil Kick
Spear Stab
Corkscrew Kick
Rising Blade
Spear Slice
Rising Blade
Spear Slice
Toward Throw
Back Throw
Forward Getup Roll
Backward Getup Roll
(Air) Breakaway

Version 1.27
Last Updated: December 18, 2020


Scorpion is a well-rounded character with high damage and long-ranged normals. His teleport gives him high mobility options and must always be feared by his opponents due to the threat of launching for a combo. Scorpion is also very difficult to keep out as he can teleport at any moment, stopping opponents from throwing out projectiles.

Strengths Weaknesses
  • High damage
  • High mobility
  • Strong counterzoning
  • Long-ranged normals
  • Slow normals

Key Moves

Name Input Description
The Killing Back+1,4,3 Mid, hit confirmable, great range
Dark Soul 2,1,2 High, hit confirmable, +2 on block (2nd hit), triggers a Krushing Blow in a combo of 8 or more hits
Flip Kick Back+3 Slow 22 frame overhead, used for mix-ups, -5 on block, Armor Break
Falling Ashes Forward+3,4 Mid, -2 on block (1st hit), triggers a Krushing Blow if it is a Kounter or Punish, can be Flawless Blocked on 2nd hit
Soulless Forward+4,2,3 Low, hit confirmable, used for mix-ups, -8 on block, can be Flawless Blocked on 2nd hit
Spear BackForward1 High projectile, combo extender and ender, triggers a Krushing Blow at maximum range, unsafe on block and whiff
Hell Port DownBack3 High teleport, combo extender, unsafe on block

Combo Starters

  • Hell Port
  • Spear

All of Scorpion’s combos are started by using any move and linking it into Hell Port (DownBack3). Amplifying Hell Port will launch the opponent for a combo. When using Hell Port, Scorpion will teleport from behind the enemy so you must change the direction of your inputs for the remainder of the combo. Scorpion also has the option of using Spear (BackForward1) to keep opponents grounded for unbreakable damage. This is useful to prevent opponents from escaping Scorpion’s combos via Breakaway, but will deal less damage than a combo starting with Hell Port.

Combo Enders

  • Spear
  • 1,1,2
  • 2,1,2KB
  • 2,1,2+4
  • Demon Dash

Ending combos with Spear will switch positions with the opponent and deal maximum damage. 1,1,2 can be used as an alternative to keep opponents on the same side and to prevent from being punished if the opponent uses a Breakaway. In combos of 8 hits or more, restanding with an Amplified Spear and using 2,1,2KB will deal massive damage while causing the opponent to take damage over time. With the Death Spin (DownForward4) ability equipped, it can be used to send the opponent fullscreen. The Death Spin Kombo (2,1,2+4) ability will deal higher damage than 1,1,2. If the Demon Dash (BackForward2) ability is equipped, combos will yield even greater damage while also switching positions with the opponent.

The Killing

Scorpion’s primary attack to use in footsies is his The Killing (Back+1,4,3) string. Back+1,4,3 is a long-reaching mid that can be hit confirmed into Hell Port (DownBack3) for a combo. This string is also completely safe on block, leaving Scorpion at -5. The great thing about Back+1,4,3 is that it is a weapon attack. If an opponent’s attack hits the area involving Scorpion’s sword, their attack will not connect on Scorpion. This allows Scorpion to attack opponents while not putting himself at risk.

Flick Kick

Another strong mid is Scorpion’s Flick Kick (Forward+3). Forward+3 is Scorpion’s fastest mid attack, having a start-up of 13 frames. Although it cannot be hit confirmed, it is only -2 on block. Forward+3 can be staggered which can be used to start Scorpion’s offense. If opponents try to counterattack after Forward+3, Forward+3,4 can be used instead to stop their attack. This will cause Forward+3,4 to trigger a Krushing Blow as it will hit as a Kounter. Due to the threat of the Krushing Blow, opponents will be hesitant to attack after Forward+3, which in turn will allow Scorpion to stagger Forward+3 and apply his offense. Use Forward+3,4 with caution as the 2nd hit can be Flawless Blocked.

After staggering with Forward+3, Scorpion can follow up with another Forward+3 for more pressure. This is also a good opportunity to throw the opponent as they will likely continue to block in fear of Forward+3,4. For safe measures, using a poke such as Down+1 after Forward+3 will go underneath high attacks and stop any attack that is slower than 9 frames.

Quick Kick

Scorpion’s Quick Kick (Down+4) is a long-reaching poke that is -9 on block. While punishable, it’s best used at maximum range to safely attack from a distance. On hit, Down+4 is +14, allowing Scorpion to approach with Back+1,4 or Forward+3. What makes Scorpion’s Down+4 so special is that it lowers his hurtbox, which allows him to attack while dodging the opponent.

Inner Demon

Scorpion’s Inner Demon (Forward+4,2) string is a low attack that can be hit confirmed into Hell Port for a combo. Since this string hits low into overhead, opponents must have strong defense in order to block it correctly. If they are not prepared, the overhead can catch many players off guard. Be careful when using Forward+4,2 as the 2nd hit can be Flawless Blocked. Due to the delay before the overhead and opponents looking to Flawless Block, Scorpion can occasionally stagger Forward+4 even though it is -7 on block. Forward+4,2 is punishable on block at -10, however it can be confirmed into Forward+4,2,3 which will leave Scorpion at -8 on block. Although -8 is still punishable, it will be more difficult for opponents to punish. To keep opponents guessing on how to punish, mix up Forward+4,2 and Forward+4,2,3. If the opponent tries to punish Forward+4,2, they will be vulnerable to being hit by Forward+4,2,3. Likewise, if the opponent is expecting Forward+4,2,3, it will allow Scorpion to safely use Forward+4,2.

It’s important to note that because Forward+4,2,3 is -8 on block, it is completely safe against characters without a 7 frame attack. If playing against these characters, always use Forward+4,2,3 on block to stay safe.


Outside of Forward+3, Scorpion can also use 2,1 for pressure. 2,1 is a high attack that is +2 on block. After 2,1, Scorpion can frametrap opponents by using a poke such as Down+1 or Down+3. If the opponent tries to attack after 2,1, they will be beaten out by Scorpion’s poke. Once the opponent starts to respect the poke, Scorpion can then apply more offense. As an additional way of stopping opponents from attacking after 2,1, walking back and using a mid such as Back+1,4 will whiff punish the opponent’s attack. Scorpion’s 2,1,2 can also be used for pressure as it is +7 on block, but is not advised due to the large gap in the string and low reward.


Scorpion’s Back+3 is an overhead attack that knocks the opponent down. Although Back+3 has a slow start-up of 22 frames and is reactable, it can be used occasionally for mix-ups with Forward+4,2 and Down+4. When combined with grabs, Back+3 becomes even more of an annoyance as the opponent must watch out for the overhead as well as being thrown. While Back+3 does not lead into a combo, it is safe on block, leaving Scorpion at -5. Another great aspect about Back+3 is that Scorpion shortly becomes airborne, allowing him to go right over low attacks.


Spear (BackForward1) is a fast high projectile that leads into a combo on hit. At a distance, it can be safe to throw out against many characters. Walking back and throwing out Spears from afar can be a valuable tactic as Spear will not only be kept safe, but it can also catch opponents trying to approach Scorpion. Spear can be great to stop opponents from walking backwards as well. Using Spear in anticipation to an opponent walking back can quickly catch them off guard and drag them in for a combo.


When throwing opponents, it’s best to use Scorpion’s Toward Throw because it will leave the opponent close. Once the opponent starts to Throw Escape the Toward Throw, this can then mixed with Scorpion’s Back Throw. Both the Toward Throw and Back Throw trigger a Krushing Blow if the opponent fails to Throw Escape during the previous throw. It is also important to mix up throws with Scorpion’s 1,1,2,Back+3 and Forward+4,2. Since the opponent must release block in order to perform a Throw Scape, they will be vulnerable to being hit. Scorpion’s 1,1,2 can be staggered as well by stopping the string short and using 1 or 1,1. This can be a good way to sneak in a throw as opponents will be expecting the full string.


After knocking the opponent down, the safest way to attack is to use Scorpion’s Forward+3. If the opponent does a Delayed Getup, Scorpion will recover in time to block any opposing attack. Scorpion will be at a slight disadvantage if the opponent uses a Short Delayed Getup. On the other hand, he will be at a slight advantage if the opponent uses a Long Delayed Getup. If the opponent does not use a Delayed Getup, Scorpion will be able to stagger Forward+3 for pressure.


Hell Flame
Adds Hell Flame Special Move. Throw fireball at the opponent.
Demon Breath
Adds Demon Breath Special Move. Breathe fire at the opponent.
Demon Dash
Adds Demon Dash Special Move. Dash through the opponent and grab them.
Death Spin
Adds Death Spin Special Move. Spin spear causing a multi-hitting attack.
Death Spear Kombo
Adds Kombo Attacks. Can perform two new kombos involving spear.
(Air) Sin Blade
Adds (Air) Sin Blade Special Move. Can perform an additional Air Attack.
Burning Spear
Adds Burning Spear Special Move. Ignite spear, increasing damage on all spear attacks.
Misery Blade
Adds Misery Blade Special Move. Begin drawing katana. Can be followed up with several attacks.
(Air) Demon Slam
Adds (Air) Demon Slam Special Move. Gain access to an Air Grab.
Hell Port Cancel
Hold Down or Hold Forward
Modifies Hell Port. Can now cancel Hell Port.

Death Spear Kombo

With the Death Spear Kombo ability equipped, Scorpion gains a few new strings: 2,1,2+4 and Forward+3,2. The 2,1,2+4 string strengthens Scorpion’s ability to pressure opponents. 2,1 becomes much more viable as a pressure tool because there is no gap before 2,1,2+4. Scorpion’s 2,1,2+4 also leaves him at only -3 on block. If Scorpion uses a poke such as Down+1 after this string, it will stop any attack that is slower than 10 frames.

Another powerful string is Forward+3,2. The 2nd hit of this string is an overhead and can combo into Hell Port. While extremely unsafe, it can stop opponents trying to attack after Forward+3. It also has the ability counter opponents attempting to Flawless Block after Forward+3 because if Hell Port is used after Forward+3,2, Scorpion will teleport behind the opponent and avoid their Flawless Block Attack. If Forward+3,2 hits, Scorpion can deal anywhere from 35-40% damage, making Forward+3 staggers much stronger.

Due to the threat of the overhead, this will allow Scorpion to use Forward+3 on whiff. After whiffing a Forward+3, Scorpion can then approach opponents with a forward dash and start his offense. This can be done after a knockdown as well for stronger okizeme. If timed correctly, the overhead will counter opponents using Delayed Getup while knocked down. Low attacks such as Down+3 and Down+4 can also be used after a whiffed Forward+3 for small mix-ups.

Death Spin

Death Spin (DownForward4) is a fast multi-hitting Special Move that covers a large portion of the screen. With a large hitbox and having a start-up of 11 frames, it can be a useful anti-air to counter jumping opponents. Death Spin also deals a great amount of chip damage, especially while Burning Spear is active. This can be a good way to close out the round if an opponent is low on health. Against certain characters, Death Spin can be difficult or even impossible to punish when spaced out. This allows Scorpion to safely attack opponents from far ranges against these characters.

Burning Spear

Scorpion is able to boost his overall damage output by using Burning Spear (DownBack4). Burning Spear temporarily increases the damage on any attack involving Scorpion’s spear. These include Scorpion’s 2,1,2+4,Forward+3,2, Spear, Death Spin and Toward Throw. Due to the slow start-up on Burning Spear, it should only be used at distances where Scorpion cannot be punished or after completing a combo. To safely set up Burning Spear, end combos with 2,1,2 after restanding the opponent with an Amplified Spear. This will knock the opponent down and leave Scorpion at +51 on hit, giving enough time to use Burning Spear. If triggering its Krushing Blow, 2,1,2 will grant even more advantage on knockdown.

Misery Blade

Using Misery Blade (DownBack1), Scorpion will go into a stance that can lead into 4 different attacks:

Cancel (1) – Allows Scorpion to cancel out of the Misery Blade stance at the cost of 1 bar of Defensive Meter. Cancel is best used after Back+1,4, which will leave Scorpion at +1 on block. If the opponent attempts to attack after the cancel, Scorpion can use a Down+1 to stop their attack. Cancel can be used after other attacks as well when mixed with Tsuka Poke. If the opponent respects the Tsuka Poke, Cancel can be used to apply more offense.

Hate Strike (2) – Slow overhead attack that can be used as a mix-up with Hamon Sweep. While it is reactable as it has a start-up of 19 frames, it can be used on occasion to catch opponents off guard. This can be useful against opponents who tend to block low, especially when mixed with Back+1,4 and Forward+4,2. If Amplified, Hate Strike becomes a low rather than an overhead. This can be useful if opponents attempt to react to Hate Strike and block high. However, both Hate Strike and its Amplified version are -16 and -15 on block respectively with very little reward, so they should not be used often.

Tsuka Poke (3) – Mid poke that can be used after many of Scorpion’s attacks as it will jail. The most common attacks to use Tsuka Poke after are 1,1,Back+1,4,2,1,Forward+3 and Forward+4,2. Using Tsuka Poke after Forward+3 and Forward+4 can help in covering up gaps and countering opponents trying to Flawless Block in between Scorpion’s strings. Tsuka Poke can also be used after pokes such as Down+1 to safely stop counterpokes. If the opponent attempts to attack during the Misery Blade stance, they will be hit. On hit, Tsuka Poke leaves Scorpion at +11, allowing for Scorpion to start his offense. If Tsuka Poke is blocked, it leaves Scorpion at -6 and creates a large amount of pushback. The pushback on Tsuka Poke gives Scorpion more room to escape the opponent’s next attack.

Hamon Sweep (4) – Quick low attack that can be used as a mix-up with Hate Strike. Slightly delaying the Misery Blade stance before using Hamon Sweep will allow it to hit at the same time as Hate Strike. This can be difficult for opponents to defend against if they are not prepared to block after Misery Blade. Hamon Sweep can also be used for mix-ups with Scorpion’s overheads such as Back+2,Back+3 and Forward+4,2. If Amplified, Hamon Sweep becomes an overhead rather than a low. This can be useful if opponents attempt to react to a delayed Hamon Strike and block low. Similar to Hate Strike, both Hamon Sweep and its Amplified version are -17 on block with little reward, so they should not be used often.

Hell Port Cancel

Hell Port (DownBack3) can be cancelled at the cost of 1 bar of Defensive Meter by inputting Down to teleport behind the opponent, or Forward to teleport away from the opponent. Hell Port Cancels greatly boost Scorpion’s mobility as he can approach opponents at any moment or retreat to a safe distance. Teleporting behind the opponent when they are least expecting it can be a great way to sneak in a throw. Opponents may also have difficulty reacting to the cancel due to the threat of Amplified Hell Port. Repeated use of Hell Port Cancels can however be risky because Hell Port is a high and Scorpion will be at a disadvantage.

Hell Port Cancels can also be used as a decent way to pressure opponents. If teleporting behind the opponent, Hell Port Cancel is best used after Back+1,4. This will leave Scorpion at -8 on block, but can be difficult to react to if the opponent is expecting Amplified Hell Port or Back+1,4,3. Scorpion can then use another Back+1,4 to continue pressure. Using a Down+1 or walking back and using Back+1,4 can also be somewhat of a valid tactic to counter opponents who react late to the cancel. Due to Back+1,4 Hell Port Cancel being -8 on block, it is also completely safe against characters without a 7 frame attack.

Outside of Back+1,4, Hell Port Cancels can be used after other attacks as well. This can be especially useful when done after single-hitting attacks and can make Hell Port Cancels less predictable. However, Scorpion will be at more of a disadvantage if done this way so it should be used with caution. Hell Port Cancels can also be used to safely retreat from the opponent. Using Hell Port Cancel after a string such as Back+1,4 and teleporting away can be very useful as it will put Scorpion in a better position than if he were to use Back+1,4,3. This allows Scorpion to play a hit-and-run style, freely attacking and retreating at will.



Scorpion - Reborn - Beginner Combos

Scorpion – Reborn – Beginner Combos

Hell Port Cancel
(Air) Demon Slam

Scorpion - Searing Rage - Beginner Combos

Scorpion – Searing Rage – Beginner Combos

Death Spin
Death Spear Kombo
Burning Spear

Scorpion - Burning Specter - Beginner Combos

Scorpion – Burning Specter – Beginner Combos

Misery Blade
(Air) Sin Blade


Scorpion - Reborn - Advanced Combos

Scorpion – Reborn – Advanced Combos

Hell Port Cancel
(Air) Demon Slam

Scorpion - Searing Rage - Advanced Combos

Scorpion – Searing Rage – Advanced Combos

Death Spin
Death Spear Kombo
Burning Spear

Scorpion - Burning Specter - Advanced Combos

Scorpion – Burning Specter – Advanced Combos

Misery Blade
(Air) Sin Blade

Extra Guides

Defending Against Falling Ashes

Defending Against Falling Ashes

Scorpion’s Falling Ashes attack, or , can be quite intimidating because if it hits as a Kounter or Punish, it’ll become a Krushing Blow and lead into a full combo. The threat of allows Scorpion to continuously pressure with . Understanding how to defend against is key to stopping Scorpion from mindlessly throwing it out and limiting his options up close. Taking the Hit One strategy that can work is to purposely take the hit ...
Fighting Scorpion

Fighting Scorpion

Gaps & Punishes One string that can punished via Flawless Block is Scorpion’s . The last hit of this string has a start-up of 30 frames, which can be easily reacted to. This string can also be interrupted with an attack if you do not wish to Flawless Block. The second hit of Scorpion’s can also be Flawless Blocked. Being able to Flawless Block this string will hinder Scorpion’s offense off of as he will ...
Utilizing Hell Port

Utilizing Hell Port

Anti-Zoning Hell Port is very strong against zoning characters. Depending on the move, you can react to projectiles and punish for a full combo. This can also be done in the air by jumping on reaction and doing (Air) Hell Port. In Scorpion’s Reborn variation, Hell Port can be used to approach opponents from behind by cancelling out of it. You will want to mix up Hell Port with Hell Port Cancel to keep your opponent guessing ...
Hell Port Option Select

Hell Port Option Select

In Scorpion’s Reborn variation, he gains access to Hell Port Cancel. This is very useful because the Hell Port is punishable on block. There is an advanced technique where you can option select the Hell Port, so that you will get the Hell Port Cancel only if your attack is blocked. This is really strong after single-hit attacks that you normally cannot hit confirm, such as and . In order to do this option select, you ...