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Hell Port Hit Confirm

By equipping the Hell Port Cancel ability, Scorpion is able to cancel out of his Hell Port (DownBack3) at the cost of 1 bar of Defensive Meter. This is one of Scorpion’s most powerful abilities because it allows him to either safely retreat to a safe distance or approach the enemy from behind at any given moment.

Hit Confirm

In addition to boosting his mobility, Scorpion’s Hell Port Cancel makes it possible to hit confirm single-hitting attacks. This is an advanced technique that requires very quick reactions. Normally, you must perform an that consists of at least 2 hits in order to allow enough time for it to be hit confirmed. With the Hell Port Cancel though, Scorpion can confirm any of his attacks into a full combo while remaining completely safe on block. The best move to use for this is Scorpion’s Forward+3 as it is Scorpion’s fastest mid attack with a start-up of 13 frames.

To hit confirm Scorpion’s Forward+3, input the Hell Port as you normally would after the move but don’t cancel out of it just yet. The moment you see that the opponent has blocked the Forward+3, hold either Down or Forward to cancel out of the Hell Port. If the opponent was hit by the Forward+3, then do not cancel the Hell Port so that it will combo. By the time you see that the initial attack was blocked, you’ll still be able to input Down or Forward to cancel out of the Hell Port.

Other useful attacks that can be hit confirmed with Hell Port are Scorpion’s Back+2,Forward+4 and jump kick. Scorpion’s Back+2 has incredible range but is unsafe on block. The 1st hit of Back+2 however can be linked into Hell Port making it possible to hit confirm it. Scorpion’s Forward+4 is a bit more difficult to hit confirm due to its shorter blockstun, but gives Scorpion a safe low combo starter. This is much safer than Forward+4,3 because the opponent can Flawless Block the 2nd hit to punish Scorpion.

Option Select

Another way to safely combo after single-hitting attacks is to option select the Hell Port. Option selecting is different than hit confirming in that you do not need to react to a move being blocked, but instead you must use precise timing for inputting the cancel. This works simply by inputting either Down or Forward as late as possible during the Hell Port. If done correctly, Scorpion will cancel out of the Hell Port if the initial attack was blocked, and not cancel out of it if it hit. This works because there is more blockstun than there is hitstun to input a move, so you can input the cancel only during the blockstun frames but not while the opponent is in hitstun. It’s worth mentioning that this option select is more difficult to pull off than hit confirming so it’s not advised. However, it still may be useful for moves that are very hard to hit confirm such as the 2nd hit of Scorpion’s 1,1 or his Forward+4.

Last Updated on May 25, 2021

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