Utilizing Hell Port


Hell Port is very strong against zoning characters. Depending on the move, you can react to projectiles and punish for a full combo. This can also be done in the air by jumping on reaction and doing (Air) Hell Port.

In Scorpion’s Reborn variation, Hell Port can be used to approach opponents from behind by cancelling out of it. You will want to mix up Hell Port with Hell Port Cancel to keep your opponent guessing on how to punish it.

Air Control

Scorpion’s (Air) Hell Port gives him very strong mobility in the air. Since your opponent will be afraid of the (Air) Hell Port, you can freely jump at your opponent. If your jumps are being anti-aired, you can start mixing up jumps with (Air) Hell Port or cancelling out of the teleport to counter anti-airs.

Scorpion’s Up + Forward3 can be difficult to anti-air and can combo into (Air) Hell Port. It’s also a good way to start pressure because it is advantageous on block.

Punishing Pokes

Note: This has been patched and no longer works.

Hell Port can also be used to whiff punish pokes. Due to Scorpion’s slow mid attacks, the best way to stop opponents from poking is to use your own poke. Hitting opponents with a poke however doesn’t deal a lot of damage. In situations where Scorpion is slightly at advantage, you can use Hell Port instead. For example, after Scorpion’s Up + Forward3 or 2,1, doing a Hell Port will punish your opponent’s poke for a full combo. This is a hard read though because Hell Port is unsafe on block.

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