Shang Tsung Soul Steal Frame Trap

Shang Tsung’s 112 is +6 on block. This creates a frame trap for Shang Tsung’s Soul Steal. The opponent cannot escape the Soul Steal, it must be blocked.

Because of the pushback created by 112, the Soul Steal is safe against most characters. In order to punish the Soul Steal, the opponent must dash forward and perform a Flawless Block.

Similarly, Shang Tsung can frame trap with Far Ground Eruption. The Far Ground Eruption cannot be escaped and leads into a combo on hit.

Like Shang Tsung’s Soul Steal, the Far Ground Eruption is safe against most characters and can only be punished by a forward dash and Flawless Block.

Once conditioned by Soul Steal or Far Ground Eruption, Shang Tsung can apply other forms of offense after 112 such as F24, F4 or throw.

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