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Death March Cancels

Sheeva’s Death March allows her to run across the screen. Death March can be cancelled by inputting BackBack at the cost of 1 bar of Defensive Meter. If Death March is used after blockstrings and is cancelled, Sheeva will remain safe.

The following lists the block advantage for Sheeva’s Death March Cancel:

1 = -11
1,2 = -6
Back+1 = -3
Back+1,2,2 (2nd hit) = -10
Back+1,2,2 (3rd hit) = -4
Down+1 = -15
Forward+1 = -4
2 = -6
2,1 = -7
Back+2 (1st hit) = -11
Back+2 (2nd hit) = -2
Back+2,1,1 (3rd hit) = -10
Back+2,1,1 (4th hit) = -6
3 = -4
Down+3 = -11
4 = +1
Forward+4 = 0
Forward+4,4 = -2
Down+4 = -10

This allows Sheeva to become safe after strings that are normally punishable. The most notable attacks to use Death March after are Sheeva’s 2,1 and Back+2,1,1. Sheeva’s 2,1 is -10 on block, but can be safe at -7 if Death March Cancel is used afterwards. Similarly, Back+2,1,1 is -9 on block, but can be safe at -6 by using Death March Cancel. Another thing to note is that if Back+2 is cancelled after the 2nd hit, Sheeva will be at -2, which leaves her in a better position than -6 when cancelled after Back+2,1,1.

Additionally, these strings are overhead attacks, meaning Sheeva can safely use these for mix-ups when combined with Queen’s Punishment (DownBack4) which is a low attack. To maximize Sheeva’s mix-up potential, Death March can be hit confirmed into Kuatan Kick (Hold3,Up). This will launch the opponent up for a combo at the cost of 1 bar of Offensive Meter.

Being able to confirm Death March into Kuatan Kick on hit, and Cancel on block requires quick reactions and precise execution, but makes Sheeva’s mix-ups extremely deadly because she will be able to combo from her overheads while remaining completely safe.

Last Updated on July 13, 2020

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The Kollector's Backpack
The Kollector's Backpack
2 years ago

I’ve seen people do the back back to cancel death march and extend combos. This seems like a pretty advanced technique, and if you could explain it, that would be awesome.
I wanna learn and improve.

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